Why Does My Kitten Attack My Face?

Why Does My Kitten Attack My Face?

Kittens assault your face as a type of play, and it’s a regular occurrence among kittens in a litter. It is also practice hunting for when they become adults and must kill animals. This is just their method of adapting to their environment and learning how to use their paws. As a cat owner, you may start to rein in this habit with the correct training. Key elements include general training, kitten age, and developmental stage. A cat pawing at your face isn’t trying to injure you. Most will simply be fooling about and having a good time while sharpening their hunting abilities. When you question, “Why does my cat attack my face?” you must concentrate on determining what is triggering this behavior. It is much simpler to adapt when you understand why a kitten assaults you.

Why Does My Kitten Attack My Face?

How to Stop A Kitten From Attacking Your Face

Use Treats

Increase Playtime

Use Replacement Toys

Is it normal for my kitten to attack my face?

Cats are predators, therefore kittens expressing their natural impulse to strike, chew, and gnaw is quite normal. Kittens will begin visually tracking things that resemble prey and practicing their pounce at the age of four weeks.

Why Does My Kitten Attack My Face At Night?

Because cats are nocturnal creatures, it is typical for a kitten to attack your face if it does not like something or is attempting to amusing itself.

Why is my kitten trying to bite my face?

Cats leave their fragrance by releasing pheromones from glands in their lips, and bites release those pheromones on you. So if your cat bites you on the nose, it might be to brand you as theirs. If you have other cats in the house, or if you have a new cat, your cat may wish to mark you in this manner.


As a kind of play, the normal kitten will attack your face. It’s simply them learning how to hunt and practicing on someone nice. In the wild, this is frequent behavior among littermates.