Why Is My Pregnant Cat Licking Herself A Lot?

During pregnancy, your pregnant cat needs plenty of TLC.

She’s likely to be extra playful and affectionate during this time. It’s possible that your female cat is experiencing some temporary oral issues that make her lick her lips frequently.

So, why is my pregnant cat licking herself a lot? Some cats lick themselves a lot when they’re pregnant.

This is known as feline pregnancy licking, and it’s usually nothing to worry about. However, you should still keep an eye on your cat’s behavior to make sure she’s not ill.

Pregnancy licking usually starts around 30 days before your cat gives birth and lasts until she gives birth.

Pregnancy licking typically occurs more in cats that have never been pregnant before and cats that have had more than one litter.

Pregnant cats often lick their bellies, breasts, and genitals. They may also lick their paws to groom their fur.

Pregnancy licking usually indicates that your cat is healthy and that her litter will likely have normal birth conditions.

Do Pregnant Cats Lick Themselves A Lot?

Yes, pregnant cats will sometimes bite or chew on their nipples during breastfeeding and may accidentally bite themselves while doing this.

Your cat may lick herself excessively in attempts to clean her genital area.

Some cats also lick themselves excessively following declawing surgery.

Pregnancy Licking During Pregnancy, your cat’s appetite may decrease and some cats may vomit as a result.

A decrease in appetite may cause your cat’s system to lack vital nutrients.

That’s why it’s a good idea to feed your cat higher quality food during pregnancy and lactation.

Why Is My Pregnant Cat Licking Herself A Lot?

Your pregnant cat may be licking herself a lot. She could be taking more time to eat, drink, and use the litter box. She could also be licking herself more than usual.

There are many reasons that your pregnant cat may be licking herself more than usual. Here are a few of them:

  • She is grooming herself – Some cats groom themselves more when they feel stressed or anxious.
  • She is not feeling well – Cats that develop heatstroke or urinary tract infections may become restless and lick themselves excessively.
  • She is getting ready to give birth – Cats that are about to give birth will lick themselves more than usual to prepare their birthing area.
  • She is trying to clean her paws – Your cat may be licking herself after using her litter box because she could be trying to clean herself. She could be trying to rid of that pungent smell that could be coming from her urine.
  • She is hormonal – Cats that are about to give birth or experience mating season will exhibit more signs of hormonal behavior, including licking themselves more than usual.
  • She is in heat – Your cat’s hormones are fluctuating, and they could be signaling her to be in heat. Cats in heat will exhibit more signs of hormonal behavior, including licking themselves more than usual.

What Does It Mean When A Pregnant Cat Keeps Licking Herself?


You must now help the kitten to its feet so that it does not become chilled.

She will crouch and, by lifting the kitten onto her back, deliver it to the world below.

Some kittens come head first, others feet first; a few are born tail first, but headfirst is the most common way to be born for kittens.

This is a very typical sight, but if you are present at a birth for the first time you may find it quite upsetting to watch a cat having this intimate act with her offspring so near to you, especially if you have small children around.

They come between 45 minutes and two hours after the contractions begin.

Keep a safe distance from the door when the labor starts as the cat is likely to be very vocal at this time and she will probably spray too.

Prepare Everything

A cat that is pregnant will often start licking her belly and around her vagina.

This is completely normal, but if you notice other signs of illness, such as throwing up or diarrhea, you should take her to a veterinarian immediately. Pregnant cats often keep licking themselves because their hormones are telling them to.

However, if your cat stops licking after a few minutes, chances are there is nothing wrong with her. It’s also not normal for a cat to lick her belly constantly throughout the day, but if she does, she should probably just lick herself because it’s pleasurable for her.

However, if your cat keeps licking herself for more than an hour a day, you should take her to a veterinarian.

It’s Time

When your cat is about to give birth, prepare everything in advance so you can take care of the kitten as soon as it is born.

It is important to keep an eye on the birth process, because you can help the baby come out quickly if the mother needs help with it.

They go into labor about 20 minutes before giving birth and then another contraction follows a few minutes later to bring the baby out.

During the first several hours of labor, the mother should have little contact with you or other humans in the room as she feels vulnerable and may bite if she is frightened or irritated.

Keep a tight eye on your cat during her last few days of pregnancy as she may go into labor and give birth at any time.

After Care

When a kitten is born, the umbilical cord usually dries up and falls off within an hour or so of birth.

If she doesn’t open the sac, go inside and start pulling the babies out by hand.

After washing the kitten’s mouth and nose with warm water, either give them to their mother immediately or wrap them in warm towels and take them to her as soon as possible.

When the kittens are dry and warm, the mother will accept them immediately without any objection or confusion.

It’s not always easy to tell when a woman is in labor, and your cat’s labor is no different. Your pregnant cat may eat a normal amount of food during her first few days of pregnancy.

A last hard massage with a warm cloth will help move the fluid out of her uterus, which will make it easier for her to expel it.

Do Cats Groom A Lot Before Giving Birth?

The answer is yes. A mother cat grooms herself before giving birth in order to get rid of old fur and to make herself look clean.

When a male cat smells the scent of a female cat in heat, he will become very aroused and start to sniff her fur and lick her clean.

This is a type of courtship where the male cat tries to convince the female cat to mate with him. Therefore, cats groom a lot before giving birth.

Do Cats Clean Themselves Before Giving Birth?

Cats are very clean animals.

They are known for grooming themselves and even cleaning each other. However, cats also clean themselves before giving birth.

They groom their fur and use their noses to clean their private parts. However, some cats don’t clean themselves before giving birth.

These cats need to use additional methods to protect their cats from diseases.

What Are The Signs Of Labour In Cats?

Cats’ labour is noticeable when your cat’s abdomen gets larger and he or she passes gas.

However, labour is not painful for cats. When your cat is in labour, he or she will be making loud, high-pitched noises and licking their genitals.

Furthermore, your cat will lie down and arch his or her back while pushing out kittens. Your cat will also paw at the ground and meow if he or she is in labour.

Finally, labour lasts for 20 to 30 minutes. If your cat is giving birth to two kittens, labour lasts for 30 minutes per kitten.

Do Cats Groom Themselves Before Labor?

When it comes to giving birth, cats are very clean animals as they even clean each other from time to time.

Some women may wash themselves continuously before going into labor, and some men may even shave or trim their hair before going in for a surgery.

Others will frequently visit the litter area to prevent diseases from spreading.

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Final Words

In conclusion, it’s essential to understand the reasons why your cat is licking herself.

When cats lick themselves excessively, it’s often a sign of stress. It can be due to a medical condition, such as hyperthyroidism or diabetes, or it can be due to something completely unrelated.

If you’re unsure of the reason your cat is licking herself excessively, it’s best to take her to a vet. As long as there are no physical issues, your cat will stop licking herself on her own.