Do Cats Have Eyelashes?

Most cat owners often wonder, “do cats have eyelashes?” while others say that their cat has long eyelashes. No matter what they think, the answer is “Yes”, cats do have eyelashes. You will see a row of stiff hairs known as cilia on the top and bottom eyelids. But you must know that it is not what you think, which prompts this whole confusion scenario.

You can notice the eyelashes on people’s faces, while you might even see long, curly, dark lashes that have been defined as a beautiful thing in most cultures. Apart from humans, many other animals have bold, long eyelashes extending from their eyelids like cows, camels, and horses. However, that is not the case with cats, as sometimes you may not even see a strand of hair on their eyelids.

Do Cats Have Eyelashes?

Yes, cats do have eyelashes as lashes are hairs found on animals’ eyelids. You probably have noticed long, dark, thick eyelashes on cows, horses and other animals. But when you look at the cats, you may not even define what to call eyelashes. You won’t even see strands of hair extending from their eyelids as lashes do.

Even if you look at long-haired cats with fluffy hairs around the eyes, you won’t find a type of hair to call lashes. Some cats have thicker hair or whiskers around their eyes, which helps them measure the distance and know when the object comes near, but they don’t prevent debris and dust from getting into their eyes like lashes.

Do Cats Need Eyelashes?

According to evolution, they won’t need eyelashes even if they don’t have any, especially large eyelashes. No wonder cats get an infection in their eyes, but that doesn’t mean that it happened because they don’t have eyelashes.

Instead, cats have a nictitating membrane, the third eyelid. It is a transparent lid that protects the cornea against dust, dirt, and bacteria. Apart from this, they do have other forms of protection like fur coats and whiskers, which can work as eyelashes but are longer than usual eyelashes.

Why Are Cat’s Lashes Hard To See?

You should know that cats’ eyelashes are not similar to human lashes, which makes it challenging for the naked eye to see them properly. As mentioned above, cats have thick hairs around their eyes, which work as large lashes. Having distinguishable thick hair around the eye has led to many beliefs that cats don’t have eyelashes.

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Feline Eyelash Disorders

You know that cats’ eyelashes are not as long as humans’ lashes, nor are they necessary for protecting their eyes. But there are some medical conditions that your feline friend may go through related to eyelashes.

Fortunately, there is nothing to worry about as feline eyelash disorder is extremely rare to see in cats, which explains that your feline friend doesn’t need eyelashes. However, they do compensate for severe eye conditions.


No matter what other pet owners think, cats do have eyelashes, even if they look similar to human lashes.