Why Does Your Cat Kitten Meow While Eating?

Most cat owners are used to their kitten meowing while eating, as understanding and identifying what it means can be challenging for every parent. That’s why it is necessary to keep a constant watch on the meowing behavior of your cat as they cannot communicate with you in English.

That means they often express an underlying disease such as oral infections, don’t like the food, mouth wounds, etc. However, if your cat meows after eating, it can be a sign that your cat has a gastric problem, needs more food, is bored or anxious, or seeks more attention.

So, if you start to notice these kinds of behavior, it would be better to set an appointment with the veterinarian and get your cat examined and diagnosed to see whether your cat is doing alright or not. To help you understand or notice these signs, here are some reasons why your cat often meows while eating.

Why Does Your Cat Kitten Meow While Eating?

No doubt, cats look more adorable when they purr and meow. But have you ever noticed your cat meowing while eating? If so, then this can indicate underlying diseases or something bothering them.

  • Mouth Infection

Another reason for discomfort can be any oral condition like fungal stomatitis. It refers to a situation when your cat finds it hard to chew or bite food. Your cat might show signs like loss of appetite, excessive drooling, bleeding, redness, and plaque.

  • Gum Diseases 

Cats often meow while eating due to oral disease, which means she is in pain when trying to eat. If your cat is suffering from a gum problem, then it can be hard for them to chew or bite food. It often happens due to plaque accumulation around the teeth, which allows bacteria to damage them.

  • Gingivitis 

Gingivitis is also an oral condition, which is most common in humans instead of cats. They may have swollen or inflamed gums in this condition, which is quite discomforting, and they often express meowing.

How To Stop Your Cat From Meowing While Eating? 

It won’t be easy to stop your cat from meowing while eating in a day but what you can do is to set up an appointment to know the underlying reason for this behavior and seek the right treatment. Apart from that, you can do the following things to stop or distract your cat from meowing while eating.

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Tips To Stop Your Cat From Meowing 

  • It would be better to set up a routine, which will keep your cat busy and won’t have time to meow.
  • You can also bring an activity feeder or cat, whatever seems suitable at your home.
  • You can spend more time with your cat as in most cases they often try to catch your attention or just want to play with you.
  • Sometimes they meow because the food was delicious and to express their gratitude.


Most often, the cat yowling won’t harm the feline’s overall health, but you must keep up with the health checkups with the veterinarian.