Why Does My Cat Watch Me Take a Bath?

Your cat’s behavior has fascinated people since the dawn of time.

Your pet’s body language is your best source of information. When your feline watches you take a bath, it means she might be interested.

Some cats will paw at your shirt, nudge your hand, or lick your fingertip. So, why does my cat watch me take a bath?

Cats can sense emotions through smell and touch, so when you take a bath your pet may feel some jealousy or wonderment that you’re doing something she can’t do. If she is feeling jealous or curious, she may watch you to get your attention.

Because cats can’t talk, they can only express their feelings through body language.

Let’s start now!

Why Does My Cat Watch Me Take a Bath?

Because bathing is so frequent, your kitty may feel that she needs to do something and follow you to the bathroom.

It may be entertaining since it is something she cannot do herself and shows her desire for your attention.

It’s Routine

When your cat was younger, it’s common for her to follow you to the bathroom and look out the window to watch you in the tub or shower.

They may not have wanted to bathe themselves because they were still young or too small to reach into the tub comfortably.

They may have even followed you to the bathroom when you washed their hair and brushed their teeth.

Even as your cat got older, they may have followed you to the bathroom because they felt they needed your attention.

Cats are creatures of habit, so if your cat follows you and watches you when you take a bath, it is probably because she would like to also bathe.

Getting Attention

If you are astonished to discover your cat simply sits in the bathroom staring at you while you are showering, you may feel bad because you think she is being naughty.

Even if you order your cat to leave the bathroom or ignore her, she may continue to try and get you to pet her.

In this situation, the best thing to probably do is to take a shower until she is ready to stop staring.

Instead of using energy and effort to keep a cat out of the bathroom or yelling at her to stop bothering you, just let the cat watch you and take as long as she wants until she is done.

Ignore your cat if it stares, and most likely, she will stop eventually.

You’re in Their Hiding Place

A secure location to hide and enjoy some alone time in the bathroom with the door closed is ideal.

Some cats like a cardboard box, while others choose a towel tucked away in a hamper.

A laundry basket is fragrant with the scent of the detergent you used to wash your clothes and your scent, so some cats like to hide in the laundry basket.

You or your guests may notice your fluffy buddy has taken up residence in there instead of in the litter box, but don’t let that bother you.

They Like Running Water

Many cats love to splash around in a stream of water coming out of the shower faucet.

Running water is cleaner than other types of water cats may lick up off the ground outside.

Despite the fact that we keep our bathroom clean with disinfectants regularly, sometimes we miss a spot or forget to wipe the sink down after washing.

Whenever they hear rushing water, it can sound refreshing to your cat.

Some of them may even like to stay in the shower with you and curl up at your feet and purr or lick your hands while you wash up.

It’s Warm

People like warm baths, and so do cats; after all, they’re furry little heat absorbers.

As a result, your cat may join you in the shower to enjoy the warm water and snuggle up next to you since you smell nice and clean.

These cats aren’t always fans of showers but they’ll at least tolerate them in the comfort of our arms.

They just want their humans to be warm and happy, even if that means soaking in a tub of water.

These kitties may like the warmth they get from lounging next to a hot stove or radiator and will probably enjoy a similar sensation from a hot shower.

They may also depart after a few minutes if they don’t like the water, just like some dogs don’t like baths.

Some people may even notice certain kitty characteristics come out in their feline friends because they may have some personality traits in common.

They Enjoy Water

The majority of cats enjoy water and probably spend a lot of time playing in it – when they’re not jumping into sinks to clean themselves.

There are, however, several reasons why some cats hate water or don’t even seem to like it, so you shouldn’t be surprised if your cat is indifferent to bathtime.

Maine Coons, for example, are large cats that often spend lots of time outdoors hunting and eating—their owners should make sure they have plenty of water to stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

They used to be boat cats – a breed of cats that lived aboard ships and boats – and some Maine Coons can still climb on boats and swim.

These cats may not want to share the water with you right now, but they’ll get used to it after a while.


A flappy bathmat and toilet paper rolls are even more interesting when wet, so be sure to put a towel down for the feline to crawl over and disturb.

If you have a washing machine in your bathroom, a kitty may climb in for fun or to get closer to you.

The bathroom may get rather hot and steamy if you shower or bathe with the door closed while you still have a kitty around, so it’s important to leave a window or door open.

Your cat may get interested simply because you spent a long time in the shower and left the room—he may even enjoy playing with the water streaming out of the faucet.

Some cats like sleeping in the sink or bathtub, especially if they are bigger breeds.

Your cat may get interested simply because you spent a long time in the shower and left the room—he may even enjoy playing with the water streaming out of the faucet.

They Want to Cuddle

Cats dislike being wet so bathing your cats can be challenging and frustrating; however, there are some things that you can do to make bath time easier for them.

They do, however, love a purring massage, and after they are dry and fluffy clean, they’ll love being petted more than usual.

As a result, if they want to snuggle with you when you get out of the tub just let them.

Your cat’s next best option may climb up into your tub with you for a bath and cuddle time.

They may be waiting for you to come out so they can play with you for a few minutes, or they may just enjoy watching you wash up.

How to Stop Your Cat From Watching You While You Shower

Attempt to Outwit Your Cat

If your cat has developed a liking for your shower, you can still find a way to make her behave herself while you bathe.

Take a separate shower or slip away to your room for a quick shower while your cat is out of the room.

Close and Lock the Bathroom Door

This may not be popular, but closing and locking the bathroom door will help to keep your cat from watching you while you shower.

By keeping your cat out of your bathroom, you will also be protecting her from danger as you enter and exit your shower.

Give Her Food

Give your cat new and tasty treats to distract her while you take a bath or a shower. Give her food treats to distract her while you take a bath or a shower.

Your cat will hate it at first but will soon figure out that all the petting and treats don’t end when you’ve finished your shower.

Over time, and with consistent positive training, your cat will stop staring at you as you shower.

Why Does My Cat Cling to Me After I Shower?

Your cat would rather accompany you than be alone, especially if you’re leaving the house for a few hours.

They also recognize that sitting on the bathroom sink or under the shower curtain allows them to watch you while you stay close to the bathroom door.

Why Does My Cat Get Agitated When I Shower?

It’s because your cat wants to be a part of your life (even in the privacy of the bathroom) and your constant presence is stressing her out.

Another explanation may be that your cat is upset that you are invading her privacy. Sometimes, the reason is that you’ve been ignoring her while she takes a shower.

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Why Does My Cat Sit in the Shower After I a Shower?

After you shower, the cat appreciates the chilly surface to sit on after being exposed to the heat of the shower.

Positive reinforcement is the most effective method of training your cat to stop getting into your shower.

It may take some time for your cat to adjust to the new routine but will eventually get used to the new routine of showering alone.


There are a variety of reasons why my cat stares at me while I’m in the shower, especially when I’m washing my hair.

Perhaps your cat like the sound from the water running or is attracted to your shampoo because it smells like her food.

Perhaps it’s just interested about what’s underneath the shower curtain and the shower door, it could also be scared and stressed by your presence.

Whatever the motivation is for your pet, one thing is for sure, you want her to stop staring in the shower while you have nosy eyes.