Why Does My Cat Guard Me?

Your cat is your friend, so he’s bound to be your closest friend too.

He’s here to be by your side and help you achieve your ambitions. When he’s around, he will not bite or behave in ways you are concerned about.

he often seems to be your way into various life adventures. When he senses that you’re approaching, he’ll either follow you or be on his own.

So, why does my cat guard me? A cat is a friendly animal and wants to see you happy.

In that case, he guards you because he wants to make sure you stay safe and happy. Your cat is a big animal and when on its guard it can be quite intimidating and scary to other animals and people might try to harm you or rob you.

Your cat guards you to avoid you from being hurt or robbed and to protect you from being hurt or robbed by other animals or people.

Cats also guard their territories and this helps them get a better view of their territory and look out for dangerous predators and unknown animals that might be intruding into their territories.

Why Does My Cat Guard Me?

You’ve Encouraged The Behavior

When your cat scurries towards you, protecting you, it may seem like he s being affectionate or that he loves you.

They respond to this gesture by purring or rubbing against you in a form of gratitude or appreciation.

Your Cat Has Separation Anxiety

The cat’s survival instincts are very pronounced and having it feel that you are vulnerable or in danger can provoke it to use its claws and teeth to defend you.

It can easily get exasperated since most cats do not enjoy this behavior but do not have the mental or physical capability to fight off predators, so it’s up to you to ensure that you aren’t being bitten or scratched when you’re not around or aren’t paying attention to your cat.

If you find that your cat is always aggressive or starts attacking you even when you’re doing nothing wrong then it may be suffering from separation anxiety, another defense mechanism that your cat uses to help protect.

Cats that live with humans may have separation anxiety, especially if they’re separated from their families and are forced to fend for themselves.

It’s Part Of Your Cats Routine

Cats like to do his duties and one of them is guarding his territory and marking it as his territory, usually by scratching his scent in the area.

This habit is passed down from generations and you don’t really need to stop them, just train them to stop doing it on furniture or carpet.

Cats that guard objects or people also do it as part of one of their responsibilities just like it’s part of their routine.

Your Cat Is Afraid

Cats are known for their timid and cautious natures.

However, loud noises, large shadows, and other environmental factors can also scare a cat and make him feel unsafe.

When a cat is scared, it goes back to its furry instincts of prey and defense – it goes back to being a cat – and things can quickly get out of hand.

Nothing, in their opinion, should be touched or “owned,” and so cats will sometimes become aggressive to remove all potential threats from their current environment.

Your Cat Wants To Close The Space

Because cats are very sensitive to their environments, they can also feel threatened when spaces get smaller or closed off.

If they feel you are invading their territory, your cat may lash out and guard you as a means of keeping you out.

If you move while your cat is in the closed room he may become even more upset and try to attack you as a way to protect his territory.

Your Cat Loves You

It’s quite possible your cat is protecting you because he loves and trusts you.

Like toys, cats may guard their favorite people as a way to show affection and emphasize its owner’s presence.

Your cat’s guarding is a method of expressing its feelings for you and letting you know that although you are unfamiliar, you are very much welcomed into their home and company.

Why Does My Cat Guard Me When I Sleep?

Some cats will keep themselves close to their human companions at all times for unknown reasons.

Some cats may even wait until you fall to sleep to start guarding you.

A cat will often sleep near whatever it deems its “territory” and will generally wake whenever another animal or person approaches it.

They do this because they want their owner to know who is in charge in the relationship.

It provides them with a more secure environment, so they can sleep more peacefully knowing you are there to keep them safe.

Why Does My Cat Guard Me When I Pee?

Cats become uncomfortable when their owner vanishes and will not be able to smell or hear the cat’s body movements.

When your cat finds you in the bathroom, you may be unaware of his whereabouts and you might hear or notice him suddenly jumping towards you and sniffing your crotch and genitals, even though you’re fully dressed and there’s no chance he’s trying to snuggle.

In fact, he might be trying to protect you from predators or stray animals that might see you as an easy meal.

To avoid the anxiety that separation produces, consider getting your cat accustomed to being confined to a small bathroom while you do your business.

That will help alleviate your cat’s fear and help you enjoy a better relationship with your cat.

Why Does My Cat Guard Me When I Poop?

A cat that is left alone may also poop wherever it feels safe and feel safer.

This is why cats often poop in strange places – because that’s where they feel most comfortable. Don’t assume that your cat pooped somewhere because of its bowel movements.

It’s likely because they feel safer there. If you notice that your cat is pooping in the same spot every day, consider moving it to a more isolated area or a spot you’ve deemed clean enough.

Why Does My Cat Guard Me In The Bathroom?

Due to separation anxiety, your feline friend may guard you and follow you wherever you go and attempt to protect you from the outside world.

When we leave the restroom, cats usually race towards us and sniff our crotches, clothes or genitals.

Consider turning on the faucet or running your hand under the water faucet inside the restroom to give your cat the impression that you’re still there.

All of those loud sounds startle your cat, which can cause it to feel anxious and eager to defend you.

It’s all instinct for your cat, and being close to you is the safest thing for them to do.

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Why Do Cats Guard Doorways?

As a method of protecting you and deterring unwanted visitors, cats may guard the doorway to your bedroom or bathroom.

This is done to give the impression that no one can enter or exit the room.

When a cat develops a special bond with its human, it may feel possessive over you and feel the need to protect you at all costs.

Your cat prefers to remain outside your bedroom floor because it brings them closer and allows them to monitor your actions.

Your cat realizes that the only people in the house are you and your guardians, so it attempts to deter any intruders from coming in and taking over its territory.


In conclusion, cats are adorable and lovable creatures and we should appreciate them more for their selfless actions towards us and for their adorable and heartwarming looks.

Cats guard us to protect them and to make sure that they are safe too from other animals and people that want to harm them and rob them of their precious lives.

Cats guard us because they are sweet and loving and they care about us as much as we care about them if not more and will always love us unconditionally and be there when we need them most.

They do so by following their owners everywhere, sitting near them and on top of them all the time.