Can Cats Eat Tamales?

Because tamales often include onion, which is poisonous to cats, it’s better not to serve them to your cat.

They also have meats cooked with chili sauce or other sauces with a lot of spices, oils, and salt in them.

If cats consume food containing these substances, they may get stomach distress and diarrhea.Even while eating tamales near your cat, you need be cautious since the oil from the meat may drop into her hair, which she may consume when she brushes herself.

Cats usually eat less than 1% of what they consume from a bowl; instead, they lick their lips clean by licking their food from the floor or the plate.

Avoid giving your cat leftover food from tamales that have seasonings.

Avoid feeding your cat any food other than food made especially for cats.

This is an article about why you shouldn’t feed tamales to your cat.

Can Cats Eat Tamales?

Tamale is not suitable for cats, since it contains chemicals like garlic, onion or peppers.

These are dangerous to cats’ digestive system and can produce bad results. Vitamin C is found in fruits like oranges and citrus fruits.

Your cat will eat fruits thinking it is a sweet treat but, it has the adverse effect on cats. The consumption of fruits can possibly cause kidney disorder in cats.

What you should do is feed your cat vegetables instead. They are rich in vitamins and minerals such as vitamin E, vitamin A, vitamin B6, etc.

Cats that consume tamales are likely consuming the corn-based dough nearly every time, which is usually not nutritious.

Cats should not eat tamales at all as they can cause serious problems in cats’ bodies.

These are harmful to cats and will not provide the desired outcomes when offering a cat anything new to eat at home.

Can A Cat Die From Eating Tamales?

The onion in tamales, as with most other foods, has to be consumed in huge quantities before the seeds inside of it need to be crushed to release the oil.

Cats do not crush seeds in their stomach like we do. This oil is released when they begin digesting the contents of the stomach; therefore, if they ingest even 1/16th of a tamale, the oil is released from the onion seeds.

Onions in large amounts when ingested can also cause red blood cell destruction. Liver damage may also occur if too much onion is ingested by a cat.

Hemolytic anemia may occur in cats who consume more than a certain quantity of onions or tamales.

If you’re anemic, your red blood cells are destroyed at a quicker rate than normal and may result in death either from blood loss or a shortage of oxygen carried in the blood.

If left untreated, vomiting will occur within 12 hours of ingestion and the cat will become listless and weak after failing to eat.

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Why Don’t You Give Tamales To Your Cat?


The bottom line is that your cat will be better off if you do not feed it these sugary treats.

There is a lack of nutritional value in tamales, and this lack of nutritional value is one of the main reasons as to why they should not be given to cats by anybody.

These delicious morsels contain no nutritional benefit at all and have no nutritional value to the cat.

Most tamales are filled with pork fat, which is one thing that cats are definitely not supposed to eat.

The pork fat in tamales is very dangerous for cats to consume and should be avoided at all costs by cat owners.

Consequently, feeding cats tamales can lead to a variety of health complications that could otherwise be avoided.


Intestinal obstruction is more likely in cats that are obese (and not in shape), older and experienced with eating tamale-like foods, and those that are using medications that affect digestive health or movement.

It turns out to be an intestinal blockage that can turn fatal if not treated promptly.

Difficult To Chew

Tamale is often attacked in a round shape which makes it hard to chew and may cause choking in the cat.

The cat will want to give this a try because it wants to get something that it can chomp down on its teeth.

Cats, on the other hand, have single row of teeth in the front of their mouths, and these teeth are for tearing practically.


One of the biggest reasons not to feed tamale to a cat is indigestion.

This cuisine from Mexico is delicious for a human’s palate but it can cause serious problems for felines.

Indigestion in cats may lead the cat to vomit or soil his litterbox, as the clinical signs will be similar.

Vomiting, stomach discomfort, and diarrhea can cause the cat to feel weak and tired because it is an involuntary reaction to the loss of fluids and nutrient absorption.


If you want to be sure your feline friend will stay healthy and avoid complications, it’s best to avoid feeding your cat tamales.

Constipation may cause a variety of health problems as well and should be avoided at all costs.

You should instead opt for meals that are low in fat since this type of food is easier for dogs to digest and avoid any kind of constipation or blockage.

Cats should not consume any foods that contain pork or beef either because they contain harmful proteins that a cat.

Their digestive systems will suffer as a effect of the unbalanced digestive process.