Why Is My Cat So Attached To Me Lately?

Why Is My Cat So Attached To Me Lately?

Why Is My Cat So Attached To Me Lately?


Cats are famously warm creatures. They are unrelenting in their pursuit. That’s why we often see them resting in the sun. They will never do as people do and go for a dark place to rest their eyes. No! They need a warm environment. If the weather is exceptionally chilly, cats may approach us and show us love. In truth, they are utilizing us as heaters!


Aging is just a factor that influences a cat’s behavior. It will begin to slow down and, in some situations, even approach you. According to studies, when a cat ages, it loses energy and wants to be near to its owner as a safety net. If this occurs, you should take your pet to the veterinarian to ensure there is no residual condition that has to be addressed. This is critical for accomplishing things correctly and for your own peace of mind.


We don’t often realize that even when we’re not actively engaging with our dogs, we’re still spending time with them. We stay in the same room and keep an eye on them as they take three or more afternoon naps. I’ve spent a lot of time at my office during the last several months. So it seems sense that my cat detected my absence and came hunting for me. She just moved from her customary resting location to my office once she discovered me. So my kitty could be feeling lonely.


Another explanation is anxiousness. Assume a cat has been comfortable in its surroundings for years. As a result, it may choose to congregate in certain areas of the home (i.e. window sills, under furniture). Unfortunately, they may be shocked by anything. This may include a thunderstorm that came by and made a lot of noise. This will confuse the cat, and it may become less confident than it was before. This will entice it to approach you.


If you have a female cat that hasn’t been spayed, it might be due to her being in heat and/or pregnant. This may result in a significant hormonal alteration in the cat’s body that lasts for some time. If the cat is pregnant, it may want to stay near as a precaution. This will become evident when you begin to feel around her tummy. It will be bloated, and this will become more noticeable over time. Keep an eye on your female cat for this reason, particularly if she hasn’t been spayed.


Cats may develop connected over time when their attachment becomes stronger, whether they are pregnant, nervous, or old. Every circumstance is different, and it all comes down to your cat.