Why Does My Cat Meow When I Pick Her Up?

Why Does My Cat Meow When I Pick Her Up?

When cats are lifted up, they will meow because they are agitated or uneasy. It might be the suddenness with which you snatched them up, or it could be your overall unease with the concept of not being in charge. However, cats may sometimes experience discomfort as a result of being picked up. If this occurs, it is advised that you observe the cat’s behavior throughout the day. If a cat meows when you take it up, it is better to watch its demeanor. This might reveal a lot about whether or not the problem is related to pain.

Why Does Your Cat Make Noise When Picked Up

The above-mentioned sound is one that practically all of us are acquainted with. Typically, elderly cats meow because they are anxious since they are no longer as chirpy as they once were. The abbreviated meow generally indicates hunger or loneliness. The young cat does it to make their presence known and to express their frantic desire for attention.

Your Cat Is Vocal

Your Cat Didn’t Want To Be Picked Up

Your Cat Is Stressed

Your Cat Didn’t Expect To Be Picked Up

Your Cat Wants To Get Your Attention

Your Cat Is Hungry

You Squeezed Your Cat Too Tight

Your Cat Is Happy

Your Cat Is In Heat

Why Does My Cat Squeak When I Pick Her Up?

When you pick up your cat, she squeaks to attract your attention. Cats also make this sound when they are happy and excited.

Why My Cat Meows Lethargic When I Pick Her Up?

When you pick up your cat, she meows lethargically because something is bothering her or she is unwell.

Why Does My Cat Meows In Pain When I Pick Her Up?

If you’ve observed that your cat meows uncomfortably when you take her up, it’s probably due to some serious underlying difficulties, which are usually accompanied by hissing or growling.

What To Do If Your Cat Dislikes Being Picked Up?

If you’ve checked out all medical possibilities and your cat still hates being picked up, it’s possible that he equates being taken up with a past traumatic event. Try counter-conditioning to ease into physical touch. Counter-conditioning helps your cat to gradually begin associating being picked up with a happy experience rather than a bad one.


Most cats meow when they are agitated and/or uncomfortable being handled. This might pull individuals out of their comfort zone, which is bad for their mental health. In this instance, it is preferable to start by bonding with the cat.