Why Does My Cat Like To Be Held?

Why Does My Cat Like To Be Held?

Why Does My Cat Like To Be Held

Anxiety over Separation

This is one of the most unpleasant cases when the cat suffers from separation anxiety. You don’t want a cat that is anxious since it will affect their quality of life. They will always be concerned when you leave, even if it is just for a few minutes. While you should work on it, it is crucial to understand how separation anxiety affects cats. They will want to be held since it indicates you are always around. Cats suffering from separation anxiety are known to desire to be as near to their owner as possible, including sitting on their shoulders and/or asking to be hugged. A cat with separation anxiety will want to be held all the time. They just will not want to leave you alone, and it has a lot to do with the feeling of security they have knowing you will not leave when they turn around.

Enjoy Being Petted

Cats are unique creatures. This implies they will be looking for as much comfort as possible. This includes reaching out to you throughout the day as a food source. They will, however, connect you with comfort, which includes being patted. Cats relax when they are handled and/or scratched, making them more inclined to seek similar activities from their owner throughout the day. A cat that likes being scratched and/or handled will seek you out. This is what makes seeing the cat approach you during the day such an exciting sight. They will even contact your hand to indicate that they want to be petted.


Most cats find it relaxing to be carried by a person they trust. They appreciate being close to you and just want to be held in a comfortable position. The cat will even reach out to be touched, demonstrating how much they appreciate being in your company throughout the day. You may even observe ragdolls loosening up to the point of becoming a “ragdoll,” which is where they get their name. It’s a remarkable sight, because it demonstrates how relaxed they are among somebody they absolutely trust.

How Do Cats Like to Be Held

Hold your cat close to your body

This will make the cat feel more secure. Put your cat down if you see it becoming upset.

Put your hand beneath their rear feet.

Cats dislike having their legs dangle. It makes them feel threatened.

Support their body weight

Make sure to provide enough of support for your cat by firmly holding their chest with your hand.

Make them feel at ease.

Get near to your cat and touch him or her to ensure that they are comfortable and secure.

How Not to Hold a Cat

If your cat wants to go down, don’t fight it.

Allow your cat to squirm when it begins to wiggle. A cat will learn to tolerate and love being handled if they know they can get down anytime they want.

Don’t hold your cat hostage

While your cat likes a solid, steady grasp that feels secure, he or she does not want to feel crushed or confined. So be careful not to over-tighten your grip.

Don’t just hold your cat by their chest, legs dangling

Cats are afraid of falling when their legs dangle.

Don’t raise your cat’s belly like a newborn.

Although some cats may not mind, the majority of cats find this posture upsetting because it makes them feel vulnerable.