How Long Can A Kitten Go Without Eating?

How Long Can A Kitten Go Without Eating?

Let’s take a deeper look at how long a kitten can go without eating at various stages of development.

How Long Can A Kitten Go Without Eating?

A healthy kitten may usually go for up to two days without eating. They will become malnourished, weak, and require immediate veterinary care if they go a day without eating. Kittens have tiny stomachs and high energy requirements, thus they must be fed often. It’s also critical that they’re provided food that’s suitable for their size and age. In the early stages of life, newborn kittens, for example, are completely reliant on their mother’s milk for nutrition. When the kitten reaches 4 weeks of age, the duty is transferred to the breeder, and when the kitten reaches 8 weeks of age, it is transferred to you as the owner.

What Should You Serve Your Kitten?

In compared to cats, a kitten requires a lot of calories. For optimal development, they should consume a diet rich in protein and lipids. They may be served with certain recipes.

0-4 weeks

During this time, a kitten generally swallows its mother’s milk, but if she is unable to do so for any reason, give her milk replacement formula.

4-5 weeks

You can feed her solid food with milk during this time. It should be of the liquid kind.

6-8 weeks

During this time, your cat is now able to consume real solid food. Serve them three to four times each day.

8 weeks or more

Your kitten is sexually mature and active at this age. You may also feed canned food to her.

Why Is The Kitten Not Eating?


Any underlying health concerns in cats may cause kittens to lose their appetite. Intestinal infection, oral infection, stomach infection, and other ailments might be included.


Your kitten may have an aching tooth as a result of force-feeding, or he or she may have bitten a hard surface!


Stress is a leading cause of cat malnutrition. She may be fearful and depressed since she is in a new situation, which might cause stress. This, in turn, causes a loss of appetite.


One of the reasons your kitten is refusing to eat anything might be the setting. It’s possible that a kitten won’t eat in front of you or other pets.

Detached From Mother

Your baby kitten is brand fresh to the world, yet she lacks the comfort of her mother. Because a newborn kitten’s senses and eyesight are impaired, their mother must instruct them. She is in desperate need of her mother’s warmth and milk. They want to feel safe.

What to do if your kitten isn’t eating for days

Consider bottle-feeding

If your cat isn’t eating or its mother isn’t present to nurse the kitten, bottle feeding has shown to be the greatest choice so far. This is normally part of kitten care for 4 week old kittens and any age before weaning at 8 weeks. You should only use kitten formula for bottle-feeding since human milk contains lactose, which cats cannot digest. You may also give it sweet water to drink. If you feed a chilled kitten, the fluids you give him may lead him to have chills. Wrap the cat with a baby blanket after filling the little bottle with kitten formula. You may give the milk-filled bottle to the kitten once it is warm.

Good Environment

To make your kitten feel secure, provide a cheerful and lively atmosphere for them.

Look for a foster mother cat

If your cat is less than 8 weeks old, you may find a foster mother cat to nurse it. You might inquire about a prospective candidate by calling the veterinarian. A local shelter is also a viable alternative. Look for a cat that is lactating and has a small litter.

Consult a veterinarian

If it’s your first time caring for a kitten that won’t eat or doesn’t have a mother to feed, the vet is the person to call. The veterinarian will provide you advice on bottle feeding, stimulation, and other important kitten care.


Force-feeding should only be used as a last resort since it is painful. A syringe may be used to force-feed. Tighten your grip on her and raise her lips a bit. You can now use a syringe to feed the kitten.

Can a kitten go all night without feeding?

The solution may be found in the daily routine. A kitten may or may not need feeding at night. This is dependent on the regimen you’ve established for her.

Do Kittens Need Feeding At Night?

Yes, kittens may need feeding at night. They have a little stomach that can only hold a small quantity of food, therefore they need to be fed every three hours, which means you’ll have to look after them eight times a day.