Can a Tarantula Kill a Cat?

Tarantulas are some of the world’s most dangerous spiders.

Due to their massive size, they are easily overlooked and ignored. Most homeowners aren’t figure out how to get over fear of them.

When faced with an infestation of tarantulas, they are probably best to try to a method you if you’re not experienced in handling spiders. So, can tarantulas kill cats?

Some people assume that tarantulas are simply too huge to inflict serious injury on a cat. However, these spiders do have rather large fangs and venomous venom that can produce a lot of pain in their targets.

If a tarantula decides to make a home inside your house or if you’re unlucky enough to find an infestation in your home, then your cat could be in serious trouble!

If you don’t know how to safely handle hissing or aggressive spiders like tarantulas then you should probably contact a professional exterminator to take care the problem for you.

Can a Tarantula Kill a Cat?

Even though tarantula-cat contacts are uncommon, there have been a number of documented cases over the years in which the spider has bitten the cat.

These are, however, very rare occurrences.

The venom of the tarantula contains a neurotoxin which affect the cat’s central nervous system.

This venom may render a spider’s victim unconscious or paralyze the limbs of the victim causing difficulty in breathing and convulsions.

The tarantula’s venom is mainly effective on small animals and insects.

Why Do Cats Eat Spiders?

Spiders are eaten by cats for a number of reasons.

Cats are domesticated animals that live in areas where there are a wide variety of spider species present.

Because spiders are always crawling around the walls around the house, most cats adapt quite well to the presence of spiders and their web.

They will also act as a fantastic source of protein to a cat.

Do Cats Kill Spiders?

Cats do destroy spider webs around the home on a daily basis.

Cats are predatory animals, thus they prefer to hunt down and kill insects, small rodents and other small prey like spiders.

Cats are solitary hunters that lack the numbers or power to bring down larger prey like birds and mice.

Are Tarantulas Poisonous to Cats?

Tarantula venom is mostly used to kill big animals like rats and mice and not very effective on animals such as cats.

According to the American Tarantula Society, there have been a reported few cases of tarantulas being poisonous to cats but these cases have been very rare and there have been no reports of spiders dying from spider bites by a cat.

The dog weighed about 3 kilograms, but he wasn’t poisoned by the spider bite.

This does, in-effect, rule out the possibility of a spider venom being poisonous to cats.

The venom of certain tarantulas is toxic to dogs but not poisonous to cats.

What Happens If a Spider Bites a Cat?

Your cat’s behavior will alter slightly if he is bitten by a venomous spider.

If your cat was formerly energetic, he may now act lethargic or lazy or show reduced appetite.

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What to Do If Cats Eat Spiders

Although your cat is unlikely to die as a result of being bitten by a poisonous spider, if he shows symptoms of slowing down, drowsiness or reduced appetite, it is best you seek medical attention from a vet.

If your cat has eaten a spider, look in his mouth to see if there is a silken thread of a spider sack still attached as this may prove helpful in determining whether a spider actually bit your pet.

If he exhibits any of these symptoms, or if you have been advised to seek medical attention, take your pet to an experienced veterinarian.


In conclusion, tarantulas can indeed kill cats!

Tarantulas can be dangerous even to inexperienced individuals so they are best left to a pest control company like [link removed] if the problem is serious.

They can be dangerous even for unexperienced individuals, so you should definitely contact a pest control company like [link removed] if the problem is serious.

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