Do Cats Like Their Water Up High?

As a devoted cat parent, have you ever noticed your feline friend playing with their water bowl or dipping their paws in it? Cats are known for being particular about their preferences, which makes it no surprise that many cat owners wonder if their furry friends prefer elevated water bowls. So, the age-old question remains: do cats like their water up high?

It’s widely believed that cats enjoy drinking from elevated sources of water, such as a fountain or perched bowl. Some cat owners even report their cats jumping onto counters to find a higher water source. But is this just a myth, or is there scientific reasoning behind it?

In this blog post, we’ll delve into the reasons why cats may prefer elevated water bowls and the benefits of providing them for your feline friend. We’ll also recommend some options for implementing an elevated water source in your home so you can ensure optimal drinking conditions for your beloved pet.

Get ready to learn more about your cat’s hydration habits and how you can keep them healthy and happy.

What is the Natural Drinking Position of a Cat in the Wild?

As natural hunters, cats have a unique drinking position that enables them to stay alert and survive in their natural habitats. The natural drinking position of a cat in the wild is close to the ground, where they can easily lap up water with their tongue curled backward.

Not only does this position allow cats to see their surroundings while drinking, but it also helps them stay hidden from prey. In the wild, cats must always be alert and aware of their surroundings to protect themselves from predators. Drinking close to the ground ensures they can stay alert and protected while quenching their thirst.

Another benefit of drinking close to the ground is that it helps regulate a cat’s body temperature. As cats lap up water, the cooling effect of the water on their tongue helps regulate their body temperature. This adaptation is crucial for survival in hot and dry climates where many wild cats live.

While some experts argue that cats prefer drinking from raised bowls that mimic their natural drinking position, other experts believe that cats do not have a preference for the height of their water bowl. Instead, it’s essential to observe your cat’s behavior and provide them with options that suit their individual needs and preferences.

Do Cats Prefer Water From a Raised Bowl?

Although there isn’t a definitive answer, experts have proposed several intriguing theories that may shed some light on this topic.

One possible reason why cats might prefer to drink from a raised surface is that it allows them to stay vigilant and avoid potential predators while drinking. In the wild, cats instinctively seek out elevated surfaces for this reason. Additionally, some cats find it more comfortable to drink from a standing position rather than having to bend down to reach their water source.

However, other experts disagree and argue that the preference for raised bowls ultimately depends on individual cats’ habits and preferences. Some cats may simply prefer the taste of tap water or drinking from a certain type of bowl, regardless of whether it’s raised or not.

So how can you determine if your furry friend prefers a raised bowl? The best way is to observe their behavior and preferences. Offer them both a raised and non-raised bowl and see which one they gravitate towards. And remember to keep their water source fresh and clean at all times to ensure optimal hydration and health.

Do Cats Have a Preference for the Height of Their Water Bowl?

After extensive research and observation, I can confidently say that cats do have a preference for the height of their water bowl.

In the wild, cats drink from streams and other sources of water that are at ground level. Therefore, many cats feel more comfortable drinking from a water bowl that is closer to the ground. However, elevated water bowls offer benefits too.

One significant advantage of an elevated water bowl is spill prevention. Cats tend to splash around when they drink, and an elevated bowl can help contain the mess. Additionally, it can be easier for elderly or arthritic cats to access.

If you’re unsure which option your cat prefers, try experimenting with various heights and locations. Observe your cat’s behavior and see which option they prefer. Ultimately, the height of your cat’s water bowl should depend on their individual preferences.

Individual Preferences for Cats When it Comes to Drinking Water

Cats are fascinating creatures that never cease to surprise us with their unique personalities and preferences. One such preference that cats may have is their choice of drinking water. Some cats prefer it up high, while others prefer it on the ground. So why is this the case?

Research suggests that cats may have individual preferences for drinking water due to their natural instinct to avoid stagnant water in the wild. In the wild, cats would drink from running streams or rivers to avoid bacteria and other harmful elements that can accumulate in still water. Therefore, some cats may prefer drinking from a higher surface, such as a fountain or elevated bowl, because it mimics the sound of running water and can make them feel more comfortable and safe while drinking.

However, it’s also possible that some cats simply enjoy the novelty of drinking from a different location. As a cat owner, it’s important to observe your feline friend’s behavior and preferences when it comes to drinking water. Providing access to clean and fresh water sources in different locations throughout your home can help accommodate your cat’s individual needs.

It’s worth noting that not all cats will have the same preference when it comes to drinking water. Some may enjoy variety and switch between different sources of water, while others may stick to one preferred method. As responsible pet owners, we should respect our furry friends’ choices and provide them with clean and fresh water sources in various locations throughout our homes.

Considerations to Take When Choosing Your Cat’s Water Bowl Setup

One of the ways to achieve this is by providing them with a water bowl setup that they love. However, with so many options out there, it can be challenging to figure out what your cat really wants. That’s why we’ve compiled some essential considerations to help you choose the perfect water bowl setup for your furry companion.

To start, it’s essential to understand that cats are creatures of habit and routine. If your cat has been drinking from a water bowl on the floor, they may not be receptive to a raised bowl. Conversely, if your cat has always had access to an elevated water source, they may not find a ground-level bowl appealing. It’s crucial to pay attention to your cat’s habits and preferences when deciding on the placement of their water bowl.

Another critical factor to consider is your cat’s age and mobility. Older cats or those with mobility issues may have difficulty drinking from a raised bowl, while younger and more agile cats may not have any issues. Therefore, you should take into account your cat’s individual needs when selecting the height of their water bowl.

It’s also important to note that the type of bowl you choose can affect your cat’s preferences. Some cats prefer shallow bowls, while others prefer deeper ones. Similarly, some cats prefer wide bowls, while others prefer narrow ones. Watching your cat’s behavior and preferences can help you select a water bowl setup that suits them best.

Moreover, providing fresh and clean water sources in multiple locations throughout your home is vital. In the wild, cats have an instinctual aversion to stagnant water, so consider investing in a fountain or changing your cat’s water frequently to keep it fresh and appealing.


To sum it up, the jury is still out on whether cats prefer their water elevated or not. Some experts argue that this preference stems from their innate hunting instincts and survival skills in the wild, while others believe that individual preferences and habits play a more significant role.

Regardless of your cat’s preference, one thing is clear – they need clean and fresh water sources available in multiple locations around your home. By observing your cat’s behavior and preferences, you can determine the best water bowl setup for them based on factors such as age, mobility, and bowl type.

Investing in an elevated water source can have its benefits, such as spill prevention and ease of access for elderly or arthritic cats. However, it’s crucial to ensure that it doesn’t interfere with your cat’s natural drinking position or cause discomfort.

Ultimately, keeping your feline friend hydrated is essential for their overall health and well-being. By understanding their hydration habits and providing them with optimal drinking conditions, you can ensure that they stay healthy and happy for years to come.