Do Kittens Get Cold?

In a recent study, it was found that cats get cold the same way humans do, and they also shiver for the same reason.

Kitties do not suffer from hypothermia or frostbite, and they do not get cold feet.

However, they do get cold the same way we do and they know how to stay cozy.

Let’s dive in now.

Do Kittens Get Cold?

Kittens get cold just like humans do.

They shiver and fall asleep to keep warm when they feel cold.

They also bury themselves under the blankets and snuggle with their owners to keep warm. Kittens also drink warm milk to keep themselves warm.

Kittens also wear sweaters to protect their warm fur when they go outside.

In addition , big cats also do hibernate to keep warm and survive in the winter.

Kittens also rely on their mom for warmth, as she is a great source of warmth for them. Just like humans and other mammals, animals shiver to generate heat and stay warm.

Shivering helps to generate heat by contracting and relaxing the muscles, thereby raising the body temperature.

How Cold Is Too Cold for Cats?

Cats have an amazing ability to regulate their own body temperatures.

They’ve also got a knack for finding warm places to sleep. However, cats can’t stay warm forever.

If it gets too cold, cats can suffer from hypothermia or even freeze to death.

Some cats can survive temperatures as low as -40 degrees Fahrenheit, but others can’t survive much below 0 degrees.

In fact, many cats need a clear spot of sunlight to survive freezing temperatures.

So, if it’s too cold for you, it’s probably too cold for your cats as well.

How to Tell If Your Cat Is Cold

Looking for Warm Locations

The cat may be attempting to raise their body temperature if they’ve found a warm place to sleep like in your bed or a drawer.

They may also curl into a ball or seek shelter under blankets to stay warm.

Their paws may also show signs of shivering if they’re cold and trying to warm up.

They’ll also be lethargic and not want to get out of bed in the morning if they’re feeling cold and sleepy from the night’s rest.

So, look out for these signs if your kitty seems too chilly.

If your cat starts shivering uncontrollably, then it’s time to get them some warm clothes or a heating pad.

Also, if you find your kitty sleeping near the heater vent or fireplace, then move them away as these places are dangerous for them and may burn them if they accidentally touch a heating element.

Your kitty may also be trying to find the warm sun rays to warm them up if the cold weather outside is too much for them to handle.

Cold Extremities

A cat’s extremities will display symptoms of being cold when the temperature outside drops drastically.

This usually happens to their paws because they need the extra warmth to walk on icy surfaces without slipping.

If the temperature is below freezing point, the paw pads become hard and frozen. As a result, the cat won’t be able to walk properly on an icy surface and may even fall over.

If you see your kitty limping on a cold winter day, then get them some warmer clothes or mittens to wear.

As this is where they lose body heat, you should make sure their bed is warm and comfortable for them to sleep on at night.

Rolling Up Into a Ball

Although being closely curled up with their tail over their nose and all of their limbs tucked in is cute, it could also be a sign that they’re feeling cold.

This is because their body tries to conserve heat by hugging themselves together tightly to stay warm.

Hence, if you see your kitty doing this, make sure that they have a warm blanket to snuggle into at night to keep them toasty and warm through the night.

How to Warm Up Your Cat

Keep the Heat On

Even if the energy costs are always rising, your cat will still need a constant supply of heat to keep them warm and toasty.

So, turn the heat up during the winter so that they don’t get chilled from the cold air blowing through the windows.

This will also help to prevent condensation from forming on their fur and chilling them further.

Use a Heated Bed For Cats

A heated bed can help to keep your cat warm and toasty during the winter nights when they sleep indoors with you.

These beds are similar to dog beds and are usually covered in a soft material such as fleece or sheepskin, and they stay warm even when turned off.

If not, the aforementioned advice will assist in keeping them comfortable and warm during the colder months of the year.

Give Them More Food to Eat

Naturally, your pet will burn more calories than they would during the warmer months, so they will need more food than usual to keep them energized and warm through the winter.

Consult your vet about the right amount to feed your pet depending on their weight.

If they’re overweight, cut back on their food accordingly to reduce their weight and avoid piling on the pounds.

Remember that overfeeding may cause obesity in pets and make them more susceptible to disease such as diabetes.

Provide Lots of Water Drink lots of water throughout the day to help your pet stay hydrated during cold weather.

It can be worthwhile to give them a little more food in the winter months if it’s getting colder outside and they feel the need to keep warm by consuming more calories than normal.

Bring the Cat Toys Out

Having a couple of the finest cat toys on hand can help to keep a cat occupied for hours during the colder months of the year.

This will keep your cat occupied for hours as they play with their toys instead of napping indoors.

This will also keep them from burning calories and keep themselves entertained at the same time.

Get Them Some New Clothes

Don’t just leave your cat out in the cold with nothing but an old sweater to wear when it’s cold outside.

Getting them a new coat or sweater will help to keep their fur dry and warm when they’re playing outdoors in the snow.

It will also make them look adorable and keep you from having to pet their fur all the time as it will be nice and soft to touch.

Remember to keep a close eye on your cat when they wear new clothes to make sure they don’t overheat while out in the snow.

It’s best to go easy on the accessories such as collars and leashes while out in the winter as they can get caught in branches or get tangled up with other items.

High-energy alternatives like laser toys, catnip mice, and balls can help keep them occupied indoors while the weather is bad outside.

Give a Warm Blanket

Your friend will undoubtedly give you a warm hug when they first come in from the cold, but it’s up to you to return the favor by giving them a warm blanket to snuggle with at night.

Put it on their favorite spot on the couch or in their bed so they’ll feel extra comfy when it’s time to go to bed.

Before laying it down for them to snuggle into, give it a good wash in the washing machine to make sure it’s not covered in dirt and debris from outside.

Elevate Their Bed

It is advisable to raise your cat’s bed off the floor a little bit during the winter, as this will help keep their feet warmer throughout the night.

Heat rises, therefore your cat will perceive the floor to be much colder than it is if the floor is touching its paws and legs.

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However, there is a limit as to how much heat they can retain, so once the temperature dips below 10 degrees, then you will need to provide them with a heated bed to get them through the long winter months.

It is preferable to keep kittens as an indoor pet because they won’t tolerate the cold as well as adult cats do.