Do Cats Go To Heaven When They Die?

Cats don’t just go somewhere when they die—they stay wherever they’re gone.

In many cases, they’ll simply wander away from their original home. You can learn how cats behave and what you can do to help them if they wander away from home.

So, do cats go to heaven when they die?

According to Christian beliefs, all humans will go to heaven when they die and cats are just animals—not people—so they can’t be in heaven either.

However, some religions believe that animals have souls and will go to heaven too. For example, in Buddhism and Hinduism, some animals are considered to have souls, and in Judaism and Islam some animals are considered to have souls too.

In Christianity, only humans have souls—not animals—so cats don’t go to heaven when they die. However, some Christians believe that pets may live in heaven after they die because pets live very good lives as companions to humans.

Let’s dive into this problem.

Do Cats Go To Heaven When They Die?

Some people think that cats go to heaven when they die or that there is a special heaven for cats.

Whether you believe in Heaven, a realm of everlasting bliss and eternal peace, or not, all life on earth will eventually come to an end.

Religion is, of course, a very personal thing and is tricky to discuss because everyone has their own beliefs based on their own personal experiences and opinions.

Animals, according to many religions, have souls and will go to heaven when they die or go to a special version of heaven for cats.

When they die, they may go to heaven to be with their masters or to be with other deceased pets.

Another thing to think is that all animals are worth something, and they deserve to go to Heaven as well.

On the opposite side of the spectrum are atheists and people of other religions that don’t believe in the concept of Heaven.

Why Do Cats Not Go To Heaven?

Attain Earth’s Finality

This is yet another rationale cited by why don’t cats go to heaven believers to explain why cats don’t go to heaven.

The concept of finality is central in Buddhism and Hinduism.

Another stage is required since people’s thoughts aren’t purified enough yet to fill space in Heaven and Hell, thus reincarnation is needed.

It is far more interesting to understand why animals are considered spiritual beings rather than humans.

They will be able to attain salvation only after they attain enlightenment, a concept similar to human salvation (salvation of the soul).

This involves contributing to the environment through planting trees or in other ways, as well as spiritually purifying themselves through meditation.

Can’t Decide Between Right and Wrong

A cat may not get to Heaven because they can’t decide between right or wrong.

When you put a cat in a scenario where they have to choose between right and wrong, they often wait for someone else to make a decision so they can follow them.

This may cover nearly any aspect of their lives, such as what path they should take to get to the grocery store, what to eat for dinner, or where to sleep for the night.

There is a natural tendency in cats to follow others and this comes from instinct, which again is why cats aren’t allowed into heaven.

This is why it is considered an urban myth and is not based on any historical or factual information.

It is solely intended for individuals who have the qualities of someone who would make a good cat owner but aren’t sure whether they should get a kitten or not.

Heaven Is Just for Humans

This is an idea that is often perpetuated by those who simply don’t know enough about cats to know that they are naturally very independent animals.

The idea is that heaven was created for humans and cats are not welcome there because they don’t fit into the paradigm of humans being the only ones worthy of salvation and heaven.

Humans are the only ones who will ever get into heaven because they are the only ones who are good enough to enter.

Other creatures have a role to perform here on Earth and will get a second chance after they are redeemed by Jesus and are given another chance.

This is often used in religious writings to rationalize why pets and other animals can never be in heaven.

No Soul

When it comes to pets in heaven, many people talk as if they are incapable of having a soul and even if they did have one, it couldn’t be of any value to God.

This includes claiming that a feline soul is not valuable enough to have a place in the spiritual realm, and so they will never be allowed into heaven.

This implies they lack the ability for a soul or that they never will have one, which is completely false.

Because of this misunderstanding, the notion exists that since animals don’t have a soul, they are supposed to go wherever they go after death.

Their odyssey will come to be represented by the concept of reincarnation, which will likely be the following life, or another lifetime in some other place on Earth, such as another region.

Certain religious authorities have declared this to be the case, and that cats literally are nothing more than reincarnated opinions or memories from past lives.

This is determined by how they were during their previous life or lives that came before this one and will now continue into the moment they are rescued from the thought process that continues to torment them.

Where Do Cats Go When They Die?

Many individuals now talk of their cats’ journeys as being to how their souls are now reincarnated in dogs or other animals, but this is not the case.

There are a few candidates, but these theories cannot hold water.

In this story, there is a green dragon who wishes to devour all the animals on Earth, but the cat is one of the animals the dragon does not wish to consume.

The meadow is for the cat to enjoy in the afterlife and to be protected.

This is where cats wait to be reincarnated again as some other type of animal.

There is generally enough of food in the forest to sustain the animals there, though many animals do venture into the meadow to feast on the green grass.

Do Cats Go To Heaven Bible Verse?

The Bible makes no mention whether a cat and other animals go to Heaven or not.

The Bible says nothing about the cats.

They are only mentioned briefly in some information sections and in stories found in the Bible.

There are no further mentions of cats in the Bible today.

It seems reasonable that you should be able to make your peace with your cats after they pass over to the other side.

Where Do Cats Go After They Die According To Islam?

In Islam, only humans go to Heaven and Hell to be resurrected after death.

Other animals’ spirits are reincarnated and they remain with the animals they are reincarnated into after they die.

As a consequence, when an animal dies in Islam they do not go to Heaven or Hell but rather, they wait to be reincarnated into other animals.

In many monotheistic religions, cats and other animals are considered unclean and unfit for consumption by humans or for burial with their human companions in cemeteries.

Animals will not be rewarded in Paradise because animals are only created to serve humans and not the other way around.

A cat that has accumulated 70 good deed points will be resurrected as first companion for free from amongst the animals and humans in Heaven and will live there for eternity.

Some people believe that their cats will stay with their souls after they die to be reborn and reunited with them in the next life, or that the cat’s soul will inhabit another body.

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According to most faiths, cats do not go to Heaven when they die either because they do not have the capacity for deification or because their souls will not be as pure as human.

Animals lack the ability to distinguish right from wrong and to develop conscience, both of which are prerequisites for salvation in Christianity and Islam.

Cats do not go to Heaven because when animals die in Islam they do not go to Heaven or Hell but rather, they wait to be reincarnated into other animals.

It should be noted that this belief is grounded on the idea that animals do not go to Heaven not because of their lack of quality, but because humans are unable to fully comprehend their spiritual.

Others, though, think that cats do not go to heaven because their souls are too evil to be accepted by God as it is the case in many religions.

It is vital to learn what fate awaits our felines after they enter death’s door and to be able to provide ourselves with an end-of-life plan for them that will minimize the stressors.

This will allow you to determine how cats are seen and treated in different cultures and religions and to plan your cat’s end of life care accordingly.