Can A Pregnant Cat Go Into Heat?

During pregnancy, it’s essential to understand the nature of cat heat.

Since it’s difficult for pregnant women to spend as much time as they’d like playing with their cats, they may occasionally become distressed. If you notice that your cat seems to be hotter than usual, you need to act quickly.

So, can a pregnant cat go into heat? Cats go into heat twice a year, in the spring and the fall.

A cat goes into heat when it’s ready to mate. A pregnant cat goes into heat, but only if it’s a female with an unspayed male cat.

If a cat goes into heat, it’s obvious, as it will start spraying urine around the house and act aggressively towards other cats. Cats are territorial, so an un-spayed male cat will kill any other cat that’s near it.

Male cats can also act aggressively towards women or children since they’re looking for females to mate with. A pregnant cat won’t go into heat after being spayed, so it’s safe to bring one home if you’ve recently had one fixed.

Can A Pseudopregnant Cat Behave Like She Is In Heat?


If your cat is in heat, she may become anxious and start to run away and hide.

She does this to disperse the scent of her pheromones.

If you have a cat flap, ensure that you’ve locked it so that your cat can’t get out while you’re away.


Your cat’s mating stance may include her standing on her hind legs and stretching forward with her front paws in the air.

You will need to devote more of your time to her during these times, as she will be extremely sensitive to any negative stimuli.


When a cat is feeling stressed or anxious, she may groom herself excessively.

Her genitals will swell up and be very tender to touch during this period.

Because of this, she might start to lick her genitalia more than usual to make herself feel better.


Cats have a normal pregnancy in which they will give birth around 60 days after conception has taken place.

She doesn’t have the hormonal changes that come with being pregnant, so she will sleep a lot more than usual.

If she seems restless during the early weeks of her pregnancy, it’s likely that she’s in heat and isn’t yet ready to give birth.


When your cat is in heat, she’ll start calling more frequently to other cats and males nearby.

Her crying may bother you, but it’s important to understand that this behavior is natural.

Whether your cat is naturally noisy, search for additional signs to identify whether she’s in heat and needs to go outside for relief or if she needs to be seen by a vet for further treatment.

Cats communicate by vocalizing and body posture.

Can A Female Cat Be Pregnant And Still Go Into Heat?

Yes, a female cat may become pregnant and still go in and out of heat and behave like she is in heat.

Early in the pregnancy, when it is more common, the cat will show no signs of being in heat or acting aggressively towards other cats; however, as the cat progresses through the pregnancy, the hormones are surging and her behavior will change to that of being aggressive.

It may also occur two times a year or even once every two years, depending on the breed of the cat and the age and overall health of the female at the time of conception.

Do Cats Show Signs Of Heat When Pregnant?

Even while pregnant, a feline still goes through the process of going into heat, where her body produces pheromones to attract male cats to her.

However, it is commonly believed that these hormonal changes can confuse the cat, so it may act aggressively towards other cats during the early stages of pregnancy.

Although most female cats have their first heat cycle between four and six months of age, some can begin as early as 3 months, while others may not begin until later in life.

Pregnant cats may go in and out of heat while pregnant as well.

If you want to protect your kitten from breeding too early, you can prevent this by not allowing your female cat to have contact with any male cats until she is at least six months old.

Can My Cat Get Into Heat During Pregnancy?

Unlike humans, cats have no fixed periods for their monthly menstrual cycles.

Yes, cats may go into heat while pregnant, but this rarely happens.

On average, a female cat will go through her first heat cycle between four and six months of age; however, some can begin as early as three months and others may not begin until later in life.

Her heat, on the other hand, will last around a week, and during that time she will attract the attention of any nearby male cat who will attempt to mate with her.

How Do I Get My Cat Out Of Heat While Pregnant?

Pregnancy is an exciting time for expectant parents, but it comes with plenty of changes for both parents, including your furry friends.

Your cat should now be on its best behavior, but during certain times of the year, your kitty can go through a heat cycle. This can put your health at risk, as well as the health of your developing baby.

The good news is that there are things you can do to prevent your cat from getting pregnant.

  • Know the signs of heat – When a cat is in heat, they exhibit behaviors that include excessive grooming, excessive vocalization, and roaming around the house more than usual. A cat in heat is attracted to cats in heat, so if you have one cat in heat, then chances are that your other cat(s) will be too. Your cat will also become more aggressive toward you during this time.
  • Keep your cat indoors – If your cat is allowed to go outside, then it’s best to keep them indoors. This will reduce the likelihood of your cat mating with another animal.
  • Use birth control – If your cat can get pregnant on its own, then there are ways that you can prevent it. Use birth control methods such as condoms and hormonal injections. These can stop your cat from getting pregnant. However, these may not be permanent solutions, so speak to your vet about the best options for your cat.
  • Schedule a visit to the vet – Make sure your cat gets checked regularly by a vet. The vet will advise on the best course of action to take, depending on the situation.

Why Is My Cat In Heat While Pregnant?

Cats can have up to two heat cycles per year, but they can be in heat anytime they’re in heat. Cats that are in season will have constant signs of being in heat:

Cats are more active than usual, and their meows will become more high-pitched.

They may become aggressive or defensive, often toward other animals in the house.

They will leave scent marks around the house, such as on walls or furniture.

If your cat is in heat while you’re pregnant, here are some ways to take care of her:

Take Her to The Vet

Schedule an appointment with your vet to make sure that your cat is healthy. If your cat is pregnant, your vet will keep a close eye on her health and, if necessary, give her medicine.

Put Her in a Separate Room

Cats tend to act differently when they’re in season, and they tend to bite and scratch more than usual, so make sure your cat is separated in a room until she finishes her heat cycle.

Restrict Her Access Outdoors

Cats that are allowed to roam around are more likely to get into fights with other animals and get pregnant faster.

Cats can also get sick from flea bites and diseases from other animals.

Give Her a Litterbox

Cats have a natural instinct to urinate in dark, enclosed spaces and on vertical surfaces.

Cats will instinctively look for a place to relieve themselves when they’re in heat. Talk to your vet about setting up a litter box for your cat to keep her in heat.

Keep Her Calm

Your cat might become more irritable as she gets older, especially because she will feel more vulnerable during this time. Give her extra attention and reassure her that she’s safe.

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Final Words

In conclusion, a pregnant cat will start going into heat around the time it enters its late gestation period.

A pregnant cat can go into heat for a couple of weeks or a couple of months. If it goes back into heat during this time, it will be infertile for a period of time.

A pregnant cat can also go into heat each year immediately after giving birth. It’s vital to a pregnant cat’s health that it goes back into heat after giving birth.