Maine Coon Spraying: Causes and Prevention

If you own a Maine Coon, chances are you’ve experienced the stress of Maine coon spraying. The good thing is that there are many methods you can use to prevent Maine coon cat urine marking and keep your home odor-free. Maine Coons start spraying when they reach sexual maturity between eight and ten months old. … Read more

Why Does Your Cat Grab You Hand and Bite You?

Cats are known for unexpected behavior, such as snatching and biting your hand. She could be doing it because petting has irritated and overstimulated her. Your cat could want to play with you as well. She could possibly be acting this way because she has an injury or has been harmed while being groomed. Why … Read more

Maine Coon Trill: Why Do Maine Coons Chirp?

Maine Coon cats are boisterous and express their needs with trills and chirps. They never meow. Chirping and trilling are an indication of joy and arousal. Maine Coons are not noisy cats; they constantly chirp if they’re hungry, thirsty, distressed, or require care! A Maine Coon will not be vocal with laryngeal paralysis. You could … Read more