Do Used Tea Bags Keep Cats Away?

Used tea bags can be used to repel cats from your household.

They can also freshen your scent and help protect your skin and coat. Some tea bags have hidden features that attract cats, such as fragrant ingredients.

So, do used tea bags keep cats away? Tea bags sometimes keep cats away, but tea bags are typically ineffective at keeping cats away.

Tea bags contain caffeine, which acts as a natural insecticide. However, tea bags lose their effectiveness once they’ve steeped and been consumed.

Therefore, used tea bags aren’t usually effective for keeping cats away.

Do Used Tea Bags Keep Cats Away?

Cats dislike or tolerate various scents like ammonia, citrus, pine oil, eucalyptus oil, mint oil, clove oil, and lavender oil, among others.

They don’t detest tea bags in large amounts, but they don’t like their smell either, so it’s an effective method to deter them from getting into certain areas.

Cats are repulsed by strong scents, so they avoid areas with the smell of cat urine or even human urine since they find it distasteful and offensive to their sense of smell.

Cats loathe tea bags and the fragrance of tea as a defensive strategy, so it’s a good method to deter them from getting into certain spaces.

As a result, cats benefit from being repelled by the smell of these deterrents.

How Do You Use Tea Bags to Deter Cats?

Cats are adorable pets, but they can sometimes be problematic if they’re not trained properly or if their environment isn’t suitable for them.

A cat may be simply hiding somewhere in your house because it feels afraid or is tired.

Cats have acute senses, including a highly sensitive sense of smell. Therefore, they use their keen sense of smell to defend themselves against predators and other animals that can threaten them.

Because tea bags have a pungent odor that they don’t like, they may avoid them. As a result, you can sprinkle used coffee grounds around your house to keep out unwanted guests like stray cats and rodents.

To use tea bags to dissuade cats, place them in a container with a tight lid or in a sealed plastic bag to store them in a cool place.

Burying tea bags in soft soil will deter cats and prevent them from digging holes in your yard and eating your plants.

If you bury tea bags in the soil, stray cats and rodents will be less likely to come into your yard and eat your plants.

Avoid filling the whole hole with earth because you want the buried bag to remain visible to deter the cats.

Are Tea Bags Safe to Use?

Tea bags are toxic to animals if ingested in large doses, but they’re safe if you sprinkle them in small amounts around your home to deter cats and dogs from digging in your yard and eating your plants.

Tea bags may pose some health risks to humans as well, especially if you’re allergic to caffeine or if you use too much at a time. However, they’re safe for short-term use to discourage cats from digging in your garden and eating your vegetables.

Most cats, however, would be repelled by the strong smell of used coffee grounds.

If you have an inquisitive cat, burying tea bags in soft soil will prevent them from digging in your yard and eating your vegetables.

Caffeine is hazardous to cats since it can irritate their stomachs. As a result, they should avoid drinking any liquids that contain caffeine.

The Benefits of Using Used Tea Bags as Cat Repellent

The Benefits of Using Used Tea Bags as Cat Repellent

Tea Bags Are Safe Cat Repellents When Used Properly.

Unlike eucalyptus or bleach, which are powerful chemicals that can harm cats and other animals, used tea bags are harmless. They’re excellent at deterring cats from your home and garden.


Tea is biodegradable, decomposing and releasing nutrients into the soil over time. Therefore, it’s a completely eco-friendly method of keeping stray cats away from your garden.

So, in addition to being an effective cat repellent, using used tea leaves in your garden is also an eco-friendly way to keep your garden healthy and prevent pests from destroying your crops.

Simple to Use and Inexpensive

Tea bags are easy to find in most grocery stores and supermarkets, so they are cheap and easy to store.

To deter cats from your yard or garden, simply store them in a cool place or seal them in a plastic container with a tight lid.

They’re also simple and easy to use since all you need to do is bury them or sprinkle them near the space you want to keep cats away from.

In addition to deterring stray cats, using used tea leaves as a cat repellent can also protect your garden against rabbits and other small animals that may eat your vegetable plants.

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Final Words

Cats may do a lot of harm if they dig in your yard and eat your vegetables.

Therefore, it’s advisable to prevent them from doing so by sprinkling used tea leaves around the space you want to keep them away from.

Tea bags, which have a strong aroma that repels most animals, are an effective way of keeping stray and feral pets away from your garden.

Furthermore, they’re a 100% eco-friendly solution to keep your garden healthy and pest-free.

Cats may reject the smell of used tea bags and dig in your yard regardless; in such cases, you can use other effective methods to keep these animals away.

Though it varies depending on the tea, it takes between 4-6 hours for the leaves to completely decompose.

In addition, the decomposition process releases nutrients into the soil.

Therefore, this is an excellent way of fertilizing your plants without using chemicals.