What Do Maine Coons Like to Play With?

As you probably already know, kittens are very playful and curious when they are born and discover the world around them. This character trait gradually disappears as the cat reaches adulthood in favor of a calmer, lonely, and sometimes even shy temperament.

This is not the case with the Maine Coon. This great cat keeps his playful side throughout his life until he no longer has the physical ability to play. This makes the Maine Coon an ideal companion for families. It can be requested in all possible ways, both to play and to snuggle. It will not bother you at all.

Do Maine Coons Like to Play?

The size of the Maine Coon can be terrifying at first glance. But know that it is as adorable as it is imposing. Its balanced character makes it an ideal companion for families with children. They are very friendly, especially with dogs. So you can train both of them! The Maine Coon is a cat-dog because it is very loyal and attached to its owner. In addition, it is much less independent than the other cats.

Most Maine Coon cats are playful their entire lives and love to play and play with their friends and favorite cats. Large balls of fleece generally do not avoid splashing with water.

The Maine Coon is also very playful, which is highly appreciated by dogs. You will be able to spend a lot of time playing ball toss with your cat. If you like to go for a walk, you can take your cat as the Maine Coon also loves to go for a walk.

Do Maine Coon Cats Play Fetch?

Playing fetch can be considered mastery of the dog, but a cat’s natural hunting instinct to stalk and jump makes it the perfect game for felines as well. Cats are not usually known for following orders, but it is not difficult to imagine why cats would enjoy chasing a moving object when we consider that the game mimics a hunt.

In principle, you can play with a Maine Coon just like any other cat. However, toys, cat trees, and the like must also be large and stable for the big cat breed. Maine Coon cats are also happy to have an animal friend who can play with them when you are away.

Types of Maine Coon Play

Types of Maine Coon Play

Since cats have very developed instincts related to hunting, the games that they tend to like the most simulate this situation. Therefore, we want to recommend a game that is always successful with cats:

Stare at your kitty cat from a safe distance, but get their attention in some way. When you have gotten him to look at you and notice you, quickly hide and then come out again.

You will see how the pussycat remains completely still, with its eyes fixed on you, as if ready to attack its prey. He hides you again and comes out again, your cat will remain still as a statue, but this time it will have advanced a little towards you in the time that you have remained hidden.

Each time you do this, the cat will move forward a little. But he will always do it when you are hidden, thus preventing you from seeing him advance. When it is close enough, you can come out of hiding, and your cat will run to hide again.

  • Strings and slats are irresistible to cats

You may have already noticed that strings and slats exert an impressive attraction on cats. If you want to have a great time with your pet, we recommend that you take a rope and show it to him.

It won’t take long for him to get up and chase her with all the will in the world. Get him to run and jump, which will help him stay in good physical condition.

Give it to him from time to time to bite and scratch, but take it back to keep chasing you. A classic game that you can practice at any time since you will always have a rope or cord at hand.

  • They love to chase balls.

If you want your cat to entertain himself by playing alone, throw him a ball that rolls easily on the floor. The kitten will launch like crazy to chase her and throw her from one side to the other, running non-stop throughout your house.

Like the previous ones, this game is also related to his hunting instinct, so it is so successful. Your house will likely end up with many balls hidden in all corners, but, without a doubt, that is one of the fun things about having a cat.

  • Pretend mice and toys with feathers

In specialized stores, you can find some very appropriate toys for cats. Mock mice are hanging from a wand with a rubber band that is irresistible to them.

You can play with it by showing it to him and quickly removing it from his grasp. Your kitty will go crazy trying to chase it. You’ll see how when he catches it. It won’t take long for him to take a bite since it’s the closest thing to a real mouse he’s going to have around.

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Why Do Maine Coons Like To Play?

A distinguishing feature of the Maine Coon is its friendly and laid-back personality. They are friendly cats that get along with both children and pets of other species. Also noteworthy is its ease of adaptation to different lifestyles. The Maine Coon likes to be with people and has a habit of following them. However, it is an independent feline. They are very curious kittens who like to play fetch and find toys, balls, etc.

What Do Maine Coons Like to Play With?

Young cats use play to learn hunting techniques that they may need throughout their lives; The game of puppies is also a fundamental way of acquiring a complete development of all its structures, among which fundamentally is the nervous system: brain and nerve connections.

The adult cats that live with us continue to play the game because they have hunting instincts even though they do not need to hunt for food. After all, it is a way to entertain themselves and feel comfortable in their territory.

As cat owners know, their favorite game is to chase moving objects. If these do not exist or are not offered, they seek them out. Therefore, giving them the following objects is better to know that they are having fun with objects designed for them, useful and of quality.

  • The gray hair

The rod is a great invention to “fish” your cat because he loves to play catch that stuffed animal, feather, or ball at the end of the toy. Make sure that the hanging object is soft and cannot harm your animal in any way when it tries to hunt it. In addition, you participate in something more stimulating for him in this game, apart from improving your bond.

This object consists of a rod or rope that has an object at one end (or both), such as a feather, a softball, or a mouse for our cat to catch. You can hold the rod and play to move it to different heights. Normally the rope that hangs from the rod is flexible so that the object goes up and down when the animal slaps it.

  • Teddies

The stuffed animals are harmless objects (if they are of good quality) that help release the stress, tension, and nervousness accumulated in your feline. They are with Catnip, Catnip, impregnated, so they help your cat achieve a state of relaxation. Our cat will try to chase you around the house and nibble on it, so look for one made of resistant fabric.

  • Interactive toys

They are those that help to develop the ingenuity and memory of our animals and to streamline all the senses. These toys will first excite you because they must get a prize in one way or another, but in the long run, they will help you discharge energy and help you rest better. These objects have different shapes: tunnels, boards with holes, toys with small cubes, and, as we have said, your objective is to get the prize that they contain either food or a smaller toy.

  • Castles of hangers and scratchers

These structures contain many entertainment areas for the cat. On the one hand, the scratching post deserves special mention, which is not a toy in itself (that is why we have not given it a section in this article) but distracts the cat in its nail filing for long periods.

But it is that these «castles» have small cubes where they can hide, stairs to climb, ropes or games to have fun, and platforms to take naps, one of the greatest hobbies of our feline.

Final Words

Catnip is the most rewarding experience when your pet sees its happy when playing and having fun. Catnip like to play with other cats and their owners, so if you want to prevent your Maine Coon from getting bored and anxious, then provide what is necessary so that he can exercise and play more often.