Do Cats Hate The Smell Of Citrus?

Do Cats Hate the Smell of Citrus?

Many odors are repulsive to cats. The good news is that cats dislike the scent of citrus in many forms. Cats despise everything citrus-scented, including citrus fruits, essential oils, and citrus-scented plants. Many irritated gardeners use citrus to deter cats and keep them out of their gardens. Citrus works well since it is natural, does not affect the garden, and keeps cats at bay without injuring them.

Do Cats Hate the Smell of Citrus?

Citronella essential oil is derived from lemongrass leaves. Although this essential oil has health advantages for humans, cats dislike the scent of it. Citronella contains powerful odors that repel and keep cats at far. The benefit of citronella is that it is non-toxic. As a result, you don’t have to worry about citronella damaging your cats. You may utilize citronella in your garden by producing a spray mixture. Begin by dissolving a few drops of citronella oil in water and sprinkling it on your yard.

Why Do Cats Hate the Smell of Citrus?

While humans like citrus scents, cats despise them. Not only do cats dislike citrus, but they also dislike everything citrus-related. A cat’s sense of smell is much superior than that of a human. As a result, it is natural for cats to prefer some fragrances over others. Citrus fruits are very fragrant even to people, and they seem far more so to cats.

How to Use Citrus to Deter Cats

Make a Powder

Another approach to use citrus is to dry the peels and grind them into powder. You may spread the powder throughout your garden to cover a bigger area.

Create a Spray

To keep cats out of your garden, create a citrus solution and spray it. You may produce a spray by combining lemon or orange juice with water. Because the spray is natural, it will not hurt your plants. You may apply the spray in areas where cats frequent or where they like to defecate.

Utilize Citrus Peels

Most of us discard citrus peels, yet they may be useful. Place the citrus peels in amongst the dirt to allow the aroma to circulate and keep cats away. You may also put the citrus peel in flower pots or wherever cats can get in. Citrus peels are an excellent natural deterrent to cats. It not only deters cats, but it also functions as a natural fertilizer. Citrus peels decay and return to your garden.

Final Words

Citrus is one of the numerous fragrances that cats dislike. Cats are a popular garden pest that may defecate in it and harm plant health. As a result, humans are always seeking for strategies to repel cats. You may keep cats away from your garden, though, by applying citrus fragrances. Citronella essential oil is extracted from lemongrass leaves. You may produce a spray using citronella oil to use on your garden. In your yard, you may also use citrus peels, sprays, and powders.