Why Does My Cat Eat With Her Paw?

Why Does My Cat Eat With Her Paw?

Cats are naturally curious animals that do more than simply pounce on food. They examine the situation and interpret their surroundings before commencing to feed. Cats are normally expected to bend down and use their lips to reach for food in their bowls while keeping their paws firmly on the floor. Some cats, however, like to scoop the food off their paw before putting it in their mouth. Cats do this all the time. There’s no cause for you to be alarmed.

Why Does My Cat Eat With Her Paw?

Feeling For Texture

Cat paws, like human hands, are very sensitive and flexible. Cats, like humans, use their hands to sense items and gauge temperature. Each cat has its unique set of preferences, which it expresses via its paws.

Hunting Practice

Domestication of cats has rendered some cats unable to hunt for prey. They may lack the confidence required for hunting, yet their inherent instincts remain strong in their minds. This explains why, despite the fact that you put produced cat food in a dish, your cat would poke or play with it with its paws as if it were poking a mouse and then eat it.


Cats may have started in the wild, but years of living with people have resulted in them adopting some human behaviors. Some cats just find it more comfortable to reach for food with their paws and place it in their mouth, much like their masters.

Extreme Sensitivity

Cats use their whiskers to sense motion or vibrations in their environment. You’ll also note that they don’t like having that part of their face constantly touched. When a cat with long whiskers eats from a medium-sized dish, the whiskers may brush against the edges, which may be rather uncomfortable. The cat may prefer to eat with its front paws to escape the discomfort.

Poor Location Of The Bowl

Cats dislike surprises. They want to stay aware at all times, whether they are eating, sleeping, or relaxing. Most cat owners place their cats’ feeding dishes in a concealed area where they are likely to be simpler to clean. However, if a cat does not feel entirely aware when eating in this spot, they may seek other routes. The cat’s eyes and hearing are better able to stay vigilant when feeding when they eat with their paws.

A Feeding Bowl That Is Too Deep or Small

Cats come in many different forms and sizes. A given dish size may be excellent for one cat, but too deep or little for another. Cats like to eat by reaching out and using their paws as spoons rather than fitting their enormous fluffy heads into a little dish.

How Do I Get My Cat To Stop Eating From Her Paws?

If you check your cat and find that it is still eating with her paws, leave her alone. There are no bad side effects to this. You might try changing your cat’s dishes so she doesn’t eat with her paws. Give her food in a deeper, larger dish, maybe even a plate or saucer, and see how she consumes it.

Should I Be Worried About My Cat Eating From Her Paws?

Aside from basic hygiene considerations, we don’t believe there is anything to be concerned about. Cats, in addition to being very clean, groom themselves on a regular basis. It is critical to them that they stay spotless. However, if you look at their feet, you’ll find that they’re always in touch with the floor and whatever else they’ve managed to walk through on their daily excursions.

Why does my cat use her paws to scratch the floor when eating?

Your cat may paw, scrape, or knead the floor as if excavating or burying something before or after eating or drinking. This is not uncommon behavior, and your cat is in good health. In actuality, your pet is exhibiting an instinct shared by even enormous cats, which is a very good sign that it is at peace in your house.

Why Does My Cat Lick Her Paws After Eating?

Cats groom themselves many times every day. Even though they haven’t touched any food with their feet, they lick their paws after eating. These food-related grooming routines may be a holdover from a cat’s wild prey hunting instincts.

Final Words

Cats feeding with their paws may look strange, but it is quite typical. It has no negative side effects as long as your kitty buddy keeps herself clean. Cats kneading at the floor indicate that they have a strong affinity with you. However, if they have gone too far in clawing at the food, be patient in attempting to break them of this habit. If you are still doubtful, see a veterinarian.