How To Stop Kitten From Attacking Older Cat?

How to Stop Kitten From Attacking Older Cat?

Why does my kitten attack my older cat?

The ranking of cats in the house

Cats have their own method for rating all of the creatures in the home. Posturing and verbal gestures are used to define rank. If your elder cat is docile, the young kitten may be able to bully him into a higher status. The more your adult cat gives in, the more dominating and annoying the kitten becomes.

Lack of social skills

If your cat lives alone in your house with little to no social contact, the arrival of a new kitten may come as a surprise. To properly engage with one other, both cats must acquire new social skills.

Solitary cat behavior

Domestic cats descended from lonely beasts. They preferred to seek for prey on their own. It’s likely that your kitten has preserved this habit and dislikes the presence of the elder cat. Your kitten will put their athleticism to the test on your elder cat if left alone.

How to Stop Kitten From Attacking Older Cat?

There are a variety of reasons why your kitten continues to attack your senior cat. It’s either territorial or the elder cat is obedient. Another explanation is that it dislikes having to share space and other resources. The easiest approach to prevent your kitten from attacking your elder cat is to give them some space. It is preferable to keep your adult cat apart from the youngster. Consider putting your kitty in an area that is out of reach. It may be a wall-mounted kitty shelf.

Keep Resources Separate

You should pay careful attention to everything you give your pets. That includes their litter, play toys, and even sleeping areas. Consider giving them both a safe environment and equal resources to eliminate the chance of creating an envious disposition between them.

Creating A Safe Distance

When you bring your kittens together without allowing them the time to adjust to one other’s habits, they are likely to behave violently. You must slowly construct a barrier between them that will vanish once they are comfortable in each other’s company.

Spending Quality Time Together

You must invest your time in such a manner that they have an equal amount of time with you. When kittens observe their owners being really friendly with the elder cat, they feel left out, which causes them to get enraged, which they attempt to vent by attacking the older cat.

The Kitten Will Not Leave the Elderly Cat Alone

Your kitten won’t leave the elder cat alone since she’s reached the point where she doesn’t feel comfortable playing alone. Kittens are fascinated by moving things, and what could be more exciting than a moving cat? When kittens are in the developing period, they are highly curious and seek for friends. However, the same nature may be torturous for an older cat at times, and you must comfort your cat and provide a secure environment for it. Patting is helpful in this case.


Only when kittens are in the mood are they considered feisty and sociable. Kittenhood is their first stage, when they are learning more about their environment. This often results in hostility and embarrassment. In the presence of elder cats. Once placed with them, they feel invaded. Receptive them and allowing them to be restricted to their own place for a while can broaden their horizons and encourage them to be more outspoken and accepting of you and the surroundings you provide.