Do Cats Have Knees Or Elbows?

“Do cats have knees or elbows?” is among the top questions often asked by pet owners. The answer is quite simple: Yes, they have both knees and elbows in their body. The anatomy of cats describes that they have two knees and two elbows. You probably have seen videos and photos of cats whose pet parents often resemble themselves with the species.

Even though cats are built more differently than humans, they share some anatomical traits. As a result, most pet owners often become curious about their cat’s bodies and wonder whether cats have knees or elbows. The cat’s anatomy has two wrists, two elbows, two knee caps, and two knees. So, let us dive deep into the anatomy of canines.

Do Cats Have Knees Or Elbows?

Yes, cats have both elbows or knees in their body. They have two elbows and two knees, similar to human beings, but the functionality of joints and bones are pretty different. Cats usually walk on four legs while humans walk on two.

You should know that cats are categorized under four-legged mammals, which means animals ranging from giraffes to cats or cats, all have two elbows and two knees. The elbows are located in the first two legs, while the knees are located in the back or hind legs.

How Many Knees Do Cats Have?

As discussed above, cats have two knees located in the hind legs or back legs. You will find elbows in the front legs. The most exciting fact is that all-four limbs are considered legs as they touch the ground every moment, unlike human beings who walk on two limbs. Even if we did walk on all four limbs, we have also been considered four-legged mammals.

Why Are Cat Knees So Important?

According to a professional vet, knees are so important for cats as human beings. However, it is challenging to locate the knees in the cat’s body as the anatomy of the legs is way more different than humans. The main difference is that their knees in the tiptoes help them to stand above the floor.

Do Cats Have Armpits?

Yes, cats do have armpits as these are located where the body meets the foreleg, beneath the shoulder and arm. Armpits are also known as the axilla, different from humans because they do not contain any sweat glands.

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Do Cats Have Wrists?

Like other four-legged mammals, cats do have wrists and joints. You can notice that cats have two sets of joints: an elbow and an ankle. The wrists will be located above the toes, which is right below the ankle.

Do Cats Have Arms?

You all know that cats walk on four legs or limbs. Like other four-legged mammals, they have two sets of elbows and knees. Even though they walk on four limbs, they can also walk on two legs if they prefer to. That implies that cats have legs or limbs to walk but not arms.


Cats have both elbows and knees in their four limbs to make it easier to walk, sit, and run.