Why Does My Cat Meow When I Sneeze?

Why Does My Cat Meow When I Sneeze?

It’s probably a way of expressing anger and demanding an explanation for interrupting their snooze with that awful sound. The charitable argument for the meow is that it was frightened by the sneeze. Cats’ reactions to your sneeze might range from irritation to interpreting your sneeze for a hiss. Furthermore, they may be mocking you and imitating the bizarre sounds you just made.

Why Does My Cat Meow When I Sneeze?

They Are Responding to a Hiss

A misconception like this is exaggerated in cats’ minds, and it takes a lot of work to find a medium ground. When your cat meows after you sneeze, this might be the case. Cats often confuse a sneeze for a hiss, and their reaction is a meow inquiring as to why you hissed in the first place. This misunderstanding may be easily remedied with a pat on the head or some behind-the-ear scratches to let your fluffy friend know that the sneeze was not meant to be hostile.

It’s possible that the cat is chastising you

It’s possible that your cat’s meow sounds high-pitched because it’s agitated. Some cats get uncomfortable when startled by a sneeze and want to tell you that something isn’t quite right. The fur and tail of angry cats may puff out, and their posture may be rigid or slumped.

Your Cat Is Trying To Get Out Of The Room

If your cat notices you sneezing, it will most likely want to go. According to feline behavior expert Dr. Ilana Reisner. Because cats have acute hearing, they often connect loud sounds with predators such as dogs, coyotes, or thunderstorms. If your cat hears you sneezing from across the room, she may believe there is a predator around and try to flee as quickly as possible.

They Are Annoyed

When cats are upset, they may sometimes meow. To other cats, the noises are certainly distinct, but to the human ear, the meows frequently seem the same. When you sneeze, you risk disturbing the cat’s slumber or relaxing period. Instead of being surprised, the loud noise irritates them. This makes cats meow to express their displeasure with the irritating sounds you’ve made for them.

They Are Startled

Sudden bursts of loud, unexpected sounds may startle people. This might be why your cat meows when you sneeze. Your cat may get frightened if it is relaxed or going about its business and you can’t stop sneezing, resulting in a sudden blast of odd sounds. Because cats are unclear how they respond to the shocking sounds, they may answer with a brief, faint meow.

It’s possible that the cat is imitating your actions

Cats are capable of picking up on certain behaviours. This reaction to a sneeze might have been modeled after how we normally react to a sneeze. After someone sneezes, we usually say “bless you,” therefore it’s conceivable that your cat is mimicking your answer.

Your Cat Needs Your Attention

Your cat may also meow when you sneeze since they are attention seekers that want the spotlight. They don’t like it when the rest of your family pays attention to you instead of them! Your cat may be saying, “I’m here too, don’t forget about me!” by meowing. This is particularly typical among needy cats that are used to being the center of attention. When your cat meows, you can generally detect whether they want attention by looking at their body language.

It’s possible that the cat is just worried about you

It’s also possible that a cat’s meow after you sneeze is just a check to see whether you’re okay. Cats, despite their reputation for being heartless, are unquestionably compassionate, particularly for their owners. A cat’s meow might indicate that it is concerned about your health.


When someone sneezes, a cat meows for a variety of reasons. It might be as basic as being surprised or worried, or as complex as being upset, disturbed, or angry. It’s also possible that it’s merely imitating our own ‘bless you’ response to a sneeze. Cats, like humans, have various reactions to different noises, particularly if they are loud and disrupt the stillness. Others, on the other hand, have no response at all.