Why Do Cats Like To Drink Out Of Glasses?

Why do cats love to drink out of glasses? It’s a mystery that has puzzled pet owners for generations. But the answer might surprise you.

Cats are naturally curious creatures, and they love discovering new objects and environments. Glasses provide them with a unique experience – one that bowls can’t offer.

The water temperature is key. Cats have keen palates and prefer cool, fresh water over lukewarm tap water or stagnant pond water. Bowls can’t regulate the temperature in which cats drink, but glasses keep their water at an optimal temperature.

Plus, glasses provide more oxygenated water than bowls do. Bowls tend to hold air bubbles in them, making it difficult for cats to get enough oxygen in their water supply. But when they drink from a glass, cats get all the oxygen they need to stay hydrated and healthy.

Finally, drinking out of glasses gives cats the opportunity to try something new and exciting. Everything about a glass appeals to their natural curiosity – from its shape and texture to its height and color. And many cat owners report that their furry friends seem happier after sipping from a glass than from a bowl.

So next time you see your kitty chugging some H2O from your tumbler, don’t be surprised. There are several reasons why cats enjoy drinking out of glasses rather than bowls – making it an intriguing question worth solving.

Why Do Cats Like Drinking Out Of Glasses?

Cats may have a reputation for being finicky, but their penchant for drinking out of glasses and other containers is one of their most curious habits. There could be a few reasons why your feline friend prefers to drink from your mug or cup rather than their water bowl.

First, cats are naturally attracted to anything that smells or tastes like their owners, so it’s likely that your cat is simply trying to express affection by pouring out of your glass. In addition, cats are drawn to shiny surfaces and moving water sources, so the glass can provide them with an enticing optical illusion.

It’s also worth noting that cats instinctively prefer clean, moving water over stagnant water in a bowl. Drinking from glasses that have just been filled with cold water can provide them with a refreshing chill on hot days.

Lastly, cats are naturally curious animals and may investigate any new objects in their environment out of sheer curiosity. The sound of pouring liquid into a glass may be particularly stimulating to them, and they may want to investigate the source of the noise out of pure curiosity.

Texture and Shiny Surfaces

Have you ever noticed your cat curiously sniffing over a glass of water? Cats are naturally inquisitive creatures and they are drawn to the texture and shiny surfaces of glasses.

The reflective surfaces of glasses catch their eye and spark their interest, while their keen sense of smell may detect trace amounts of minerals or other substances in the water that they find appealing.

Additionally, these reflective surfaces may simulate the reflection of sunlight or moonlight on water, which would indicate to a cat that there may be a source of prey nearby. This response is likely inherited from their wild ancestors, who relied on their keen eyesight for hunting prey.

Why Do Cats Like To Drink Out Of Glasses-2

Although it may be cute to see your cat drinking out of a glass, it is important to note that sharing water sources with your cat can potentially lead to health issues. Cats can have harmful bacteria in their mouths, which can be transmitted to humans.

In addition, cats may be attracted to glasses of sugary or alcoholic beverages, which can be detrimental to their health.

Fresh Water

Cats are naturally drawn to glasses of water, their inquisitive nature making them curious to explore the reflective surfaces and swift flow of the water. But what is it that makes cats so attracted to fresh water?

The answer lies in their keen sense of smell and taste; cats can detect impurities or changes in their water source that may make it unappealing. Fresh, clean water pouring directly from a faucet or a glass is more appealing because it is colder, oxygen-rich, and odor-free.

Some cats may even be attracted to moving water, which resembles the natural flow of a stream or a river. This explains why many cat owners invest in cat water fountains or provide their cats with a steady stream of fresh water from a faucet.

It’s important to note that cats should not drink water that is too cold or hot, since doing so will shock their system and cause health problems. In addition, cats should have access to multiple sources of fresh water throughout the day, especially if they are on a dry food diet or live in a hot climate.

To avoid bacteria or algae buildup, owners should clean and refill their cat’s water bowls or glasses regularly.

Curiosity and Exploration

Cats are curious creatures by nature, and their curiosity often leads them to explore their environment. Drinking out of glasses or cups is a common behavior in cats, as they are naturally attracted to anything new or unfamiliar, including the scent and taste of a fresh drink in a glass.

But why do cats prefer drinking from glasses rather than from their water bowl? It could be because of the shiny surface, the sound of running water, or even just the desire to investigate something that belongs to us.

