Are Maine Coons Part Lynx?

There are many people who believe that Maine Coons are part lynx, or at least closely related to them. It’s easy to see why, after all, they both have large pointed ears and fur, which makes them suitable for cold climates. Are they? Are Maine Coons related to Lynx cats? Let’s explore the similarities and differences between these two amazing cat breeds!

Are Maine Coon Cats Related To Lynx?

Lynx Picture

The answer to the question is no, and they are not related.

Why do people think that these two animals look alike? The answer to this question lies in their physical features. They both have tufts on their ears that are called lynx tips which many believed made them similar. However, it’s hard to believe that domestic cats can breed with wild animals. It would be difficult for them to reproduce under the same environment, making it impossible for their offspring to survive.

This is why Maine Coons are not part lynx or any other type of cat that resembles a lynx.

Origins of The Maine Coons

Maine coons are known to be one of the oldest breeds of domestic cats in the United States. They are thought to have appeared around the 1800s in New England, where they were bred by local farmers and fishermen that used them for hunting, household pets, and ship’s cat on trading vessels overseas.

Maine Coons are recognized as good family pets. And they are known to be very intelligent and tolerant of children. And they love the water, but not in a way that you should expect them to jump into your bathtub while you’re taking a shower!

Maine Coon Cats Are The Largest Breed Domestic Cat In North America!

Maine Coons Are Part Raccoon

The most common mistake some people make when talking about Maine Coons is thinking that they are part raccoons. People will often call them ‘raccoon cats.’ This is incorrect and scientifically impossible, as these two species of cats cannot interbreed.

And it’s not just because they are of different species, but more specifically, it’s due to the difference in the genus. Raccoons belong to the Procyon genus, while Maine Coons belong to the Felis genus.

Although a raccoon and a Maine coon can mate, no offspring will be produced.

Identification Of A Maine Coon Cat

Maine Coons Tail

The tails on Maine Coons are one of their most distinguishing features.

Their beautiful long furry tail can have three or more colors on it, with the tip being darker than the rest of its fur. If your cat’s tail is all one color, then you’re looking at a Maine coon kitten and not an adult.

Maine Coon Coat

Their long and dense fur that’s known to be water-resistant. It would have been a practical feature for an outdoor cat to protect it from harsh weather conditions such as snow, rain, wind, cold air drafts, and hot sun rays.

Especially on the legs, front of the belly, and neck, the fur is longer. The long neck fur once protected the animal from icy winds and snow and looked like a mane. With the longer belly fur, deep snow was more easily insulated.

Maine Coon Eyes

You can tell the difference between a Maine Coon kitten and an adult by looking into its eyes.

Maine Coons have obliquely set large eyes that are wide apart but never too far away from each other. The shape of their head is triangular, with long ears to hear any sound even if it’s coming from afar.

And the colors of Maine coon eyes can be blue, orange, amber copper, and even green. Only white Maine Coons or those with some white in their coats can have blue eyes or sometimes odd-colored eyes like one of each kind of the following colors: yellowish eyes are most common; heterochromia (two different colors) is rarer but not unheard off.

Physical Comparison: Maine Coon vs. Lynx

The Maine coons and the Canadian Lynx look a lot similar. Are they related? Are Maine Coons part lynx?

We can see that there are some differences and similarities between these two cat breeds when we examine them in greater depth.

Full-grown Lynx cats are likely to weigh significantly more than Maine coons.

The similarities between the two breeds are many.

Both species are carnivores with exceptional hunting skills. Their powerful body and huge paws help them travel through snow, making them well-suited to hard winter conditions.

Temperament and Personality: Maine Coon vs. Lynx

The Lynx cat is a shy, secretive animal that does not enjoy human contact. They are very solitary creatures and prefer living in the wild.

Maine Coons, on the other hand, love to be around people and get along well with children and dogs alike. Their personality is friendly-natured; they can easily adapt to new environments or situations without experiencing.

Maine Coon Lynx Tips

The Ear Tufts Are Not The Only Difference.

Despite the fact that both breeds have strikingly similar ear tufts, there are many other physical differences between a Maine Coon and a Lynx. In order to learn more about these cats, it would be best to take a closer look at their coats as well as their size difference.

In the winter, Lynx tend to grow a thicker coat compared to the Maine Coon.

Their coats also differ in colouration, with Lynxes having dark grey patterns and spots whilst Maines are far more likely to have brown or black fur. Despite their similarities, it is clear that these two breeds of cats do not share any direct lineage.

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Are Maine Coons Part Raccoon?

Both Are Not Related and are biologically impossible.

First and foremost, Maine Coons are not part raccoons. The two species cannot interbreed as they are completely separate even though domestic cats have been known to mate with raccoons in the wild before. These animals do not share any bloodline or history together despite their similar ear tufts.

Maine Coon Lynx Mix

Does Not Exist.

There is no such thing as a Maine Coon Lynx mix, nor has this been scientifically proven to exist in the past either. There are some people who claim that they have experienced mating between these two breeds of cats before, which could be possible, but there is currently not enough evidence to support it.


Maine Coons are not related to lynxes, bobcats, or wild cats of any sort. Neither are they part raccoon. Although they often look like the lions and sometimes run wildly about your house, their personalities are always loving, gentle, and docile.

If you’re interested in adopting a Maine Coon as a pet, then head over to the ASPCA website for more information on how you can adopt one today!