Maine Coon Vs Normal Cat: What is the Difference?

Pets are the best friend of an individual and are kept in the sweetest and caring way. They always stay by the side of their owners and are considered their best friends. People keep dogs, cats, and even birds as their pets in their homes.

The popularity of cats has increased, and more people are now choosing cats over any other animal. On the one hand, there are normal cats, and on the other hand, there are highly bred cats available on the market. It is thus good to know about Main Coon and Normal Cat and how to treat them in their daily lives.

What Is A Maine Coon?

Maine Coon are usually large and affectionate cats that play and blend well with humans. It is massive and measures 40-length in and is only bred by professional breeders. They are very loving family pets and have won titles in the previous cat shows.

The usual life span of this cat is 10-13 years with a high intelligence level. As per the Cat Fanciers Association, it is the fifth-most common breed available in the market as of 2019.

What Makes A Maine Coon Cat Different?

The physical characteristics of Maine Coon are pretty impressive as they weigh between 8-18 pounds and are 12-16 inches tall. Their bodies are muscular and have solid legs and a wide chest. The fur on their bodies makes them look even more majestic and bigger. They can be trained easily and possess very loyal tendencies with everyone.

Main Coon and Normal Cat conversation should be done by everyone as it tells them about the varieties, patterns, breeds, and colors of every cat. There are 75 main colors possible in different combinations, including solid and tabby colors and patterns demanded the most in a market.

Main Coon vs. Normal Cat

difference between Main Coon and Normal Cat

  1. Coat of Hair: while the regular house cats consist of a short coat of domestic hair or medium hair, Maine Coon has a stunning shaggy coat of thick and shiny hair that has a special feature to themselves and is available in a huge variety. Along with this, they have long whiskers, beautiful eyes, and signature ears, making them different from regular cats. 
  2. Size: it is the only thing that makes a Maine Coon different from a house cat. The average weight of a household feline is 10 lbs, while that of a Maine is between 18-25 lbs, depending on whether they are male or female. These felines are thus sizable and measure as long as 19-30 inches.
  3. Personality: Maine Coons are known for their personalities. Despite their huge and noticeable size, they are a true companion and very affectionate living beings and always cuddle. They are thus outgoing, bubbly, friendly, and people-oriented. Compared to the domestic cats, they are quite different as they lack these unique characteristics possessed by Maine Coons. They are very much like dogs rather than cats. 
  4. Price: the average price of a Maine Coon varies between $1200-2000 USD in general when they are purchased from a good and reliable breeder. The price of a 10-week-old male Coon is $1000. On the other hand, a domestic cat costs $400-450 every year and is an affordable option to the pocket. 
  5. Physical features: the ears of Maine Coons consist of large earmuffs that entirely cover the ears and are quite pointed and wide, while a regular cat does not have such dramatic ears, and the shape, size as well as hair of each cat may vary from one another. Also, the eyes of a Maine Coon are distinct from a regular cat as they come in shades of green, amber, copper, green gold, etc., and those of a regular cat is yellow, brown, or mixed.
  6. Territorial behavior: there is no such difference noticed in both Maine Coon and regular cat when they mark their territories as both use scent glands, but their frequency varies. Both the cat types leave their scents on a particular location, declared as theirs after that. The same can also be achieved by either rubbing or scratching themselves and, if not, spraying urine at a place. 
  7. Grooming: the owners of Maine Coon should groom the hair every 2-3 weeks as they get thick and beautiful in no time. It also helps them to remove all excess hair on the face and body and further prevent the chances of being tangled and matted. Brushing their coat and proper combing is not enough. They require a good diet so that their overall health can be adequately maintained. Normal household cats do not need too much grooming, and clipping of nails and bathing once a week is enough for them as they ensure to take care of themselves well. 
  8. Health Issues: Maine Coons come with a few genetic problems compared to the other cats. Most of them face the problem of hip dysplasia, and this occurs due to their large size. Another one is HCM that is also quite common in female Coons who are middle-aged and older. Some diseases that both Maine Coons and normal cats go through are FLUTD, vomiting, eye problems, diarrhoea, etc.

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Are Maine Coon Cats good pets? 

For everyone needing a loyal cat, Maine coon is an ideal option. All the advantages are mentioned above in Maine Coon and Normal Cat to make it easier to decide. Everyone is treated as a family member by them, and they are excellent with children making them the best choice to keep around small kids and infants in a household.


Though these cats have a sharky and hypothetical ancestry, they are still the favorite animals of many individuals in the world. Every breed is different in a unique way, and their features are quite new and interesting. Anyone can easily fall for these balls of fur and make them a part of their life in no time and without thinking twice.