Cat Keeps Going To The Litter Box But Nothing Happens?

Cat Keeps Going to the Litter Box But Nothing Happens?

If your cat continues to visit the litter box without using it, it might be a symptom of worry or a need for a safe haven apart from the rest of the home. It’s also conceivable that a cat may feel uneasy and leave the litter box without using it. The causes might vary, but in most situations, the cat has an underlying psychological issue that is leading it to act in this way. When this occurs, it is critical to seek for additional warning indicators. Constant Whining/Growling, restlessness, and overall tiredness are some of the symptoms. If you’re saying, “My cat keeps going to the litter box, but nothing happens!” it’s a good idea to keep an eye on your cat’s litter box activities. Simply pay attention to what is going on and what is causing your cat’s anxiety.

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Final Words

The first step is to take your cat to the doctor to ensure that he or she is not suffering from constipation or a urinary obstruction. However, if you are given the all-clear on these medical conditions, you have nothing to worry about and lots of methods to treat your cat at home. Your cat may be going to the litter box because they are agitated, learning or interested, or they are coping with litter box disputes with other cats in your household. If you have a pregnant cat, she may be ready to give birth there as well! Whatever the cause, this article should provide you with enough information to figure out what is causing this behavior and what you can do to assist.