Why Does Your Cat Start To Eat Then Runs Away?

Your cat’s behavior can be confusing, so understanding it can help you care for it.

When a cat becomes excited or anxious, it may decide it’s hungry. It may then run over to its favorite spot and nibble.

This is its natural behavior, so it shouldn’t make you panic. So, why does your cat start to eat then runs away?

Cats are carnivores and their diet should consist mainly of meat. So, when your cat starts eating something and than runs away it can be because of health issues.

Cats can be allergic to certain vegetables or fruits, so try to limit those. Also, cats can be allergic to certain types of food, so try to buy cat food that has ingredients you cat doesn’t have problems with.

Sometimes cats can behave like that because of boredom and in that case you can do a couple of things: buy a scratching post or a toy, play with them more and if you have time, play with them outside and don’t shut them inside all the time.

Why Does Your Cat Start To Eat Then Runs Away?

Cats have a natural propensity to run from predators in the wild and also tend to avoid people they don’t know.

It’s a hunting behavior in which your feline may pounce on prey and then run for cover before it can react.

When a cat is startled it may run from its food bowl as well because it doesn’t feel safe there anymore.

Fear is a typical issue with cats as they become adults and begin to explore their surroundings more on their own.

This may be something you notice if your cat starts eating and then runs away.

Your feline may become ill or aggressive because it may have an infection or even a parasite in its system.

This is another reason that your cat may start to eat then runs away.

The reason could be that your feline is suffering from diabetes or hyperthyroidism, and a number of other health issues.

Lethargy can also be a reason for why your cat runs away from food.

There’s nothing to be concerned of unless it’s accompanied by other symptoms like loss of appetite.

When a cat begins to exhibit these signs of illness, it’s important to take them to the vet for an examination as soon as possible.

You must be wondering why does my cat eat and run.

These problems include being territorial, getting scared by noises in the house or just not being in the mood to eat food at that moment.

How to Stop Your Cat From Running Away When Eating

Make a Schedule

When a cat begins to eat and then runs away from food, you need to figure out why.

There are various reasons why your pet is running away, but a lot of the times it’s because of loneliness or boredom. So, it’s important to find a way to prevent this behavior and the best way to do that is to make a schedule.

Your cat may start eating their meal and then run away because there is a loud noise coming from the kitchen.

But if you keep hearing that noise every day at the same time, the cat will associate it with being fed and start looking forward to it.

This implies the cat must be aware that you feed it at a certain time and it will make the feeding process less stressful for both you and your pet.

By doing so, you are beginning the process of training your cat and also teaching them that they shouldn’t run away from you when they are hungry.

Start With The Lesson At The First Glance

It’s natural for cats to avoid things that make them uncomfortable and run away to another spot when food is being given to them.

It’s important to train them from the beginning and give them lessons to make it a bit better for them over time.

The best way to do that is to start the lesson with your cat while they are eating their food from their bowl and then teach them about staying still.

Separate Food Bowls for Each Pet

Depending on how instinctual your felines are, they may start feeling territorial when they begin to eat from their bowls and become more aggressive towards other pets in the home.

In fact, many cats will defend food bowls against other pets in the household by eating in their spots, as well.

The aim is to eat first, so if you’re having a problem with your kitty running when food is being placed in their bowl, you should separate the food bowls for each pet in your home, instead of placing one large bowl for all pets to share.

Keep the Food Bowl in an Easily Accessible Location

If the cat finds it difficult to eat or if the cat doesn’t feel like eating that day, they will tend to forget about their meal and run away.

To solve this problem, you should keep the food bowl in an accessible location where your pet can find it easily.

This also means placing the food bowl in a spot where your pet can see you and also make sure it’s away from other obstacles that may distract your cat when eating.

It is a normal response to feel anxious or even afraid when they are being approached by strangers in their home, so it’s important that you put a lid on the food and don’t allow people in your home to feed your cat.

This occurs often when it is put on the table during mealtimes and it may be a bit difficult for the owner to control the cat’s behavior every time someone comes over to visit their home.

If the cat isn’t used to guests coming to your home, it’s important you keep them away from the room where the food is being prepared or placed on the table.

When Your Cat Is Eating, Stay Away

It has to do with the instinct of cats to hide their food from others and it’s also possible for your feline to feel uncomfortable when people are around them while they are eating.

If the cat does not trust the people around him or her or feels nervous, they tend to stop eating their meal and run to a safe place to hide it.

This implies either snarling or hissing at a person when they try to approach the cat while he or she is eating their meal or running away to another area in the house where they feel safer and calm.

Cats may feel territorial, and they might refuse to eat if another pet starts to eat from their dish or if they feel threatened when they are being watched while they eat.

Make use of a Raised Food Bowl

The most important change you must make when your cat starts to eat and then runs away is to make sure your cat has a raised eating bowl.

When a cat doesn’t feel secure, they tend to feel insecure about their food as well.

This may also lead the cat to eat their food and then run away.

A raised bowl makes the food more accessible and may provide your cat with extra security.

If you don’t have time to raise it every time your pet eats, you can leave the bowl of pet food on an elevated surface for your pet to access easily whenever they want to eat.

A elevated feeding dish is useful because it helps prevent the pet from hiding the food in their bed or in some other area of the house and they find it accessible whenever they want to feed themselves.

The reason for this is because cats are sensitive animals and they hate feeling uncomfortable in any area of their lives, especially in their homes.

Cats find it difficult to get comfortable in any new environment, so they usually hide their meals under the bed or some other hidden location to prevent anyone from taking their meal away from them.

A well-placed high food dish for cats may help reduce this insecurity, so they will feel comfortable enough to feed themselves whenever they want to eat without feeling threatened by others.

It will be simpler to scoop out the leftover food and to dispose of any leftovers that may attract flies or other insects that might be harmful for the health of your cat.

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Final Words

These are the reasons why most cats run away when they eat, but it’s essential for you to learn how to stop this behavior immediately so it doesn’t pose a health risk to your kitty in the future.

The feeling will always be the same, regardless of the reason why your feline is behaving this way.

Your cat will take a few laps around the house to make sure that they avoid running into you and then run and hide in a hidden place where they feel safe again, but this is only temporary.

This is a concerning indicator that your kitty has a problem that needs to be fixed, so it’s important to take action as soon as possible before the problem gets worse and causes some serious health issues for your kitty.

Understanding why a cat begins to run away when they eat is essential if you want to know how to stop this behavior from happening ever again.

The advice provided here is an excellent starting point and can help solve this issue without too much difficulty if applied correctly and consistently on a daily basis.