Why Do Cats Like Running Water?

Why Do Cats Like Running Water?

Cats associate rushing water with fresh, natural, free-flowing water. Cats, on the other hand, like moving water (i.e. puddles) unless they have no other choice. It’s akin to a person refusing to drink from an old glass of water since it may be stale and/or harmful. The kind of running water, the cat’s thirst, and the quality of the water source are all important considerations. When you question, “Why do cats enjoy rushing water?” you should concentrate on understanding what the cat is perceiving. The majority of them will notice a flowing supply of water and conclude it is fresh. It is more in accordance with their preferences.

Whether this is a waterfall or a running tap, they are going to enjoy being around it for a quick sip or wash.

Why Do Cats Like Running Water?


This is an underappreciated reason why cats like rushing water. Most people will want to go to a moving supply of cool water. The reason for this is due to how the water flows and feels as it runs over their body. They will like diving into the water, which is much simpler while it is moving. Cats love rushing water because it provides a more pleasant sensation than drinking from a puddle. Cats don’t mind puddles, but they like rushing water. It is far more refreshing, and this is based on their experience over time. They will begin to understand that moving water is more pleasant and simpler to drink without fear of contamination or foul taste.

Closer To Natural Sources of Water

It will be assumed that the water comes from a natural source. This is critical because the cat will reject anything that has been “contaminated.” They are picky about what they consume, even water. Cats often like to be near a lake, river, and/or waterfall since the water is moving and hence cleaner than a stagnant puddle. It is significantly simpler for the cat to trust on what it is drinking if they discover a flowing stream of water. This is a fundamental reason why cats like rushing water sources.

More Fun

You already know that your cat enjoys playing, and many cats like splashing about in their water, moving or not. While there are several explanations for your cat’s instincts, it’s also conceivable that some cats just enjoy playing with running water.


Cats like rushing water because it is clean. Even if the water isn’t fresh, their instincts will lead them to believe it is. This is due to how they are cognitively programmed to seek out water sources in their region. Most cats like rushing streams of water because they are simpler to drink from and frequently taste better. In compared to a pool of old rainfall, there is less debate about how pure the water is. It is preferable to begin with freshness since this is what a cat would assume when they hear or see flowing water. It will activate their instincts, and they will instantly investigate the gushing water. This is frequent because flowing water is simpler to find in the wild, making it a more dependable supply of water for cats.

Maintain Whiskers’ Comfort

Whisker tiredness is seldom discussed, yet it happens when your cat’s whiskers are continually stimulated. This commonly occurs while your cat is eating or drinking since they have to brush their whiskers up and down the dish to get to the food or water. It may ultimately lead to some cats flipping their food or water to eat or drink off the floor. However, your cat may like circulating water merely because it enables them to drink without using a dish.

Do Cats Prefer Moving Water over Still Water?

Yes, cats like drinking moving water because it is more akin to natural, free-flowing water sources like waterfalls, rivers, and/or lakes. Because of this, indoor cats often prefer drinking from a water fountain or running faucet than a water dish.

Is it better for cats to have running water?

Yes, flowing water, such as a water fountain or a running faucet, is healthier for cats. This is because it mimics a cat’s natural water sources, since it is their propensity to seek for free-flowing water in the outdoors.

Final Words

Cats like flowing water because it is cleaner, tastes better, and is less likely to contain toxins. They have a natural knack for this, and it begins at an early age.