Is It Cat Dandruff Or Flea Eggs?

If your cat is scratching excessively, it’s most likely suffering from dandruff. Flea eggs, on the other hand, can easily be mistaken for dandruff. The eggs can be found in your cat’s coat and hair follicles. Once they’re established, they’ll start hatching, resulting in tiny, invisible pearl-like residue. So, is it cat dandruff or flea … Read more

My Cat’s Meow Is Weak And Raspy

My cat’s meow is weak and raspy because my cat has an upper respiratory infection. When my cat’s upper respiratory infection flares up, her meow is weak and raspy and sounds like she is struggling to breathe. So, Why is my cat’s meow weak and raspy? What should you do if your cat’s meow is … Read more

Why Is Cat’s Lip Swollen?

Cats have sensitive, vulnerable mouths. If their lips are swollen, they may look uncomfortable. This is most likely due to an allergic reaction. You can monitor your cat’s lips year-round to ensure that they’re healthy. So, why is cat’s lip swollen? Cat’s lip swelling can be the result of allergies or bacteria. Cat allergies are … Read more

Why Does My Cat Have Black Boogers?

Your cat’s health is one of your priorities. That’s why you should consult a veterinarian when he’s having problems. Sometimes, your kitty has black boogers. These are deposits of saliva, blood, and mucus that build up in the crevices of his face. So, why does my cat have black boogers? Because kitties groom themselves a … Read more

Cat Looking At Water But Not Drinking?

Cats have a simple solution to getting water. If their thirst isn’t quenched, they will likely drink nothing but air. If cats don’t drink water, their health might suffer. This is why you should provide your cat with water every day. So, why is cat looking at water but not drinking? Cats have a “thirst … Read more