Can A Pregnant Cat Be Spayed?

If your cat is pregnant, it’s essential to understand its overall health.

She will need proper medical attention if she experiences any health conditions. Fortunately, you can consult a veterinarian and help her with her care.

So, can a pregnant cat be spayed? Yes. A cat can be spayed while she’s pregnant.

Spaying a cat while she’s pregnant will not affect her ability to give birth or her kittens’ ability to survive after birth.

After giving birth, a spayed cat can resume her normal routine right away. Cats can be spayed at any age, although it’s usually done at 4–6 months old.

However, cats can be spayed if they’re older and if it’s safe for them to do so.

For example, if a cat is pregnant at age 2-3 years old, she can still be spayed safely as long as the pregnancy is not too far along.

For cat owners who have pregnant cats, spaying them is a great way to ensure that both the mother and kittens will have a long and happy life.

Can You Spay A Cat That Just Got Pregnant?

Yes, you can spay a cat that just got pregnant as long as she is in good health and there are no complications with the pregnancy.

However, it will create an emotional upheaval for her because being a mother is an important job for a female feline.

Is It Safe To Spay A Pregnant Cat?

Yes, it is very safe to spay a pregnant cat, and it has no effect on her ability to give birth or her kittens’ ability to survive after birth.

Pregnant women who undergo abortions are at increased risk for complications in the future, including ectopic pregnancies and uterine infections.

The trap usually has a separate section for the kitten, so the mother doesn’t reject it.

Do Vets Check For Pregnancy Before Spaying?

Yes, a vet will check to see if the cat is pregnant before performing a surgical procedure to spay.

If the pet’s carer has any concerns about the health of the mother-to-be or if she has questions, the vet will be more than happy to answer them.

After determining if the cat is pregnant, the vet will consult with the owner regarding the procedure and the risks associated with it, if any.

How Far Along Can You Spay A Pregnant Cat?

Cats have a gestation period of around 60 days, which is the equivalent of three months.

The veterinarian will most likely perform the procedure between the second and fourth month of pregnancy because that’s the safest time to do it.

When a mother cat’s kittens are eating canned food in the fourth month, the mother may start to eat her own food again.

A mother may be returned to her owner by the fourth month but should be re-fed with kitten formula after she has recovered from surgery.

Does Spaying A Pregnant Cat Kill The Kittens?

If the cat is already pregnant, the spaying procedure will not kill the kittens.

If the pregnancy is advanced, it’s possible that some of the babies may die during surgery.

Animal rights activists consider euthanasia to be a kinder option than killing a kitten that may be born prematurely or die during surgery.

Positively, stopping an unplanned litter could save the lives of a few cats and cut down on the number of animals that end up in shelters.

Can A Pregnant Cat Be Spayed And Still Have Kittens?

Although this may make a cat’s pregnancy more challenging, it’s still possible for her to have kittens after she’s spayed.

However, the most common occurrences are lost or miscarried puppies or kittens.

Felines have an immune system that differs from that of humans and other animals.

Kittens born after spaying a mother may have a slightly weaker immune system than those born into a home with a father cat.

The older the cat is when she gets spayed, the greater her chance of experiencing complications.

The ovaries and uterus of an older cat aren’t as healthy as those of a younger one, making her more at risk of reproductive issues after surgery.

This renders people sterile, so it’s essential that the woman get spayed before the chances of getting pregnant increase.

Also, since your queen’s reproductive organs are gone, she can’t make eggs that can be fertilized.

What Happens If You Spay A Pregnant Cat?

Cat’s Age

Miscarriages are one of the most serious problems that can happen when a pregnant cat is spayed.

If your cat isn’t healthy enough to take the anesthesia, she may develop a serious infection during or after the surgery.


A litter of kittens can end up costing thousands of dollars when vet bills are factored in.

As a consequence, tiny or unwanted kittens can stress owners financially to the point of considering abandoning their felines.

Even if you’ve found homes for some of your kitties, it’s still important to get them spayed to prevent more unwanted litters.

This means you are in control of your destiny when it comes to breeding cats and not leaving your future to chance.

Availability Of Foster Homes

If there is enough interest, you can foster a mother and her kittens until they are old enough to be adopted into new homes.

If the young kittens can find secure, loving homes, the mother can live out her life happily without the stress of worrying about her offspring.

Number Of Days The Cat Is Pregnant

If you find the pregnancy early, you may choose to spay the cat but keep one of the kittens as a pet for yourself.

The kitten should at least be as young as 8 weeks of age because that’s the time when the mother stops nursing them.

If found early enough, the two kittens can each have their own mommy to care for them.

It’s much easier to find some people to adopt two kittens than a single kitten.

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Final Words

A pregnant cat can be spayed.

As you already know, a pregnant cat can be spayed to stop her from giving birth to kittens.

When a cat is spayed, her uterus and ovaries are removed, making it impossible for her to get pregnant again.

A spayed cat also won’t go into heat again. Spaying a pregnant cat is the best thing for her and her kittens.