Why Does My Cat Smell My Eyes?

Why Does My Cat Smell My Eyes?

Cats sniff your eyes to look for scent glands on your face. Your cat is really branding you with the distinct pheromones from their face when they give you a head bonk. Your cat may be perplexed as to why they can’t smell something that they believe should be right there.

Why Does My Cat Smell My Eyes?

They want you to be groomed.

Cats smelling their kittens’ eyes may suggest that it’s time to groom, and they may pass this instinct on to you.

You have an unique odor

It’s possible that your cat is smelling your eyes because you have an unique odor. This is more probable if your cat does it more often while you are wearing perfume or lotion.

This habit aids in their relaxation.

For cats, smelling their own eyes, or the eyes of other cats and animals, may be soothing.

Your eyes have a salty odor to them.

Salty fragrances are liked by cats, and your eyes may be a great source of this aroma. The aroma will be stronger, especially if you have just shed tears, and your cat may be enticed to approach closer to get a better whiff.


Part of how a cat identifies its owner is by scent. They will frequently utilize their sense of scent to ensure that it is you, especially if you are not at home most of the time.

It wants to scent you for food.

Another possibility is that your cat is inspecting your person for food. This is more probable if your cat does it when you first get home or around the time you regularly feed it.

To show affection

Smelling your eye is a method for cats to show you they are friendly and loving.

Why does my cat lick my eyes when I’m sleeping

Salty odor

Cats have a highly developed sense of smell. Salt is also appealing to them. If your cats are licking your eyes while you’re sleeping, it’s possible they’ve detected a salty odor in that area. It might be your perspiration, tears, or anything else similar that attracts the cats to lick that area.

Just saying hello

The cat may sometimes seek your attention and speak with you. Only by licking or smelling you can it do this. It will lick or smell your body to signal that she needs your attention.

Trying to keep you clean

Cats have a natural instinct to lick their babies to keep them clean. They do so to protect them from illnesses and infections. If your cat licks your eyes while you sleep, it’s probably attempting to keep you clean. All of this is because it loves you as a pet. They’re attempting to convey their satisfaction with you.

Why is my cat obsessed with my eyes?

She wants to relax

When cats are feeling uneasy, they like to remain near to their owner for comfort.

Her favorite fragrance is tears.

Cats are drawn to the salty odor of tears, which is present in your eyes. This is why they are so preoccupied with your eyes and constantly lick or smell them. As a result, anytime you have tears in your eyes, your cat will be drawn to them and begin licking them.

She’s trying to get your attention.

Cats need attention from their owners and like interacting with them. They can’t tell you that by speaking, however. They communicate instead by licking or smelling. If your cat is sniffing or licking your eyes, it is likely that she is trying to get your attention.

She wants to know who you are.

Cats develop a strong attachment to their owners. They cannot, however, identify you by your name. Rather, they examine your look and scent. Cats have a keen sense of smell, which is why they sniff or lick your eyes to determine whether or not you are their owner.


When it comes to your cat sniffing your eye, there are various possible causes for this peculiar habit. If you’ve been gone from home for a while, your cat may be eager to establish that it’s actually you by smelling you. Your aroma and presence may be extremely soothing to your cat. Your cat may also be showing its affection for you in its own special manner. It might also be responding on instincts like grooming and healing, especially if it’s a female cat. Finally, it’s possible that your cat like the aroma of your salty tears.