Do Cats Like Blankets?

Cats love blankets.

Maybe that’s why they’re such a beloved pets. Some cats may seem a bit troubled when it comes to blankets, though.

Perhaps they’re merely curious. In any case, you should learn more about how cats feel about blankets before you throw one over them.

So, do cats like blankets?

Yes. Cats love being surrounded by blankets. As you probably know, it’s rather common for cats to sleep in odd places.

You might wonder how a cat can sleep on or in something. But a cat intuitively uses its paws and tail to wrap around its body for comfort during sleep.

This is why some cats like to be surrounded by blankets when sleeping or are more comfortable sleeping on top of a blanket when it’s available. Some cats even use blankets as toys or play objects!

If your cat loves blankets and you want to give them more comfort during their sleep, consider purchasing a blanket that’s larger than normal so that they can wrap themselves around it more fully while they sleep.

Do Cats Like Blankets?

Cats like thick blankets that they can use to wrap around their bodies when they want to sleep more comfortably.

Cats like soft, warm blankets that they can use to stay warm during the winter.

Larger blankets with rough textures can encourage a cat to scratch and groom themselves more thoroughly.

Do Cats Enjoy Being Wrapped in Blankets?

Your cat will decide whether or not to use a blanket on a nightly basis depending on their mood.

When our daughter wraps blankets over our cat’s back at night, he usually puts his paws up and down and stretches his arms in the air and purrs a lot.

We set up their sleeping space in the living room away from our bedroom because cats can be quite noisy when they sleep.

During the winter months, they may often ensure that they’re warm when they lie down to sleep by wrapping themselves up in a blanket or towel.

Cats will simply migrate if they get too warm or too cold when it’s time to go to sleep.

Allow your cat to decide whether they want to wrap themselves up in a blanket or not.

They may feel just as comfortable with a blanket, because they may use it as a type of pillow to lean on when they’re sleeping.

You may notice your cat cuddling with a blanket in their sleep or resting their head on it when they want to relax.

This may be because they feel just as comfortable with a blanket. Because they may use it as a type of pillow to lean on when they’re sleeping.

Cats will often use a blanket as a pillow to lean on when they are settling down for the night or resting during the day.

They also like to curl up in a ball with a blanket surrounding them, when they want to relax or take a nap during the day.

Some cats enjoy resting with their paws tucked under a throw blanket or laying on their back with their paws hanging off the edge of the blanket or quilt.

Why Do Cats Like Being Under Blankets?

Why Do Cats Like Being Under Blankets?

Cats often like to cuddle with a blanket or quilt when they want to snuggle down when it’s time to go to sleep. It makes them feel more secure and helps them feel warm and comfortable as they sleep through the night.

Cats don’t sweat like humans do, so they depend on their fur to keep them warm in cold weather and cool in hot weather.

Some cats use the blanket as a pillow to bed down for the night or to take a nap.

Others attach themselves to a blanket or quilt when they are grooming themselves and they like to have something soft to wrap around themselves while they’re grooming their self.

Smells Everywhere

Cats have an acute sense of smell, so their ability to detect scents is greatly enhanced by being under the blanket.

They utilize odors to communicate, mark their territories and identify other cats.

Contrary to popular notion, you have a unique smell, and so do your cats.

Wishes to Hide

Cats, as with humans, find quietness to be relaxing.

For some cats, this might be the purring you hear when you stroke them or a soft music playing in the background.

Others find that burrowing behind the blanket gives them a quiet space for relaxation and stress relief.

It’s another of those common traits between cats and humans; we both like to be alone sometimes.

They’re completely letting down their guard when they curl up in a blanket with their favorite toy or treat.


Cats are known for their hunting and exploration skills, which may be part of the reason as to why they like blankets so much and why they sometimes like to hide under them.

It could be that your cat feels warm and protected when wrapped up in a blanket and feels safe in hiding under it or burrowing under it.

