Do Cats Eat Ducks?

If a cat wants to devour a duck, it will only take a few minutes.

An animal’s demeanor will help you determine how it is likely to attack. Some cats will merely bite and chase the duck, while others will attack it one by one.

So, do cats eat ducks? The answer to this question depends on the cat and the power of the duck defending itself.

Some cats will take very good care of their prey first by not wasting any time at all and devouring the duck in one bite. However, others will attack the duck and eat it piece by piece until it’s completely gone.

Do Cats Eat Ducks?

Cats voraciously devour ducks due to their carnivorous nature, which forces them to hunt prey in order to survive.

However, you should consult your veterinarian before feeding your cat any type of meat as most of them tend to become ill easily if they consume meat that is too rich in protein or fat.

Cooked duck meat is preferable than raw duck meat and it will require less effort for your cat to digest.

Salmonella exposure causes the following symptoms: gastrointestinal infections and food poisoning, fever and diarrhea as well as headaches and body aches.

Can Cats and Ducks Live Together?

Cats and ducks can coexist peacefully if they are given a certain space to play and interact.

To begin connecting, they need gradual, supervised exposure so that the cat does not become agitated by the duck and vice versa.

Ducks are normally relatively easy back about sharing space, but they need time to become familiar with each other.

Ultimately, the aim is for them to become friends so that they can play and interact without getting aggressive towards each other or causing each other any harm.

Smaller cats and larger ducks prefer to ignore each other than to become aggressive towards each other.

Making ensuring they each have their own area is an advisable thing to do for them.

Will a Cat Attack a Duck?

A group of researchers who wanted to find out if cats and ducks lived happily together took some cats with known aggression issues and introduced them to ducks to see if they would attack them.

All of the cats were neutered which should have prevented them from attacking since they were already neutered.

Prior to conducting the experiment, the researchers also ensured that the ducks were free from any infections which could have made them predisposed towards attacking cats or any other animals.

They also made sure that the ducks were of different ages ranging from a few weeks to a year and half.

Still, all of the cats killed all of the ducks which showed that even the spayed and neutered ones had retained their hunting instincts.

However, not all cats developed a liking for the ducks.

Some cats have learned to be less prone to chasing and killing the ducks and would rather ignore them than attack them.

Others will attack a duck only if they feel threatened, for instance it’s nesting area is being threatened or they are being cornered by the duck and they have no way of getting away.

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Do Cats Kill Ducks?

The danger is real; a cat may attack a duck or you may also suffer an attack from a duck while out walking or playing with one.

If you have cats, you should keep them indoors and if you have ducks, you should keep them in a fenced in area to protect them from predators.

If the duck gets inside the house, you should take it outside immediately.

Some cats will avoid attacking a duck especially if they are in a separate area or are neutered but if you’re unsure, it’s better to keep them inside.

There have been even reports where ducks attack other ducks and even cats as a sign of dominance and a warning to other ducks to stay away.

How Can I Give Duck To My Cat Safely ?

Rendering as much fat as possible from the duck when cooking will help reduce the chances of your cat developing a liking to the fat.

Also, be sure to shred the duck meat before feeding it to your cat as this will make it less appealing to them.

Lastly, when feeding the duck to your cat, just let it sniff the food first and let it be the only item on the table so that it can get acquainted with it gradually and avoid scattering it around and scattering it everywhere giving it your cat more time to destroy it.


In conclusion, cats are carnivores that want to eat as many animals as possible. So do cats eat ducks? The answer is yes, depending on the cat’s desire and the power of the duck defending itself.

Cats have their preferences when it comes to eating animals as cats prefer meat to anything else, but it depends on their own preference too if a cat will eat ducks or not.

If your cat and duck are in the same cage or enclosure, the duck seems docile, and the cat is neutered or spayed, then it is safe to provide the duck.