How To Keep Small Dog Out Of Litter Box

Your dog’s behavior matters a lot to you.

Ensuring that your canine stays away from litter helps keep your home and garden safe. You might spend a few weekends walking your dog and teaching it how to stay out of the litter box.

So, how do you keep small dog out of litter box? As any dog owner knows, keeping your dog out of the litterbox can be difficult.

There are dozens of ways to prevent your dog from going in the litter box. First, you can keep the litterbox in a hidden place or in the center of the room where your dog can’t access it easily.

Second, you can line the litterbox with plastic and place a treat on top of it. Finally, you can make the litterbox unappealing to dogs by placing something unpleasant or smelly like orange peels inside.

How To Keep Small Dog Out Of Litter Box

Keep the Dog Occupied

This is a basic remedy you can use to stop a dog from going to the bathroom inside the house.

In general, you should keep an eye on your animal at all times to ensure that he/she is not trying to relieve himself in the house when you are not around to keep an eye on him/her.

You will gradually learn what works and what doesn’t for your dog and know when to take him/her outside to eliminate.

Starting a game with the dog can be a good way to occupy him/her when you are busy doing something else at home such as cooking, cleaning, or even watching TV.

This will urge it to empty its bladder before it tries to eliminate inside the house which will save you a lot of mess to clean up later.

Remove the Poop Immediately

Experts advise that you wipe the dog’s paws as soon as he/she comes back from the outdoors to make sure that it doesn’t carry anything nasty indoors that might lead to accidents later.

When you have a dog at home, you are bound to face challenges regarding toilet training especially when it is a puppy or a small breed.

Keeping a standard litter box clean throughout can be quite a task for a pet owner.

This lessens its appeal to dogs especially puppies who love to dig, play, and make a mess out of it.

Elevate the Litter Box

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In general, your dog will feel more comfortable if it feels in control in the place you choose for it to relieve itself.

This is perfect for the scenario when your house is smaller and doesn’t have much space for a raised pet bed.

As a consequence, the dog will feel comfortable and relaxed when it relieves itself there and will refrain from going inside the house to do its business.

Train Your Dog

Training your dog is a fantastic alternative for keeping your pet away from areas where it can eliminate indoors.

It will take some time to ingrain this habit into your pet but you will get there eventually as long as you are consistent in your approach.

This may be accomplished in a variety of ways, such as using treats or toys as rewards for using the outdoor potty area of your choice.

According to studies, the greatest mistakes that pet owners make when it comes to potty training their pets is using a punishment-based approach which involves hitting, scolding, shouting at, or rubbing their dogs’ nose in its urine.

When it comes to a litter box, this ensures that your cat urinates in the right place and not all over the house leaving you to clean up the mess later on.

Make Use of a Dog-proof Litter Box

It’s all about using a dog-proof litter pan for your pet to prevent it from eliminating in places you didn’t want it to and save yourself the headache of cleaning up after your pet every day.

A good dog proof litter pan will keep it from climbing out of the box and getting into places it shouldn’t have access too such as your couch cushions where it can poop and spread germs all over your home.

When they realize they can’t get into these areas, they will be discouraged from going inside them to eliminate in the future.

Consider which dog proof litter pan would be suitable for you and your pet to keep it happy and comfortable as it eliminates.

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This is how you keep a small dog out of litter box and keep it comfortable and happy all the time.

There may be instances when you just can’t avoid some accidents around the house especially if your pet is not fully potty trained yet.

In these situations, it’s critical to take a step or two back and assess the situation before cleaning it up to prevent your pet from getting accustomed to peeing or pooping inside your home.

A cat owner may take numerous measures, but a cat will still not use the litter box if it thinks that there are better places to urinate.

This is the appropriate method to tackle the matter for a pet owner who keeps his small dogs in his living room.