Why Do Cats Hump Blankets?

Why Do Cats Hump Blankets?

Do cats hump blankets?

They do, as do a variety of other goods including woolen sweaters, cushions, soft toys, and even persons. Believe it or not, this may happen whether they are neutered or not. This may happen for a variety of reasons.

Why Do Cats Hump Blankets?

Lack of Attention

This might be the cause of the humping if you’ve been ignoring your cat. If that’s the case, the problem is simple to fix. Simply pay more attention to him.


When bored or enraged, few cats hump blankets. You may, however, completely prevent the tendency by interacting with your little pet in different ways. To keep your cat entertained, you might give her cat towers or other pet toys. You can eventually decide not to be annoyed by a humping cat.

Excess Energy

A cat with a lot of spare energy may hump items like blankets and soft toys. Humping these things might be a technique for her to release pent-up, unneeded energy.


Cat humping blankets have been related to stress and anxiety. This seems to happen more often when something in the cat’s environment has changed dramatically, such as the entrance of a new family member, a migration, or even a neighbor cat seen through a window.

It’s possible that your cat has been neutered.

While neutering or spaying a cat is a smart strategy to stop a cat from humming, it isn’t always successful. This occurs when cats are neutered or spayed at an older age, and the humping has already established a habit. To avoid any unfavorable behavior like as humping and urine spraying, neuter or spay your cat when they are still six months old or younger.

Why Is My Cat Humping My Blanket?

Both male and female cats are known for humping blankets. Your cat may be humming because it is bored or agitated, or it may be in need of your attention. As they hump the blanket, cats prefer to knead and bite it. This habit may be traced back to when they were nursing or weaning and would knead at their mother’s tummy while being fed. If they feel their personal space is being invaded and they have no other way to communicate their emotions, cats may hump blankets or cushions.

Why Is My Cat Still Humping After Being Spayed or Neutered?

Harboring Hormones

You may anticipate this to happen if your cat was neutered lately. There’s a good probability he’ll still hump this way until he’s been done for more than 12 weeks. In addition, while his body adjusts to the changes, he may still be sexually active throughout this time.

Instinctive Behaviour

Humping, as well as behaviors like as spraying to indicate territory, are intuitive and deeply imprinted in your cat’s mind.

What to Do if Your Cat Is Humping Blankets?

First and foremost, do not hit or throw anything at your little companion. Because your cat perceives no danger in cat humping, they won’t understand why you’re attempting to do so. However, it would only serve to sever the cozy attachment that has developed between you and your cat over time. When you see signs that your cat is on the verge of starting to hump, the best thing you can do is deal with the problem and divert him or her from it. Keep an eye on your cat if he or she is engaging with another cat. Another way to show your cat you care without prompting him to hump is to take care of him and keep him clean.


Do not be alarmed or disgusted if you see your cat humping a blanket, fleece towel, or soft toy. This is natural cat activity, and cats do it to release pent-up energy, attract your attention, or when they are anxious.