Cat Ate Spoiled Wet Food?

Food is always expires once a certain amount of time has passed.

All items, including eggs and vegetables, have a shelf life because of this. Pet food has an expiry date, too.

You must be careful what you feed your cats since they have no way of knowing if the food is spoiled.

It is fairly uncommon to come across rotten canned cat food.Cats are generally a curious and carnivorous creature that thrives off eating a variety of meats as well as sweet foods.

With the wide variety of different canned cat food available in the market there is a very high chance of running out of food later than expected or worse ending up with spoiled food.

To counter this the cat food industry put together guidelines to help consumers choose good cat food and prevent food from going bad too soon and spoiling your cat’s feeding routine causing your cat to become sick and possibly die.

Cat Ate Spoiled Wet Food?

In most cases, your cat will recover within 2-3 days without any permanent damage to his health.

Vomiting, tremors, agitation and hyperactivity, a high body temperature and panting are the primary symptoms exhibited by a cat that has consumed spoiled food.

The rate at which the cat will recover depends on the amount of the spoiled cat food it consumes and the length of time the cat was exposed to the spoiled food before seeking medical attention.

Vomiting is a primary symptom of your cat having consumed spoiled wet food.

If you cat continues to vomit and diarrhea are present, the two may be connected or caused by another underlying condition.

There are times when a cat may eat and drink excessively.

How To Tell If Wet Cat Food Is Bad?

There are so many indicators that your cat’s food has gone bad, but the most apparent is when your cat refuses to eat it.

Another method to know what is if the food has strong bad or decaying odoris if mould or insects develop on it or if it has been exposed to dampness or humidity or if your pet shows signs of discomfort or illness after eating it.

Before you throw it away or give it to your pet, you should make sure that the moldy or wet cat food is refrigerated or frozen to kill germs like salmonella, listeria and E.

coli. You must not feed any canned cat food that has mold or any that are badly decomposed or smelly.

Can Cats Get Sick From Old Wet Food?

Yes, cats may become ill from consuming outdated wet food.

Do not leave wet food out all day as this will increase the likelihood of bacterial growth and the illnesses this may give rise to.

This increases the risk of food poisoning and diarrhea if the food is contaminated.

Clean and discard the old food from the bowl before feeding the new meal to your cat.

It’s common to see wet cat food marketed in 3-day or 5-day packs.

Food in a sachet or container is affected by the changes in temperature inside the refrigerator or freezer and can become rancid and moldy before you can use it up.

The expiration of your cat’s food may be hastened if it’s left out overnight and/or exposed to warm temperatures.

Cover and refrigerate any remaining wet food and use it within a couple of days.

Microwave the food gently when your microwave has a turntable that cooks the food evenly.

What Happens If Your Cat Eats Spoiled Food?

Cats’ stomachs are tougher than people’s, but if it is severe enough it may cause vomiting or diarrhea.

Food poisoning or an upset tummy usually occurs because of eating or drinking something toxic, like vitamins or cleaning products.

Contact your veterinarian if your dog has eaten any of these products; some need immediate medical attention. If your cat has eaten chocolate, call your veterinarian immediately; chocolate can be fatal to cats.

Bacteria-created botulism may cause vomiting and paralysis or nerve problems and even death if not treated promptly by a veterinarian.

If you suspect that your cat has food poisoning, get a veterinarian’s opinion immediately.

This kind of food poisoning is caused through improper storage or freezing of foods or bacteria naturally present in soil or water infiltrating the food’s surface.

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What to Do After Your Cat Ate Spoiled Wet Cat Food?

If your cat has eaten some spoiled wet cat food, you will first need to determine if your cat is still experiencing health problems or not.

Cats that ingest spoiled food often experience the following symptoms: vomiting, diarrhea, and the lack of appetite.

If you think your cat is still experiencing these symptoms or in case your cat’s health has changed in some way after consuming spoiled wet cat food, you will need to take your cat to the vets.

Also , if your pet is not feeling well, they may need to undergo some tests and exams to be 100% sure that your pet is okay and to find out exactly what is wrong with them.

Once you are sure your cat is ill and suffering from some symptoms after ingesting spoiled wet cat food, you will need to take your cat to the vets.

Final Words

Food that hasn’t expired for more than a few months probably won’t contain enough mold to harm your cat if he ingests it.

A day after it has expired, you should throw it away.

Prior to feeding your cat, make sure that the food is at room temperature to ensure a safe and nutritious meal. Because cats like to chase and use their paws to eat their food, they sometimes get large chunks of spoiled food stuck in between their toes.