Cats are also known for being creatures of habit; once they find something they love, they will continue to do it over and over again.

The sound of running water can also capture a cat’s attention and curiosity. It is possible that cats prefer drinking out of glasses or cups because they are often located near a faucet or source of running water.

The sound of water flowing into the glass may be just as enticing as the sight of the water itself.

Some cats may even have a preference for drinking from specific materials, such as glass or ceramic, because these materials provide a different taste or sensation in their mouths compared to plastic or metal bowls.

Although it may be tempting to let your cat drink out of your glass or cup, it is important to consider the potential risks. Your cat may be exposed to harmful bacteria or viruses from your drink, and you could also contract an illness if your cat has a contagious disease.

How to Discourage This Behavior

While it may be an adorable sight, it’s not the most hygienic way for them to get their water. So, how can you discourage this behavior?

One option is to provide your cat with a designated water bowl that’s wide enough for their whiskers to fit comfortably. Make sure to keep the bowl filled with fresh and clean water at all times, as cats are more likely to drink from it if it’s full.

If your cat is still adamant about drinking from human sources, try using a deterrent like a spray bottle filled with water. Every time you see your cat approaching an off-limits drink source, give them a gentle spritz of water – this will teach them that drinking from glasses or cups is not allowed.

Another option is to invest in a pet fountain for your cat. As cats naturally prefer running water sources, they might be more attracted to the sound of running water than a still bowl of water. Plus, the sound could potentially distract them from sipping from your glasses.

Lastly, remember not to punish your cat for drinking from prohibited sources. Instead, use positive reinforcement when they drink from their designated bowl or fountain – offer them treats or extra attention when you see them doing the right thing.

Tips for Keeping Your Cat Hydrated

It is essential for cats to stay hydrated for their health and wellbeing. Here are seven tips to make sure your cat is getting enough water:

Fresh Water

Cats prefer the taste of fresh, cold water, so make sure they have access to it throughout the day. Change the water frequently to keep it cool and inviting.

Water Fountains

Cats love running water, so investing in a water fountain specifically designed for cats is a great way to encourage them to drink more. The sound of running water can also help stimulate them to drink more often.

Wet Food

Feeding your cat wet food with a high moisture content can provide them with additional fluids they need to stay hydrated.

Multiple Bowls

Place multiple bowls of clean water around your home so your cat has easy access whenever they want it. You can place these bowls on different floors and rooms throughout the house for maximum convenience and encouragement of drinking.

Cat Drinks

There are a variety of cat drinks available in stores that you can add to your cat’s food or bowl of water for added vitamins and minerals beneficial for their health.

Monitor Intake

As a responsible pet owner, you should pay attention to how much your cat is drinking each day and ensure they’re getting enough H2O. If you notice any changes in their daily intake, it may be time for a visit to the vet.

Ice Cubes

Some cats enjoy playing with ice cubes and licking up the melted water – this can be a fun way for them to stay hydrated.

Is It Safe For Cats To Drink From Glasses?

The answer is – yes, but with some precautions. Cats are naturally drawn to shiny surfaces and gushing water, making glasses and mugs particularly appealing. To ensure your cat’s safety, it’s important to use sturdy glasses that won’t break easily. Additionally, check the glass for any cracks or chips before allowing your cat to drink from it.

It’s also crucial to make sure the glass is clean before letting your cat drink from it. Wash the glass with soap and water and avoid using glasses that have been used for alcoholic or sugary drinks, as these can be hazardous for cats.

If your cat enjoys drinking from a glass or mug, provide them with a reliable source of fresh water such as a water fountain or bowl. This will help minimize the chance of them tipping the glass over and creating a mess.


Cats have a curious habit of drinking from glasses, mugs, and other human containers. It’s an adorable sight, but it’s important to understand why cats are drawn to this behavior and the potential risks associated with it.

The sparkles and ripples created by water in a glass make it more exciting than bottled water. Cats also love moving water because their keen sense of smell helps them detect impurities or changes in their water source, which might make it unappealing. Plus, drinking from a glass could be their way of exploring new environments and claiming ownership.

If your cat is set on sipping from your glassware, there are ways to discourage this behavior while still satisfying their natural craving for fresh water.

Offering them with their own designated source of water, such as a separate bowl or pet fountain, can help improve their overall health and well-being while reducing potential health risks related to bacteria from their mouths to glassware.