How To Get Cat To Stop Hissing At Dog?

How To Get Cat To Stop Hissing At Dog

It’s all about determining the source of the hissing. Each cat is unique, yet there is a reason why cats act the way they do. In most circumstances, a cat will be afraid of its surroundings and/or another pet. The causes might include being nervous in a new environment, being protective against a playful doy, and defending its territory. These are just a few of the variables that might cause your cat to hiss at dogs.

How To Stop A Cat Hissing At A Dog

Make use of their scented blankets.

Cats often respond to the smell of a dog. This implies that you should use the dog’s fragrance while the cat is eating or resting. The goal is to get them acquainted to the dog’s smell so they understand it is not dangerous. They will most likely overlook the dog after this link is created.

Make the Cat Feel Comfortable

This is critical when learning how to teach a cat to quit hissing at dogs. If the cat isn’t at ease in the area, its defenses will be up all the time. It’s a natural response that’s built into their DNA.

Make a Separate Area in Your House for Your Cat

Your cat may hiss because it feels insecure or out of place. This is a normal response, and cats will often assert themselves in order to warn dogs and/or people. This indicates it’s time to interpret that reply and ensure that relevant steps are made as soon as possible. It’s also a good idea to have them sleep in different rooms at first. It will keep your cat and dog comfy during the night.

Begin by doing shorter sessions together.

It all boils down to concentrating on shorter sessions as you find out how to persuade your cat to quit hissing at dogs. This implies they won’t be spending much time together. Instead, you will lower the amount of time spent and then gradually increase it. This will help you to assess the severity of the problem and determine what leads your cat to snarl or hiss at the dog.

Distinguish Where They Eat

Cats are notorious for guarding their food. This is also seen in dogs, which is why it is best to keep them apart during meal periods. If you don’t do this, they’re more prone to fight while their link is already weak.


This is how to stop a cat from hissing at dogs. There is no reason to believe your cat will improve on its own. There must be a strategy in place to ensure that the transfer is as easy as possible for both your dog and cat. It will be simpler to be consistent if you have a strategy in place. Your cat will eventually quit snarling at your dog.