Why Are Kittens Still Nursing At 12 Weeks?

Kittens are playful and adventurous, so it’s no surprise they’re also prone to chewing. Many dentists recommend feeding your newly born kitten at 12 weeks. So, why are kittens still nursing at 12 weeks? Kittens are born blind and deaf, so they need their mother’s milk to survive. Nursing stimulates kittens’ brains and helps develop … Read more

Do Kittens Look Like Their Parents?

Like their biological parents, Kittens are fragile and fragile. They’re also playful and adventurous. Like all cats, they’re bound to be a bit mischievous. Nonetheless, they’re adorable and will make a fantastic addition to your family. So, do kittens look like their parents? Well, yes and no. All kittens look similar to their parents, but … Read more

Why Do Kittens Grow So Fast?

Most kittens grow quickly because they are pretty adorable. What makes kittens grow at such a fast rate? Well, for starters, kittens are fluffy, and fluffy things grow fast. Additionally, a kitten’s metabolism is pretty high. Finally, kitties have incredibly strong immune systems. Kittens are cute and small when they are born. But as they … Read more

When Do Kittens Get Nipples?

Nipple herpes happens to kittens young or old, regardless of breed. It’s one of the most common skin conditions experienced by cats. Generally, the symptoms of nipple herpes include cracked, bleeding, and swollen lesions. So, when do kittens get nipples? Cats have nipples, but they only start developing when they’re about four weeks old. This … Read more

How To Tell If Cat Still Has Kittens Inside?

If your cat still has kittens inside, it’s essential to diagnose the illness. Although it may seem daunting, you can get to the bottom of it by examining your kitten. Here are some of the signs that your feline still has its younger, leftover kittens. So, how do you tell if cat still has kittens … Read more