Why Do Some Cats Have A Big Head?

Some cats have a larger than average head due to the size of their muzzle.

This can make walking difficult for some cats. Some owners understand this is the case and request a larger muzzle than usual from their veterinarians.

So, why do some cats have a big head? There are several reasons why some cats have a big head.

These can include genetics (if the cat is purebred) or illness (such as feline dwarfism). In some instances, a veterinary specialist can surgically reduce the size of the cat’s muzzle if it is causing problems for the animal’s health or mobility.

However, surgery is not required for a cat with an over-sized head to be healthy or active. Let’s take closer look at this problem.

Why Do Some Cats Have A Big Head?

Healthy Diet

Pet owners should pay attention if their pet has a Floppy Ear Syndrome, as it can also be a symptom of ear mites (also known as ‘ear mites’.

One feeding dish per cat This will make sure your cat can have its own private food without fighting over food.

However, that single meal must consist of the proper balance of vitamins, minerals, protein and carbohydrates – and in the correct proportions – to avoid nutritional deficits or risks to the pet’s health.

A cat’s diet determines its health, longevity and behavior Some cats are prone to gain weight if they are allowed to overeat.

Proper feeding helps cats lose weight and maintain an ideal weight.

Genetic Factors

Each cat breed has specific traits that set it apart from the others.

They are, in a modern world, treated as parts of extended families due to their loving and playful natures.

You can estimate the mature weight of your Persian Cat by giving him 1⁄2 to 1⁄4 cup of high-quality dry food for every.

Cats are often larger due to a phenomenon known as Polydactylism or Polydactylism – more commonly referred to as polydactyl cats or cats that have polydactyl.

Unneutered Cat

Compared with mature neutered cats, unneutered cats have a longer life expectancy and are less likely to suffer from diseases of the reproductive system – neutered older cats are more likely to get these diseases in those later years.

Their testicles are also engorged with testosterone which negatively affects their mood and behavior and increases the chances of aggression and spraying in the house.

Adult neutered testicles are devoid from testosterone and do not require removal, unlike with unneutered cats, whose testicles have to be removed for health reasons.

Which Breed Of Cats Have A Big Head?

British Shorthair

Playful and affectionate, the British Shorthair is a loyal feline with quite a temper, particularly when combined with its hunting skills.

Popular because of their attractive and cuddly appearance, they are often described as people cats.

They are purebred cats with a thick, medium-length coat and an average lifespan of about 12-14 years.

However, they are quite prone to gaining weight and being overweight, which has adverse effects on their well-being and quality of life.

Norwegian Forest Cat

This is another breed of cat that has a big head.

It is similar to the Maine Coon and American Curl, having long hair with curls at the ends, which gives the cat a very unique appearance.

They have water-resistant fur and tend to be quite active and independent which makes training them a challenge.

They like the feeling they are in charge and hate being confined or restrained.

American Bobtail

American Bobtails usually have short tails and come in a variety of colors, including black and orange, blue and platinum, blue and cream, brown and lynx.

They are great at hunting and are excellent hunters.

Their round eyes may catch the attention of some; however, their eyes should not be a concern when choosing your American Bobtails breed.

It is clear from the descriptions above that each of the cats has its own pros and cons.

In comparison to typical breeds of cats, Norwegian Forest Cat and American Bobtail have relatively long lifespans.

It may weigh up to 18 pounds or more, and may even grow up to 24 inches in height.

The American bobtail is an animal that can tolerate cold climate very well.

Siberian Cat

The Siberian cat breed was originated from the wild type cats found in the Russian city of Siberia.

The cat’s weight ranges from 12 to 22 pounds and is within the range of other domestic cat breeds in size.

One of the fluffiest big-headed animals I have ever met in my life was this cat that lived in our backyard in Cebu, Philippines while I was growing up.

It has thick fur that keeps the cat warm even in the cold climates, and it has a long and tapering tail that is attached to the torso with skin that creates a rounded shape.

When attempting to coax your Siberian cat to come to you and it’s likely that they won’t come but you can believe that they recognize your scent and are coming for you.

However, the breed enjoys being outdoors as long as it is safe and getting sufficient food supply.

Turkish Van

This cat breed seeks human companionship and affection, and demands to be touched and held constantly.

They may be up for a quick playtime and a walk with you or they may just prefer to be cuddled up in your lap all day long.

They like lofty places in which they can perch and watch birds or other animals flying outside.

They are daring and athletic as well as confident in exploring new places, journeys, or locations.

They like not just hugging but also other affectionate forms of human attachments such as being stroked and petted.


Compared with another huge head breed, Ragamuffin has short legs and a fluffy coat.

Furthermore, they take about three weeks to fully mature so they require a lot of attention especially during that period.

Female cats may weigh up to 8 pounds while male cats may weigh up to pounds.

The cute creature has a chubby face and long, pendulous ears.

This is a good cat to cuddle and feels like a fluffy teddy bear when it rolls over.

They offer everything you might look for in a cat from loyalty and companionship to affection and playfulness.


This cat is a fluffy, feline beauty with long luxurious fur and a big, round head with rounded ears.

They have a round face with almond-shaped eyes and a huge, rounded forehead that forms a saddle shape.

They are sedentary at times and may prefer being indoors but may still want to be taken out for a walk or playtime once in a while.

They aren’t very enormous, yet it doesn’t make them less cuddly.

Female cats may weigh up to 8 pounds while male cats may weigh up to pounds.

Savannah Cat

The Savannah cat is the largest of all cats and its ancestors date back to the 18th century in America.

Although their sizes vary, they may weigh up to 30 pounds and stand about 1 foot high at the shoulder.


This darling feline has a soft face and large eyes that are almond-shaped with a slanted nose and big ears that are rounded at the tips.

It’s a slender and graceful feline that may have short legs, a slender torso and a medium-to-large head that is very proportionate to its body.

This feline has a medium coat and comes in a few colors such as brown, black silver and a beautiful chestnut color.

In fact, it seems its almost human-like look is its most outstanding feature.

Maine Coon

Maine Coon Cats are well-known as big-headed cats but that certainly does not mean that they’re not cuddly.

They are quite intelligent and affectionate and aren’t at all afraid by meeting people or spending time with other household pets.

The cat has a considerably large head with a flat face that does not possess the usual rounded features of the face (such as a Persian), and its large amber eyes.

The cat’s paws are likewise large and its feet are slightly webbed.

Once you encounter the affectionate cat, however, you will surely find that its large head is an advantage since it can easily access your body parts to cuddle and keep you.

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The cause of big headed cats can be due to genetics or illness in some cases.

However, surgery is not required for a cat with an over-sized head to be healthy or active.

If a cat is diagnosed with feline dwarfism or a similar condition, surgery may help them live longer and have a better quality of life.

However, surgery is not required for a cat with an over-sized head to be healthy or active.

Distinct varieties of cats have differing shapes and sizes, as do humans.

These breeds are exceedingly charming and affectionate, and their distinctive features are what make them charming and irresistible.