Hiding under the blanket gives them the feeling of being in a womb-like environment and they’re protected from the outside world.

If your cat enjoys hanging close to you and the blankets are warm and comfortable, then it’s possible that you’re their underlying source of comfort.

Fewer things are as comforting as wrapping itself in a warm and cozy blanket on a cold night.

In my experience, they don’t get the blanket and curl up inside it until it’s quite cold outside or they may be ill and need warmth.

They find whatever keeps them feeling warm, safe and protected to be comforting and familiar.


Cats prefer sleeping in comfy, warm, and secluded places.

It’s part of why they like being under blankets.

Because of this, most cats prefer small spaces where they can curl up in and feel safe from predators such as dogs or wild animals.

Because of their natural instincts, many cats prefer small spaces where they can curl up in and feel safe from predators such as dogs or wild animals.

Because cats instinctively seek small places to hide or escape from danger, they may even seem claustrophobic when placed in larger spaces or surrounded by too many people and animals.

This is why many cats may retreat to small spaces such as under beds or couches or even inside closets when frightened or threatened.

Some owners may assume that their cats simply hate being cuddled and petted, but that is not the case at all.

If you watch your cat’s sleeping habits, you will notice that they sometimes like to be cuddled and petted but other times they don’t like it very much.

Why Do Cats Like Soft Blankets?

Cats love soft blankets because they make them feel good and warm and safe as it gives them the feeling of being curled up inside on a warm lap.

You could clearly see that your cat keeps trying to make a nest out of blankets and you always end up kicking them out from under soft blankets.

Soft blankets give comfort for your cat and a sense of security from the outside world and helps them to feel warm and protected as they sleep through the night.

My cat also likes to put her head under my blankets with me at night or in the couch cushions when I’m on the couch.

They’re both curious and like to feel the warm sensation of being curled up under a fluffy blanket.

Cats love to curl up in a blanke. Because it’s comfortable and gives them a sense of security and a feeling of being warm,and loved, just like how my cats love to snuggle with me or in a blanket.

Why Don’t Some Cats Like Blankets?

Even the pickiest cat lover will agree that even their own cats sometimes don’t like to be cuddled.

Yet it is not that the cat does not like you or is not comfortable with you,they just do not like it all the time,but if done right and properly.

Some people find this puzzling because cats naturally love being curled up and covered when they are sleeping.

However, it only makes sense that a cat would not like a blanket if it really bothers them because cats don’t like to be bothered by anything or anyone when sleeping.

Some cats are just not good sleepers and like to move around a lot when they are sleeping.

This can cause a blanket to be yanked off them. Your cat may also not like it if their owners grab their blankets away or hits the cat with a blanket.

Cats have built-in ways of keeping warm, and unlike humans, they do not really need a blanket in order to feel warm or safe. Because their bodies are designed to regulate their body temperature on their own.

Studies show that cats do not sweat as much as humans do, and they do not actually need to have a blanket wrapped around them to stay warm and safe.

However, cats do love the feeling of being able to burrow under a blanket or curl up in a blanket. Because it makes them feel secure and warm.

Can Cats Sleep Safely Under Blankets?

Wrapped in blankets, adult and young cats tend to wrap themselves fully into the cloth and go to sleep under it.

If they can’t breathe properly under a sheet or if they feel like they’re being smothered, they may move out from under it to get the air they need.

You should be able to drape a blanket over your cat’s body without it moving around a lot or getting to the point where it feels smothering or uncomfortable.

If the blanket is too thick, a lap cat may refuse to sleep under it and instead prefer to sleep on an open lap or in a favorite spot in the house.

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Cats love being wrapped in blankets or sleeping on them.

If your cat loves being wrapped in blankets or sleeps on top of a blanket, consider purchasing a blanket that’s larger than normal so that they can wrap themselves around it more fully while they sleep.

If your cat is unhappy about a blanket, it’s likely just curious and will soon grow to love it as much as you do.