Do Fake Owls Keep Cats Away?

Since they’re so popular, it’s essential that you know what to expect from fake owls, as well as how they affect cats.

Due to their cute and appealing appearance, many people think they are real. However, they’re actually made of clay or silicone, which makes them much less dangerous than real owls when it comes to keeping cats away.

So, do fake owls keep cats away? Many cat owners have been led to believe that fake owls keep cats away.

However, this is not true. Fake owls repel cats because they’re so creepy and unnatural.

Cats see fake owls as real owls. They perceive the owl as a threat, and they stay away from it.

However, when a real owl approaches, cats become curious and try to figure out what’s going on.

Fake owls may keep cats away for a few weeks, but real owls won’t bother them for long.

Also, fake owls are expensive, messy, and annoying.

Are Cats Scared Of Owls?

A popular myth is that owls scare cats.

This is not true. Cats are afraid of owls because they don’t understand them.

Cats and owls have different prey and hunting styles. For example, owls are silent hunters, while cats are noisy.

Owls are also small and fast, while cats are large and strong. However, owls are not scary to cats.

In fact, cats can coexist with owls in the wild without a problem.

Do Fake Owls Keep Cats Away?

Cat owners know all too well that there’s no such thing as a “cat-proof house.” The felines can easily find a way in and out of any crevice. But is it possible that fake owls and fake snakes could be a good solution?

A company called PetSafe makes fake cats, dogs, mice, and snakes that are supposed to keep pets away from certain areas in your home. But do these fake animals really work?

PetSafe sells a variety of products that promise to keep unwanted animals out of certain areas of your home.

The fake owls and snakes are supposed to be used to keep cats out of bedrooms, while the fake mice and dogs are supposed to be used to keep dogs away from furniture or beds.

The fake animals look very realistic, and many cat owners say that they successfully kept their cats away. The fake owls appear to be especially convincing, and cats seem to be afraid of them.

However, some cat owners report that the fake owls didn’t do the trick—their cats still found ways around.

One cat owner says that her cat is not scared of the fake owl, but the owl’s fake eyes appear to bother her cat when she is around it. The cat owner says that she keeps the owl inside a glass cage when she leaves the room.

Some snake owners report that their snakes didn’t deter their cats, either. One cat owner reported that her cat found a way to get around the fake snake by jumping on top of it.

A company called Animal Behavior Solutions offers another type of fake animal—a fake baby chick. The fake baby chick is supposed to keep cats away, and cat owners seem to love it.

How Do Cats React to Fake Owls?

Cats are natural predators, so it’s hardly surprising that they are wary of unfamiliar objects that look like other animals they might prey on in the wild.

A fake owl that looks like a real one might not bother your indoor pet for very long, but a fake mouse or bird that moves around might keep your cat from catching his prey elsewhere in your home for long enough.

If you’re debating whether to acquire a faux rodent decoy for your cat-chasing purposes, it’s a good idea to consider where the object will be placed before purchase: Some animals react better to physical barriers than to visual ones, while others may be spooked.

A faux owl may do more damage than good if you place it too close to your pet’s feeding area or sleeping spot—the animal may be so freaked out by the looming apparition that it refuses to eat or sleep in that area at all.

Before bringing anything new into your house that is meant to keep pets away, you may want to test it out first to make sure it works for your particular situation.

Why Are Cats Afraid of Fake Owls?

This may sound crazy, but cats actually have a natural aversion to real owls.

Cats have a natural aversion to real owls because they are part of the feline’s natural hunting instincts, and cats see real owls as predators.

This explains why cats don’t respond positively to fake owls and why they’ll run away from them.

However, fake owls are safe for cats to be around because they cannot harm them. It’s this that explains why fake owls are a good solution to help train your cat not to chase real owls.

To train your cat not to chase real owls, you need to get an owl toy that is soft and cuddly. Place the toy somewhere where your cat can see it, and then let them approach it slowly.

Once they are comfortable with the toy, move it slowly and entice your cat to play. They’ll get used to the toy, and with time, they’ll associate the toy with positive experiences.

Where Can I Get A Fake Owl To Keep Cats Away?

If you’re a cat owner, you know that cats can be really finicky. They’ll eat only one kind of kibble and only play with one kind of toy. Cats can be so particular!

So if you’re looking for a good gift for cat lovers, why not get them a fake owl? It will keep cats away.

An owl is an iconic bird that symbolizes wisdom and knowledge. A fake owl can provide the same benefits as a real owl, but in a smaller form that won’t scare away your cats.

An owl also stands apart from the usual cat toys like feathers and mice because the cat will have to hunt it and chase it down.

