Brown Maine Coon: Everything You Need to Know

Several individuals like to have pets and take care of them in the best feasible way. They are treated as small children and given everything they might need. While some people own dogs, others like to keep cats as their pets.

There is a vast variety of cats available in the world, with each one being different from the other and having specific features. One of them is Brown Maine Coon. It is a breed that is available in several colors and is easily found all around the world. These cats usually exist in either a very natural form or through professional breeding.

About Maine Coon cat

About Maine Coon cat

Brown Maine Coon is a highly bred domestic cat with a very distinctive appearance and is known for its excellent hunting skills. It comes under the oldest breeds available in North America, specifically in the Maine state of the US. It has the nickname “the gentle giant” because of its large and friendly features.

There is also a prominent ruff along with the bones and chest of the cat that is rectangular in shape and uneven texture that is like a silky undercoat and a bushy tail.

There are no proofs that the cat was first introduced in the United States, and it is only a mere hypothesis where the most accurate seems that the cat is a native of Norway and Siberia. It was owned by the majority in the 19th century but got endangered in the early 20th century because of the emergence of long-haired cat breeds. 

Why are they different?

The Brown Maine Coon, with its long guard hair, can eat the common dog food pedigree except for the lilac and chocolate brown breeds that are forbidden to consume. They are usually known highly for their intelligence and gentle as well as playful attitude towards others.

Most of the characteristics are like that of a dog, and many professionals have noticed many chronic health issues in this breed, including hip dysplasia and feline hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. And they can be treated only if they go through a modern screening method as the frequency of these diseases gets reduced in this way.

Many organizations like TICA have certified this breed separately under the general judging standards and commonly have congenital physical anomalies. They are born with an unusual number of toes on either one or both sides of the paws. 

The Brown Color In Maine Coon

There are many genes related to a cat and the color of its fur. Starting with gene B, it differentiates black fur cats from non-black fur cats. Feline cats with 1+ copies of this gene are chocolate brown or cinnamon.

Gene D differentiates dense and dilutes color cats where the dominant D gene is found in cats of orange, black, or brown color while the recessive D gene is found in cats of tan and cream colors. The most common Brown Maine Coon is smoky brown and has a white undercoat. The other combinations, along with brown color, are silver, cameo, white, and cream. 

Common Variants Of The Brown Color

Common Variants Of The Brown Color

The Brown Maine Coon usually is faded black because it undergoes a complex breeding process. These cats have various types of patterns, and the most common ones include Tabby, Solid, and Tortie. Some cats are a mix of two patterns, like Tabby and Tortie. Part-color cats are the ones that are combined with brown and hue colors. Some of the most common variants include:

  • Silver variant: it is very different when compared to other cats. These cats are also combined with colors like blue in tabby patterns, and the solid cats are tough to find and are only available with the professional breeders as they know to produce them well. 
  • Cream variant: this hue is very close to the white Coon but is more pigmented. It is easy to find a hue with a solid color when bred largely or combined with other colors that include silver, brown and blue. Cream Cameo Tabby is among the most famous cream-colored Maine. 
  • Cameo variant: these cats blend red and silver where the upper side of the body is bright red, and the middle and lower sides are bright silver. Sometimes, these cats are also found in brown color. 

The Origins of Brown Tabby Maine Coons

The Brown Maine Coon is named in this way because of its enormous size and resemble raccoons, and it is believed that they are a result of domestic cats mating with raccoon species. They are available in more than 70 colors and patterns where each one varies and is significantly different. The first cat was Cosey that won the national cat show and was described as a native of America. 

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Are They Common?

These cats are quite common and found in different variants to different people around the world. The Brown Maine Coon is found in large numbers as it is easy to achieve for the breeders. It also includes a faded black version of felines, and individuals can contact a trustworthy professional breeder to get one. 

How to Care For Brown Maine Coon

  1. Feed them good and nutritious food
  2. Always provide them with a supply of clean water 
  3. Play with them more often
  4. Keep them indoors most of the time and outdoors sometimes 
  5. Ensure that they are never lonely
  6. Set up different scratch posts in and around the house 
  7. Could you help them to do exercises?

Final words

Thus, Brown Maine Coon is among some gorgeous cat variants and is the biggest breed of cats available. They are available in different and eye-catching colors and are found in solid colors and hues like cream, silver, and white. They are the winner of cat shows in the US and are bred through professional breeders specifically. A true coon is one of a kind and is a cat of the total worth. It is the perfect companion to a person.