Why Is My Cat So Attached To Me Lately?

Your cat is part of your family and you love her unconditionally.

She has always been your closest and most beloved friend. Since she is so prone to snapping here and there, you are constantly trying to motivate her.

Perhaps she has become overly playful and seems bent on getting in contact with you all the time. So, why is my cat so attached to me lately?

Cats often become attached to their owners as they age, but a cat that is attached to you all the time can be worrisome. Your cat may show signs of stress when she is around you too much or when she is being touched too much.

Your cat may become clingy and refuse to leave your side or she may show signs of aggression toward others. Your cat may become more vocal and vocalize her displeasure by meowing incessantly or screaming and crying.

The reasons for your cat’s excessive clinginess vary.

Let’s start now.

Why Is My Cat So Attached To Me Lately?


Cats are famously affectionate creatures, and that affection often extends to their owners and their human families.

They are unrelenting in their affection toward their owners – they tend to follow their owners around all day, and are delighted to pounce on them the minute they walk through the front door at the end of the day.

That’s why we often refer to cats as stubborn, or clingy, or demanding – they love being with their owners, and don’t like leaving them.

They will never do as people often do – leave their owner out of pure convenience, or the demands of work and family, or the need for a break – a cat’s needs.

No, cats will cling to you no matter how long you were gone – and if you’re gone too long, they can become anxious and unhappy.

They need a sense of purpose in their lives, and that sense of purpose is their relationships with their owners and their family.

If the weather is exceptionally cold or dry, then your cat is going to feel cold and uncomfortable.

In truth, they likely would prefer to stay inside with you (and some cats may actually be allergic to cold weather), but they may stick around anyway to comfort you and make sure you were okay.


Aging is just a part of life for cats and dogs as well, and as they age their senses begin to weaken and their mobility declines.

It will begin to slow them down and make them more susceptible to disease – not that they care, since they tend to remain happy and energetic throughout their lives.

According to studies, when a cat ages, it loses some ability to scent its food.

If this occurs, you should take your pet to the veterinarian to have its sense of smell checked.

This is critical for accomplishing this feat is routine – it doesn’t need to be perfect – but it is something to work toward.


We don’t often realize that even when we’re busy and just lazing around at home, our cats are still paying attention to us and experiencing feelings of loneliness and isolation.

We stay in the same room and watch TV or play on the computer nearby, but they’re not spending as much time with us as they would like or would if they were more sociable with other cats.

I’ve spent a lot of my adult life living with either cats or dogs, so I get asked a lot about whether pets are lonely.

So it seems sense that my cats might be lonely too.

She just moved from her customary spot on the bed to sitting on my desk, which is right next to me.

So my kitty gets more attention and interaction from me, so she gets less lonesome and feels more appreciated and loved.


Another explanation is anxiety – that is one of reason Is My Cat So Attached To Me Lately that cat is clingy.

Assume a cat has anxiety if it’s acting strangely or abnormally clingy.

As a result, it may choose to be closer to you in a bid to be reassured and calm itself down.

Unfortunately, they may become more clingy due to anxiety.

This may include a thunderstorm or strangers entering your home, then becoming clingy or anxious when these situations happen again.

This will confuse the cat, and they may respond by becoming clingy or anxious around these situations in the future.

This will entice your cat to spend even more time with you in an attempt to feel better.


If you have a female cat that hasn’t had a litter for two years and you’ve recently noticed that she’s spending a lot of time with you and you with her, it could be a sign of pregnancy.

This may result in a significant behavioral shift, and an increase in her need for company and affection from you.

If the cat is pregnant, it may start to become more affectionate in order to feel closer to you.

This will become evident when your cat moves around more and seeks attention, which may make it more clingy.

It will be bloated, and may have trouble moving around as normal or going into its usual hiding places.

Keep an eye on your female cat to see if she starts to exhibit any of these signs.

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There are several possible reasons why your cat is so attached to you lately.

First of all, your cat may be suffering from stress or anxiety. She may be suffering from separation anxiety or she may be afraid of something in particular such as loud noises.

Your cat may be trying to comfort you when you are feeling anxious or stressed out or she may be feeling stressed herself and is trying to get your attention as a result.

Your cat may simply be clingy and overly attached to you because she loves you and wants to stay by your side all the time.

Your cat may simply be overstimulated by too much human interaction or she may be feeling lonely and neglected as a result.

Cats may develop connected over time when the owner is present, but the cat does not usually experience these feelings of attachment until the owner leaves the room.

Every circumstance is different, and there are plenty of factors that could affect how attached your cat is to you.