Fake owls come in different forms, such as plush, plastic, or metal. You can even get one in the shape of a cat, which will be even more irresistible to cats.

An owl toy can be one of the best gifts you can give to your feline friends. Cats love to chase after things, and fake owls are big and fluffy enough for them to pounce on.

An owl toy is also a good alternative to catnip because it comes in a variety of scents.

Advantages Of Using A Fake Owl Decoy To Keep Cats Away

If you live with a cat at home, you know how difficult it can be to keep them away. Cats are curious creatures, and they tend to want to sniff and investigate things that are unfamiliar to them.

But one way to keep them away from your garden or yard is to buy a fake owl decoy and place it strategically in your garden.

Owls are a natural deterrent for cats, so by placing one in your garden, you will effectively keep your cats away. This article explains how to use a fake owl decoy to keep cats away.

  • Place the decoy off the ground and away from your house – When placed on the ground, your cat can easily climb on it and sniff the decoy closely. Cats have a keen sense of smell, so by placing the decoy on the ground, they will smell it and recognize it as their territory. To put it out of reach of your cat, you should place it 4 to 5 feet off the ground and away from your house.
  • Make sure it’s visible – Your cat will look for predators in its surroundings. Owls are natural predators of cats, so hiding the decoy under bushes or behind objects won’t help it deter your cats. Place it near your garden or yard so it can be easily seen by your cat.
  • Make it sturdy – The decoy must be sturdy enough to withstand a cat’s weight. It should be made out of durable materials so it can withstand all weather conditions. The decoy should also be light, making it easy to carry it around your garden.
  • Make it hypoallergenic – Cats have sensitive skin, so if you place the decoy near your house, it could bother your cat’s sensitive skin. You should look for decoys that are made out of hypoallergenic materials that won’t irritate your cat’s skin.

Disadvantages Of Using A Fake Owl Decoy To Keep Cats Away

Cats love birds, and birds love owls. However, your fake owl decoy is not supposed to do any harm to your cat. Unfortunately, it can. Here are four reasons why using fake owl decoys can be bad for your cat.

  • Cats don’t read – As much as cats are known for their independence, they are actually very dependent on us humans. Cats need us for food, shelter, and protection. They read our body language, our expressions, and the tone of our voice to understand our state of mind.
  • Cats get scared easily – Cats have small brains and eyes that are positioned on the sides of their heads. They don’t have the ability to process complex information like we do, so they rely heavily on their instincts. When they are scared, they may lash out at anything they don’t understand, including fake owl decoys.
  • Cats don’t recognize fakes – Cats don’t recognize fake owls because they aren’t real. They’ll still go after the decoy, thinking it’s a real bird. This could cause the cat to injure its paw or even its eye.
  • Fake owls don’t scare cats – Cats are afraid of things that move erratically. Moving decoys scare and surprise cats, which can drive them crazy or cause them to act aggressively.

Alternatives To A Fake Owl Decoy For Keeping Cats Away From Your Premises

Citrus Fruits

To keep stray cats at bay, use the peels of citrus fruits like lemons and oranges.

The acidic, pungent perfume of citrus fruits can keep them away.

Tea Bags

If you are not bothered by invading cats, you will be happy to know that tea bags can repel stray animals as well.

Cats, like coffee grounds, hate the smell of tea.

As a result, this might be another one of your best alternatives to keeping stray animals away from your property.


You may use vinegar instead of a fake owl or bird to keep stray cats away.

To produce a cat repellant spray, combine one cup of white vinegar with a cup of cat urine and water in a spray bottle.

Coffee Grounds

Coffee is repulsive to cats and other animals due to its smell and taste.

They are repulsed by the strong odor that wafts from your coffee grinds.

You can make a safe cat repellant from coffee grounds by combining a cup of the grounds with water and a few drops of dish soap.

The strong aroma of coffee grounds can repel stray cats from your property.

Peppermint Oil

To keep stray cats away from your premises, you can use peppermint oil.

Prepare a mixture of a few drops of peppermint oil and vinegar with some water in a spray bottle. Spray this mixture near your doors to keep away these pesky creatures.

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Final Words

In conclusion, fake owls and cats don’t mix.

Cats love to hunt owls, and fake owls won’t scare them away. Real owls are also aggressive, so cats might attempt to attack them.

However, most real owls are nocturnal, so cats won’t usually see them during the day. Fake owls are also ugly and loud, which can scare cats away.

So, fake owls probably won’t keep cats away. However, fake owls are useful for keeping barn owls away from chicken coops.

Some people also like to display fake owls around their yards for decoration.