Can Cats Eat Dog Jerky?

Dog jerky can provide your dog with a nutritious, safe treat.

Because it’s such a popular item, it’s common for people to wonder if cats can also eat dog jerky. While cats can’t literally eat dog jerky as it sits on store shelves, they can certainly enjoy it in occasional treats.

So, can cats eat dog jerky? Cats are carnivores that subsist on meat-based animal proteins.

Like people, cats need a balanced diet that includes a healthy mix of carbs, fats and protein in their diet. While dog jerky certainly doesn’t meet that nutritional profile for cats, it can be eaten safely in moderation as a special treat for cats.

Dog jerky gets its protein from a beef base that’s supplemented with vitamins and minerals.

The Manufacturing Association of Pet Foods indicates that dog jerky should simply be fed in small quantities to your cat as a treat once or twice per week.

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Can Cats Eat Dog Jerky?

Dog jerky snacks are a superior alternative to traditional cat treats like cat treats or cat treats with meat or fish that are loaded with salt or sugar as a cheap way to improve palatability.

They are less prone to shatter or expand in your cat’s stomach during digestion (similar to with kittens) and they won’t result in an upset stomach for your cat.

Most jerky snacks are also free of artificial ingredients, making them a better option for your cat than other treats. Dog jerky snacks are often loaded with filler ingredients that are cheap to source or that are even toxic to your pet’s health over time.

However, because to the rough nature of jerky, it may pose a choking hazard to smaller cats. Also, if you give your cat too much jerky, it could pose a danger.

Therefore, it is generally recommended that you only feed small pieces of jerky to a cat as an occasional treat.

Remember, there are many of safe cat treats out there, and jerky is just a tasty treat that should be fed in moderation.

Is Dog Jerky Safe For Cats?

It’s safe and nutritious for cats as occasional treats.

Also, unlike some other types of cat treats on the market, it is free of unpronounceable ingredients (e.g. corn and soy) and other artificial ingredients like sodium nitrates, which are bad for your cat’s health.

Dog jerky is safe for cats to eat as an occasional treat. Cat owners should avoid giving their dogs jerky in large quantities as it can lead to an upset stomach or other digestive issues as your dog gets used to the new treat.

Dogs with sensitive bellies can also get sick from eating too much jerky, similar to giving cats too much of the treat.

Many dog owners feed their dogs jerky pieces every day as a treat, and this can lead to an upset stomach or stomach upset for your furry friend.

However, dogs can eat jerky in small quantities as an occasional treat and enjoy it.

Because it smells and tastes very salty similar to the taste of chicken or beef jerky for humans.

Is Dog Jerky Harmful For Cats?

Dog jerky is not harmful for cats to eat as an occasional treat. However, if your cat eats too much of the treat, it may cause an upset stomach or constipation for your pet.

Cats can have healthy treats as well. Cat owners can feed their pets cat treats in moderation as an occasional snack or training reward.

Cat treats are healthy options for cats, but owners should avoid giving their pets other human food as an occasional snack or treat.

Dog jerky might not be the most nutritious treat for cats on the market, but it’s certainly safe for your feline pet as an occasional treat.

Dog jerky is a healthy option for cats as an occasional treat or training reward as it does not pose a choking hazard for cats and it does not contain artificial ingredients.

Dog jerky is not harmful for cats to eat in moderation as a snack or training reward.

Do Cats Like Dog Jerky?

Vitamins and minerals from beef and salts in jerky snacks will entice most cats into eating the snacks in moderation without hurting their digestive systems.

However, if your cat does not like the taste of dog jerky or has food sensitivities, then other foods might be a better choice as an occasional snack or training reward.

Cats can be finicky eaters and may not like the taste of jerky as a training reward or snack.

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Why Do Cats Eat Dog Jerky?

Cats are finicky eaters and will eat just about anything they can get their paws on – including food that is best kept away from dogs!

Dogs have a huge range of tastes and are attracted to a wide variety of food products including bone chips, animal fat and even raw horsemeat.

While these may seem strange to cat owners – including dog jerky – it’s perfectly natural for cats to enjoy dog treats in moderation as part of a well-balanced diet.

Cooked dog meat is perfectly safe for cats to eat but raw meat is not, as it carries bacteria that can cause real problems in a cat’s stomach and intestines.


Cats are instinctively curious creatures and they enjoy the taste of raw meat if they can get it, which is why they would eat anything from raw horse meat to bones chips if they thought it tasted good.

However, cooked meat is perfectly safe for cats to eat and is a much better source of vitamins and minerals that would be found in raw horse meat or a raw bone chip.

Cat owners should choose a variety of food options for their pets to avoid exposing them to any foods that are either toxic or are not appropriate for their diet.

While jerky may seem a strange choice for a cat to eat, the odd smell and taste of the dog food item is likely to attract most cats into eating it.

Feeding pets jerky as a treat is a healthy choice for both cats, as the meat is high in protein and does not contain artificial ingredients such as preservatives or flavourings that often harm cat and dog health in large amounts.