Why Do Cats Like Being Slapped?

Anyone who has had the pleasure of living with more than one cat knows that no two cats are alike.

While all felines share certain qualities, they are all unique individuals with their own unique habits and characteristics. Their dietary preferences, activity levels, vocalizations, and, most significantly for humans, how they interact differ greatly.

Many people have unique methods of expressing and receiving love. Although they are in the minority, some cats like having spanked.

Adult cats usually enjoy being around humans who express their affection through physical contact. It is uncommon for an adult cat not to want to be petted.

Scratching posts and other inanimate objects are also fair game for affection. However, some cats crave more physical contact and hence choose to molest and torture the people they live with by clawing or biting them.

So, why do cats like being slapped?

While some scientists believe that cats that are raised and cared for by humans are less fearful than those that roam the wilderness, most experts believe that cats just enjoy human attention.

Regardless of the reason behind their happiness, if a cat is actively hungry for affection and attention, this is hardly something to worry about. Many cats have unique preferences for how they wish to receive affection.

Sometimes they like it in the form of a pat on the head or belly rub; sometimes they would prefer to be picked up and cuddled.

However, some cats are unique in that they actively seek out attention and love through physical affection from others.

Why Do Cats Like Being Slapped?

Many people enjoy watching cats play and interact with other animals or their environments.

Some enjoy watching the entertainment that cats provide when they play with their human companions. Some enjoy taking care of cats and other animals just like how other humans take care of their children.

Cats have played an integral role in their human’s lives for hundreds of years.

They have even been immortalized in media such as cartoons and comic books as entertaining characters that are both lovable yet mischievous as well.

Unfortunately, some cats are not the type of pet that owners would want.

The cats that seek out attention and affection from their owners can become a nuisance if not properly trained or taken care of properly.

What Is Cat Slapping?

When they feel threatened, they lash out at people and other animals in self defense by swatting and biting with their front paws, also known as their forepaws.

They may slap and bite their owners as an attempt to defend them or as an attempt to appeal to their owners’ attentions.

Without dexterous hands, cats affect their surroundings quite minimally with their paws, but they have developed incredible upper-body strength.

We’re talking about a cat who can easily lift about their own body weight in vertical leaps and horizontal landings.

Videos of cats getting slapped by their humans often circulate the internet and people laugh and share the videos among themselves, however, if a cat gets too aggressive and threatens the safety of its owners and other people.

They usually always appear as a cuddly, lovable pet at first but then they morph into a completely different animal and one that is a lot less cute and a lot more dangerous.

Despite the fact that this may seem funny, cat slapping is actually a very serious matter that you can only ignore at your own peril and you can never be too careful.

They don’t seem to be in the best of moods and they are easily agitated, so they must be handled with care and consideration.

Slaps on sensitive regions of the body, such as on the face and around eyes or ears, can cause serious eye and ear injuries for cats.

Some people, on the other hand, will take advantage of the fact that cats are essentially defenseless creatures and slap them as a form of punishment when they are bad.

We can hear the slapping sounds more bruising than on the human hand or palm, and the cat’s ears drop from the loud sound.

It usually sounds like a slap on the face or slap on the neck.

This just adds to their stress and stress levels in cats are a surefire indicator that something very terrible is about to happen.

Is Slapping a Cat Dangerous?

Any too strong encounter can cause unrepairable (from ethological point of view) damage to a cat’s ears or eyes.

If you pet them too firmly, they will try to scratch or bite you.

Slapping them on the back and shoulder might make them feel better, they just don’t like being slapped in general, and it hurts.

You may not notice any harm if you gently stroke your cat with your hand or give them a gentle pat on the bottom.

An uneven walk or even stumbling is another obvious sign of possible problems to come in the future.

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Overall, both cats and dogs make great pets for households.

After all, they are adorable animals that keep away bugs and small rodents and can bring joy to people’s lives.

While cats have a reputation for being aloof and independent, most cats that end up in shelters tend to be surrendered or mistreated by their owners.

Cats need some space to stretch out and be alone from time to time and like to stay clean and well groomed.

Cats are great companions and do not require constant supervision like dogs do, but they still crave attention and love from their owners.

Cats usually prefer to be patted on the head and belly (or rubbed with the coat) and cuddled up while calmly purring and basking in the owner’s presence.

However, some cats actively seek out attention and love from their owners by clawing and biting them.

Cats usually need to be trained and coaxed into accepting or tolerating physical contact such as being picked up or petted because they only understand positive reinforcement such as petting or treats.