Maine Coon Vs Norwegian Forest Cat

Most people find it challenging to tell the differences between Maine Coon and Norwegian Forest Cat. But you should know that there are a lot of physical differences, especially in their face. For a novice, both Maine Coon and Norwegian Forest Cat are identical, confusing them more often. To help you out, we have listed every difference ranging from small to larger ones. So, you can tell the difference between Maine Coon and Norwegian Forest Cat without a doubt.

Origins Of The Maine Coon

The name of this cat breed explains its origin, which means Maine Coon is hailing from a USA state named Maine. Some hypotheses state that this cat breed arrived in Maine with Vikings around the 11th century. It makes them descendants of the Norwegian. The Maine Coon gained popularity and recognition in 1967, and this breed is the official cat of the Maine state.

Origins Of The Norwegian

The Norwegian Forest Cat hails from Scandinavia, and it is expected that their ancestors were semi-longhair cats coming from the Middle East. According to the research, they arrived in Scandinavia around the Middle age along with Vikings as mousers.

As a result, they evolved and developed thick coats and muscular bodies to withstand Norway’s climate during the whole century. However, this breed almost disappeared in the early 20th century, but the breeding plans in the 1930s saved and protected this cat breed.

Now you know why both cat breeds look identical because of the similarity of their past as they are both rustic, longhair, natural cat breeds. Therefore, it is assumed that they might have common ancestors too, that’s why they look identical to each other.

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Difference Between Maine Coon And Norwegian Forest Cat

Difference Between Maine Coon And Norwegian Forest Cat

Once you know about their similarities and history, it’s time for you to learn about physical traits that differentiate both breeds from each other.

  • Head

The Norwegian’s head features an equilateral triangular shape with a straight and long profile from the forehead to the tip of the nose. However, the Maine coon features a square head elongated slightly. You would notice a gentle concave curve along with a square muzzle.

  • Ears

Most of you have noticed that they both have broad and large ears, along with or without lynx tips. In addition, you should know that the Norwegian’s ears bend slightly outwards, which follows the triangular line of the forehead and chin. On the other hand, the Maine coon’s ears are set straight and high in the headline.

  • Eyes

The Norwegian has big, almond-shaped eyes, set slanting with an alerting expression. However, the Maine Coon’s ears are large and oval-shaped, but it would appear round when ears are wide open. You would notice a slight oblique in their eyes.

  • Nose Shape

The nose shape of a Maine coon features a gentle curve, while the Norwegian has a straight nose, ranging between brow ridge and nose tip. You will notice a slight bend in the shape of Maine coon’s forehead and nose, and the Norwegian has a straight nose that goes straight from brow ridge to nose tip. That means you can also tell the difference between a Maine Coon and a Norwegian Forest Cat by looking at their face sideways.

  • Personality

The difference between their personality would vary a lot as each cat has its own character, and defining the difference won’t make any sense. However, you should know that both cat breeds share similar traits, but they will differ in their character. According to the veterinarian, they are intelligent, adaptive, and love eating high-quality food.

  • Size

You should know that the Maine Coon is a larger cat breed, but that doesn’t mean the Norwegian is a small cat. There is a slight difference between their weight. According to the studies, the Maine Coon’s males weigh around 7-12 kg while female Maine coons are 5-8 kg. In contrast, Male Norwegian weighs around 6-9kg and 4-6kg in females. It shows that Maine coon will be slightly heavier as compared to Norwegian.

  • Coats

Both Maine Coon and Norwegian Forest Cat have a semi-long coat. But the main difference is that the upper coat of Maine Coon has a silky texture and a soft and fine undercoat. In contrast, Norwegian features a water-repellent upper coat and a wooly undercoat. You might also notice mane on their neck.

  • Health

Like other cat breeds, Maine coons and Norwegian forest cats are prone to progressive heart diseases. It is the most common disease found in felines. So, whenever you buy a kitten, ensure that their parents are not suffering any health problems. They are also prone to hip dysplasia and polycystic kidney disease, which can be transferred genetically.

  • Tails

The tail of Maine Coon features a long thick bushy fur that flows with the movement. However, the Norwegian Forest cat has a long bushy tail with long sweeping hair directed in one direction. You will also notice that their tail base is broader than usual cats.

  • Life Span

Even though these figures might not be accurate, recent studies have recorded the data. However, it is assumed that cats are living a healthy life and are provided with high-quality food. On average, the Maine coon are expected to live at least 9-11 years, while the Norwegian forest cats are likely to live longer, 14-16 years.

As mentioned above, the life expectancy is dependent on the feed you provide your cat and how frequently you consider taking health checkups for health issues. It is also recorded that the more productive time you spend with your cat makes them live longer.

  • Care

As you already know, cats need utmost care and attention. However, most cats don’t need grooming as they don’t tend to shed quickly. But in both cat breeds have medium to large fur, which means they need a fair share of care once a week. Your cat might not be used to grooming. It can be an enjoyable time to bond with your cat.

Final Words

Now you can tell the difference between a Maine Coon and a Norwegian Forest Cat without blinking your eyes. So, whenever someone asks you to recognize which cat breed it is, you can quickly tell them.