Why Does My Cat Watch Me Take A Bath?

Why Does My Cat Watch Me Take a Bath?

Why Does My Cat Watch Me Take a Bath?

Because bathing is so frequent, your cat may join you out of habit or to get attention. It may be entertaining since it is one of the few things you can do while in the shower.

It’s Routine

When your cat was younger, it may have followed you around the home seeking attention and affection. They may not have wanted to be alone when they first entered your house, for example. They may have even followed you into the bathroom while you were showering in certain circumstances. Even as your cat got more independent, this may have been regular over time. Cats are creatures of habit, so if your cat follows you into the toilet the first few days you have them, they will almost certainly continue to do so in the future.

Getting Attention

If you are astonished to discover your cat simply observing you in the bath, the apparently negative attention you are giving your pet may be nice. Even if you order your cat to leave the room, he or she may love the fact that you noticed it and responded with some attention. In this situation, the best thing to do with attention-seeking cats is to ignore the behavior you want to alter. Instead of using energy and effort to get your cat out of the room, just ignore it. Ignore your cat if it stares, purrs, or meows at you while you’re in the tub.

You’re in their hiding place.

A secure location to hide and enjoy some alone time, away from the hubbub and unwanted attention, is an essential component of a healthy cat’s environment. Some cats like a cardboard box, while others choose the top shelf, and still others prefer the warmth of a laundry basket, sink, or bathtub. A laundry basket is fragrant with the scent of its owner, and the clothes gives a warm and cozy place to rest. You or your guests may notice your fluffy buddy looking at you or them if you or they use the shower where your cat is hiding.

They like running water.

Many cats love to drink from a rushing stream of water. Running water is cleaner than other types of water in the natural, so it seems to reason that your cat would be attracted to it. Despite the fact that we keep their water clean, some cats still retain this tendency today. Whenever they hear rushing water, these felines may be lured to it. Some of them may even attempt to consume it during or after your shower.

It’s Warm

People like warm baths, while cats prefer warm air. As a result, your cat may join you in the shower to warm up, especially if it is very chilly elsewhere. These cats aren’t always interested in water or even in you. They just want to be warm. These kitties may like the chilly air in the bathroom after you leave. They may also depart before the water is turned off. Some people may even fall asleep in the sink.

They Enjoy Water

The majority of cats dislike water. There are, however, several breeds that like the water. Maine Coons, for example, are known to be quite interested in water. They used to be boat cats, so enjoying water was part of the job. These cats may not want to share your shower with you just yet, but they may like the water.


A flappy bathmat and toilet paper rolls are two other objects that may pique their feline’s attention while also being entertaining. If you have a washing machine in your bathroom, your cat may be intrigued to the sound it makes. The bathroom may get rather hot and humid while someone is taking a shower, which your cat may like. Your cat may get interested in the gushing water if he sees you shower. Some cats like sleeping in the sink or bathtub, and some even enjoy sipping the water as it dribbles or pours over them. Your cat may get interested in the gushing water if he sees you shower. Some cats like sleeping in the sink or bathtub, and some even enjoy sipping the water as it dribbles or pours over them.

They Want to Cuddle.

Cats dislike being in the water. They do, however, like you. As a result, if they want to snuggle with you but you’re in the shower, they won’t because they don’t want to get wet! Your cat’s next best option may be to just gaze at you while you’re in the shower. They may be waiting for you to come out and pay attention to them, or they may get bored and wander away before you do.

How to stop your cat from watching you while you shower

Attempt to outwit your cat.

If your cat has developed a habit of following you to the restroom, attempt to outwit her. Take a separate shower or slip away silently when she is eating, sleeping, or in another area of the home.

Close and lock the bathroom door.

This may not be popular with most cats, but it is worth a go. By keeping your cat out of the bathroom when you shower, you can recapture some much-needed solitude.

Give her food.

Give or give your cat new cat food to divert her from following you to the restroom.

Why does my cat cling to me after I shower?

Your cat would rather accompany you to the bathroom to spend time with you. They also recognize that sitting on the toilet seat or reclining in the tub limits your ability to accomplish much.

Why does my cat get agitated when I shower?

It’s because your cat wants to be a part of whatever you’re doing but yet not wanting to get wet while you’re bathing. Another explanation may be that it is just competing for your attention.

Why does my cat sit in the shower after I a shower?

After you shower, the cat appreciates the chilly surface of the tiles and loves to feel the coldness of the floor on their fur. Positive reinforcement is the most effective method for educating your cat or modifying undesirable behavior. It may take some time for your cat to realize they aren’t getting anything from you, but they will ultimately lose interest and cease.


There are a variety of reasons why your cat may be interested in watching you wash. Perhaps your cat like the sound of flowing water, or perhaps it desires your presence and attention. Perhaps it’s just interested about what’s going on in its favorite area of the home. Whatever the motivation is for your pet, one thing is certain: this is a favorite hobby of cats of all breeds, backgrounds, and experiences.