Why Does My Cat Smell My Eyes?

Your cat’s smell is one of your many important sources of communication.

Your cat’s smell is communicated to it through your body language and facial expressions. Your cat smells your eyes when you look into him.

So, why does my cat smell my eyes? This means your cat feels close in your eyes and sees you as an object of security and comfort.

Moreover, another great benefit of cats is that they communicate their love through smells and touches to their owners and companion animals.

They send signals that indicate they want or need to be touched and scratched by their owners and companion animals or pets through gestures and movements.

So,your cat does a favor by paying attention to its body language and give it some scratches, when it’s asking to be touched and scratched!

Why Does My Cat Smell My Eyes?

They Want You to Be Groomed

Cats smelling their kittens’ eyes may suggest that their offspring are well cared for and that they are safe.

This will also make them comfortable and happy and make them want to groom their kitten’s eyes more often. Cats may lick their eyes because of sinus issues, a treatable condition in cats.

If your cat is one eye-swiping, it might indicate he is suffering from an infection, which requires antibiotics to clear up the problem.

You Have an Unique Odor

It’s possible that your cat is attracted by your smell; therefore, it feels secure in your presence.

This is more probable if your cat is house-trained and that you eat a healthy diet and are able to provide a quality life for your family and pet.

This Habit Aids in Their Relaxation

For cats, smelling their own eyes, as well as those of their owners, is a behavior that is instinctive and comforting to them.

Therefore, the smell of human eyes enables them to relax and calm down when they are stressed out or frightened.

Therefore, the smell of human eyes enables them to relax and calm down when they are stressed out or frightened.

So, it is comforting if your cat touches your eyes when he feels like he’s not happy or relaxed. Cats smelling their kittens’ eyes may suggest that their offspring are well cared for.

Your Eyes Have a Salty Odor to Them

Salty fragrances are liked by cats, so they can also smell your eyes.

The aroma will be stronger, especially if you have allergies to cats or keep them as pets.


Part of how a species recognizes itself is through scent.

They will frequently utilize their sense of scent to familiarize with a territory and to identify their cat companions.

It Wants to Scent You for Food

Another possibility is that your feline friend smells your eyes for food.

This is more probable if your cat does an overall poor mealtime diet, so his odor is changed from that of a pet to that of a predator.

To Show Affection

Smelling your eye is a method a cat uses to demonstrate affection to its owner.

Why Does My Cat Lick My Eyes When I’m Sleeping?

Salty Odor

Cats have a generally favorable reaction to the smell of humans, unlike dogs which dislike them.

Salt is also an effective method to stop a cat from grooming its paws (thereby preventing excessive scratching) and for putting away urine scents.

If your cats are licking your eyes, they can smell your salty scent and turn out to be ‘hostile’ or stress-related.

It might be your tears, perspiration, or eye discharge, which cats can get attracted to and lick.

Just Saying Hello

The cat may sometimes lick your eyes because their eyelids are dry, so their eyes are irritated and itchy at times.

Only by licking or rubbing the eyelids can they get rid of the itchy feeling and get rid of any debris that stuck on their eyelids.

It will lick or smell your tears or eye discharge to get food.

Trying to Keep You Clean

Cats have a natural instinct for cleanliness, so if your feline friend is rubbing its face against you while yawning, it can be trying to keep you clean.

They do so to lick up any dirt or debris from your face and get rid of any odors that might get transferred to you.

If your cat licks your eyes while sleeping and you feel that your lashes are damaged and broken; contact your vet immediately.

All of this is totally normal and won’t affect the cats’ health in any way.

They’re attempting to clean up any debris or dirt from their face or eyes, and yes, you smell clean to them.

Why Is My Cat Obsessed With My Eyes?

She Wants to Relax

When cats are feeling uneasy, they frequently rub their eyes or touch their owners’ cheeks.

This is also the reason your cat is licking your nose – it is trying to distract or relax you by using an easy route – your sense of smell and taste

Cats try to lick your tears to lick the salty taste.

She Wants to Rest Another reason may be that your feline friend wishes you to stop looking at it by licking your eyes, so it can rest or sleep with no one bothering it.

Her Favorite Fragrance Is Tears

Cats are drawn to the salty taste of tears and on being rubbed against your eyes, they lick them to enjoy that taste.

This is why they are so apt to snuggle up next to a crying baby – they find the wetness soothing.

As a result, anytime you have tears in your eyes, you are bound to attract the attention of your cat.

She’s Trying to Get Your Attention

Cats need attention from their owners and anything that may attract that attention is redounding to its benefit.

They can’t tell you’re crying because they are blind, so they try to attract your attention by licking your tears.

They communicate a lot through their body language and vocalizations, and when they can’t communicate telepathically, they resort to other methods to get your attention.

If your cat is sniffing or licking your tears, it may mean that it wants you to stop crying and relax a little.

She Wants to Know Who You Are

Cats develop a bond with their owners as kittens and proceed to nurture that bond into adulthood.

They cannot, however, communicate with you telepathically or reveal much about themselves.

Rather, they examine you keenly through your eyes and smell, as they would in any other situation.

Cats have a keen sense of smell, which is their primary sense when it comes to scent-tracking.

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When it comes to your cat sniffing your eyes or licking them because of allergies or stress, you need to give your cat a gentle brush to get rid of the allergens and pat it to calm it down.

If you’ve been gone from home for a considerable time, your cat may be expressing its disapproval by instinctively trying to identify you through the chemicals in your tears.

Your aroma and presence linger on after you leave, and your cat is well aware of that and fully recognizes you by it.

Your cat may also be showing its disapproval by keeping its distance from you and by meowing when you try to pet it.

It might also be responding on an emotional level to your tears and discomfort. Your cat is trying to get your attention by licking you.

Finally, it’s possible that your tears are turned salty by stress or allergies and your cat is instinctively trying to remove the saltiness from your eyes.