Why Would A Cat Foam At The Mouth?

Have you ever witnessed your cat foaming at the mouth? If so, you know that it’s a terrifying sight, and you want to be sure you know exactly what is causing it. It’s not unheard of that your cat could foam at the mouth, but it can also be the result of a significant health … Read more

Why Does My Cat Hit Me When I Walk By?

Have you ever been swatted by your cat? It’s not an uncommon, but surprising phenomenon. Some cats swat at their owners when they walk by, and some don’t. The fact is that unless you notice your cat swatting at you, you might not even notice. However, if you have a history of pet aggression, you … Read more

Why Does Your Cat Kitten Meow While Eating?

Most cat owners are used to their kitten meowing while eating, as understanding and identifying what it means can be challenging for every parent. That’s why it is necessary to keep a constant watch on the meowing behavior of your cat as they cannot communicate with you in English. That means they often express an underlying disease … Read more

Why Does My Cat Burrow Into Me?

Cats are known for being affectionate animals. When they burrow into you, it is a sign of trust and love that your cat has for you. You can’t really tell what your cat is doing when it does this. They may be asking for attention or comfort by burrowing their head in your hand, but … Read more

Why do Cats Smack Their Lips?

Does your cat smack their lips? If it’s a new behavior for your cats, you might be wondering why cats smack their lips. As feline behavior specialists and veterinarians say, smacking one’s lips can have several different causes. In this post, we will talk about the various reasons cats smack their lips and when they … Read more

Do Maine Coons Like to Go On Walks?

I’m sure you know that Maine Coons are very intelligent. They’re also very loving and loyal. They need stimulation to stay healthy and happy! This is why it’s important to take them on walks. You may be thinking, “What? It’s winter!” Yes, but your cat will still love the walk if you bring a harness … Read more