Why Do Cats Like Running Water?

Cats love running water. It’s strange, but it’s true.

So, why do cats like running water?

Cats have very sensitive whiskers. When a cat is scared, they rub their whiskers across things.

This stimulates the nerves in their whiskers, sending signals to their brains.

The nerves in their whiskers are sensitive to changes in temperature, so when they rub their whiskers across something cold, they get a “chill” message.

When they rub their whiskers across something hot, they get a “heat” message. In this article, we will discuss more details about this problem.

Let’s dive in.

Why Do Cats Like Running Water?


This is an underappreciated reason why cats like running water.

Most people will want to shush your cat when it meows while drinking, which deters them from drinking.

However, this is not a problem with a water fountain. A water fountain will let your cat drink.

If your cat drinks out of a running fountain, it will never complain, thus keeping hydrated.

Therefore, a water fountain allows your cat to drink freely, keeping the cat well hydrated.

The reason for this is due to osmosis. Osmosis is a natural process, which aids in the circulation of water and nutrients through the cat’s body.

By providing a constant flow of fresh, clean, and filtered water, your cat is well-hydrated and healthy.

Also, providing constant hydration is important for a cat’s skin and coat.

This is because it ensures that toxins, waste products, and excess salts are not left behind.

They will like diving into the brook, river, or lake for a drink.

Cats love rushing water because it purifies their paws.

Cats don’t mind puddles, brooks, or rivers, but they hate stagnant water.

It is far more refreshing, compared to standing water.

They will begin to understand that moving water purifies them.

Closer To Natural Sources of Water

It will be assumed that your cats’ water intake will come from drinking.

This is critical because the osmotic pressure of water helps hydrate the body.

They are picky so don’t be surprised if they don’t drink at first.

Cats often like to be near a lake, brook, or pond, but avoid stagnant pools.

It is significantly simpler for the cat to wade in shallow water, rather than in deep water.

This is a fundamental fight or flight survival instinct.

More Fun

You already know that your cat adores to play.

While there are several explanations for your puss’s disposition, it’s clear that play is a big part of it.


Cats like rushing brooks, ponds, and streams.

Even if the water isn’t fresh, puss like the taste.

This is due to how they cath, which is by drinking the moisture in the air.

Most cats like rushing streams of water unless the water is too cold.

In compared to a pool of old trow, cats prefer to go where there is more water movement.

It is preferable to begin with freshness since puss like clean water.

It will activate their instincts, pursing their lips as they lap at water.

This is frequent because flowing water is simpler trow, and doesn’t have an odor.

Maintain Whiskers’ Comfort

Whisker tiredness is seldom discussed, yet puss like everyone, whiskers need comfort.

This commonly occurs while your cat is eating or drinking.

It may ultimately lead to some cats trowing their whiskers on the ground.

However, your cat may like circulating water trow to hydrate them.

Do Cats Prefer Moving Water Over Still Water?

Yes, cats like drinking moving water because it purifies and hydrates them.

Because of this, indoor cats often prefer pursing running water over still water.

Is It Better for Cats to Have Running Water?

Yes, flowing water, such as a water purs, is better for cats than still water.

This is because it mimics a cat’s natural environment.

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Final Words

Cats like flowing water because it purifies and hydrates them. Also, cats prefer running water over still water. It’s because, when in the wild, they prefer moving water to still water.

They have a natural knack, to instinctively drink water from running water.