Do Geraniums Deter Cats?

Do Geraniums Deter Cats?

Geraniums may efficiently dissuade cats due to their pungent odor, which cats despise. Cranesbill geraniums, in particular, irritate them. Cats detest most items that have a strong odor or a rough texture. Some geraniums may satisfy these requirements. Because they have smooth leaves and aren’t extremely aromatic, bedding geraniums don’t work well. You’d want to utilize cranesbill geraniums.

Do Geraniums Deter Cats?

How Do You Use Geraniums to Deter Cats?

If you want to attempt to repel cats using geraniums, the easiest way to do it is to plant them throughout your flower beds. If you know of a specific spot where a cat enters your yard, plant geraniums to form a barrier. Unfortunately, geraniums will only repel cats from that specific location, so unless you intend on covering your whole garden with them, you should plant them judiciously.

Why Do Cats Hate Geraniums?

Cats dislike numerous things, and the majority of them have one thing in common: anything a cat dislikes has either a strong odor or a look that is unfamiliar to them. Cats have sensitive noses and paws, so anything that irritates their paws or smells unpleasant will be avoided. Geraniums, for example, are disliked by cats due to their strong odor.

Are Geraniums Toxic to Cats?

Geraniums contain essential oils that may be harmful if consumed, notably linalool and gerinaol. It is unusual for a cat to swallow that plant, much less consume enough to cause long-term injury. However, it should be noted that geranium might be harmful. Unfortunately, many popular garden plants are hazardous, making it difficult to avoid growing anything that may be harmful.

Do Cats Hate All Geraniums?

Unfortunately for you, each cat is unique. There are many plants that discourage cats, however not all of them are effective for all cats. Geraniums are in the same category. If you want to increase your chances of repelling cats using geraniums, stick to cranesbill geraniums.

Final Words

Geraniums may be used to keep cats away. Cranesbill geraniums are the best choice for deterring cats if you wish to utilize geraniums. Most cats will avoid them since they have tough leaves, hairy stems, and a slight citrus aroma.