My Cat Peed On My Bed While I Was Sleeping?

My Cat Peed On My Bed While I Was Sleeping

At the best of circumstances, this is a frustrating sight. You never want to have to deal with urine-soaked bed linens and the stink that results. However, this is a normal part of life for some cats, particularly younger ones. If you are currently coping with this scenario, it is important to concentrate on what is causing the cat to pee on your bed at home. The indicators might include peeing in other areas of the home, staying in the house all the time, and burrowing into the bed. Your objective should be to provide a strategy to eliminate this sort of conduct. Don’t assume that the status quo will work and that the cat will grow out of it. This will not happen, and you will find yourself in a difficult situation with no way out.

What To Do If My My Cat Peed On My Bed While I Was Sleeping

Control Water Consumption

This is an excellent advice since you should be monitoring the cat’s hydration anyhow. If the cat is drinking too much water, the problem might be with its kidneys. When a cat has too much pee in its system, it will spray everywhere.

Maintain the cleanliness of the litter box.

Another aspect of the cat’s existence that requires regular maintenance is the litter box. You cannot have a scenario in which the litter box is a stinky mess all week. This is not only hazardous for your health, but it will also irritate your cat. In many cases, the cat will begin discharging itself in other areas of the home. If the litter box is not maintained clean, the cat may begin pooping elsewhere in the home.

Regularly replace pee pads

It’s one thing to purchase pee pads for your cat, but it’s quite another to keep them clean. Too many cat owners believe that just installing urine pads would solve the issue. Sure, it will work at first, but your cat will become tired of urinating/spraying in a dirty area. In other circumstances, the cat will believe the area has already been designated. This is why you must go against the cat’s inclination and encourage it to use the pee pad as often as possible. An soiled pee pad will irritate the cat, and it may resort to peeing on the bed as a last resort.

Install Pee Pads Throughout the Home

Pee pads are simple to use, convenient, and will keep your home clean. In general, you may place these pee pads around the home to allow the cat to relieve itself. When the cat is not in the vicinity of the litter box, it will begin spraying everything. Instead of allowing this to happen, you may put up pee pads as an alternative. Your cat will eventually become accustomed to using the pee pad, particularly if you take the time to teach it. The advantages include being simple to operate, aiding in the regulation of the cat’s instincts, and being suitable for bigger homes. As a cat owner, you will have to experiment with various techniques to eliminate this tendency. However, the cat may sometimes just resist your attempts. This is why utilizing pee pads is an excellent alternative to start with.


If your cat is peeing on your bed, it’s time to act. You must take the initiative, whether it is installing fresh pee pads around the home or keeping the litter box. This is the only method to confirm that the pee pads are functioning properly. If you do not, you will discover that this issue will remain for months. Always take care of these concerns before they become a problem!