Why Is Cat Sneezing After Vet Visit?

If you are a cat owner, you may understand the frustration that can come with your cat’s sneezing. After all, your pal seems to misbehave for no reason. Some cats even sneeze repeatedly, which is stressful for them. Fortunately, you can determine whether your cat is sneezing due to allergies. So, why is cat sneezing … Read more

Why Is My Cat’s Poop Yellow?

Your cat’s poop matters. It’s one of your primary responsibilities as an owner. Ensuring that your kitty’s poop is a healthy color can help you understand his behavior. There are several factors that can cause your feline’s poop to become yellow. So, why is my cat’s poop yellow? There are several things that can cause … Read more

Cat Farts Smell Like Death?

Cat farts stink like death? It’s true! At least according to one study which found that felines fart out a chemical called trimethylamine when we die. The study also suggests that the gas comes from cats’ digestive systems breaking down the complex molecules in dead flesh. The researchers haven’t figured out why cats fart more … Read more

How To Keep a Maine Coon Growth Chart

From kittenhood through adulthood, you must record your Maine Coon’s length, height, and weight in order to preserve a Maine Coon growth chart (around three to five years of age). To ensure that your cat grows at a regular and healthy rate, you should record your data once a month in a spreadsheet or notepad. … Read more

Is your Maine Coon Overweight?

Maine Coons, like other cats that you may have at home, tend to become overweight if you do not control their diet. Eating so much fat and meat a day can put your pet’s life at risk, and you should try to avoid it. To meet the objectives, you know why your Maine Coon is … Read more

Should A Maine Coon Cat Be Shaved?

It’s best if you don’t shave your cat. Shave your pet should only be done if required since it can cause additional damage than high-quality. For example, with the best intentions, pet parents cut off their Maine Coons, but this can be harmful to the cat’s fur in addition to general wellbeing. When cats’ fur … Read more